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Without any delay, everyone walked out of the reception building where two cars were waiting for them. Song Jia boarded the car with Song Chen and Peng Hai was accompanied by the manager who had tagged along in hopes to brown-nose him. He didn't want him to feel short of anything, in case it offended Wu Zhang.

The cars drove to the villa no. 05 and one by one all the four people climbed out. On Song Jia's signal, Peng Hai stepped forward and inserted the key card in the lock and the door opened with a click.

Everyone was calm except for Song Chen. He pulled out a handkerchief from his trouser's pocket and wiped the beads of sweat that had collected on his forehead.

The door opened to a vast hall that was decorated with all the modern luxuries. After taking a quick look around Song Jia asked the manager, "Where is the bedroom?"

"Right this way." The manager pointed to a flight of staircase at the opposite end of the hall and then walked forward to lead the way. The master bedroom was on the first floor at the farthest end of the corridor. The door to the room was locked and when the manager stepped forward to knock it, Song Jia stopped him with the signal of her hand.

"Don't knock, just open it with the keys," she said. She didn't want to alert anyone inside the room. The manager nodded and Peng Hai gave him the key card. The manager inserted the card and the door opened. In order to not make any noise, the manager, very slowly pushed the door open. Before they could step in, Song Jia said in a hushed tone, "You two wait outside. We will go in." She didn't want Peng Hai or any other outsider to know about what was going on inside.

Both men nodded and stepped aside to let the father and daughter go in. Song Jia parted the door ajar enough that she and Song Chen could see what was happening inside the big bedroom.

When they spotted the bed, what they saw taking place on it, they felt the ground beneath them drifting.

Yue Ling was in the arms of a middle-aged man engaged in some intimate activities. The man was lying on his back and Yue Ling was on top of him. While kissing her one hand moved down on him to please him over his clothes while the other moved to the pillow next to them. In the next instant, a silver blade shone in her hand that she was very carefully dragging it close to her.

Yang Deming was lost in his feelings of ecstasy and his eyes were closed. Before anyone could have understood what was going on, Yue Ling shifted to one side and in the next instant, the knife was run across Yang Deming's neck. Blood spluttered out from his neck and got spread everywhere around them. Yang Deming's eyes opened wide and a gasp escaped his mouth. He lifted his hand and tried to grab her, but as if Yue Ling was still not satisfied, she sat up on his thighs and with both hands drove the knife through his abdomen only to pull it back and stab him multiple times on his bare front. The hand that he had managed to lift halfway, dropped on the bed lifelessly before it could even touch Yue Ling and his usually wicked eyed slowly turned hollow after his neck turned to his side. Yue Ling had used so much force that with every stab, Yang Deming's body bounced slightly beneath Yue Ling. Drops of blood spread everywhere on the bed and the floor, changing the color of the beige carpet and the white sheets into a crimson red.


"Yue Ling!!"

After seeing the horrible scene unfolding in front of her, Song Jia had lost her composure completely and a loud scream escaped her mouth while all Song Chen could manage to speak was Yue Ling's name in a muffled voice that was barely louder than a whisper.

Hearing the scream Peng Hai and the manager immediately stepped forward to see what was happening and they got equally shocked.

Yue Ling who was still sitting on top of Yang Deming's now lifeless body, turned around as well when she heard the scream. She immediately got down from over the corpse of Yang Deming when she saw Song Jia and her husband standing on the door. "Chen!"
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