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Song Chen stood anxiously near the reception desk all the time while Peng Hai ordered the receptionist to tell him the villa number in which Yue Ling was staying. He wanted to see everything with his own eyes, leaving no space for any manipulation. His heart was palpitating very loudly, almost pounding out of his chest. He really wanted Yue Ling to come out innocent of all the accusations that were being put on her. She was his wife and he had loved her wholeheartedly to the point where his love had become blind. His first wife, Liu Anna had left him and that incident had left him not only heartbroken but with a lot lesser self-esteem. At that time he had felt like he wasn't worth being called even a man because he had failed his family. And after he married Yue Ling, he got hopes again which he didn't want to get shattered now.

The receptionist had a troubled look on her face. "I am sorry sir but this is against the protocol of the resort and it is not in my power to break it." But she was not a fool to not know the weight of the situation in which Wu Zhang was involved so she immediately added. "But I will call our manager for you and you can talk to him."

Peng Hai pressed his lips together in annoyance and then said in an irritated tone, "Well then make it quick."

When the manager heard that people from both Song International Corporations and Wu Corporations had come, he came to the reception as soon as he could. He politely greeted Peng Hai and Song Chen before extending his hand to shake it with them. "Mr. Peng, how may I help you?"

In a haughty tone Peng Hai explained the entire situation to the manager who then turned to the receptionist. "Are you a fool to make him wait? Do as he says, be quick!" He then gave an apologetic smile to Peng Hai to prevent the situation from getting awkward.

The receptionist immediately bowed to apologize and then turned her computer on to look for Yue Ling. After searching through the detail, with a confused look she said, "Sir, I apologize but we have no one with the name Yue Ling here."

Peng Hai looked confused but before he could say anything else the words of the receptionist had caught Song Chen's interest too. He immediately turned to Song Jia and his face was beaming with excitement and happiness that was difficult to hide. Standing at the same spot, but with a voice loud enough that was audible clearly, he said, "Didn't I tell you that your source of information is wrong. There is no Yue Ling here!"

Song Jia heard every word clearly and immediately got up from the couch to reach the reception desk. In her hand was the leather folder that Wu Zhang had given her. She flipped it open and looked through it as if searching for something. After turning a few pages she said, "Look for booking made in the name of Yang Deming and with him is a woman named Lily."

The receptionist nodded her head and her fingers danced on the keyboard again. After a short moment, she lifted her head and spoke, "Yes Miss Song, there indeed is a booking with this name. These two people checked in here yesterday and are currently staying at our villa no. 05."

Song Jia gave a meaningful look to Song Chen who had lost the color on his face again. "Who... who is Lily?" He asked feeling unsure. He didn't know because he had not seen everything in the file but his expression gave it that he had a notion of this Lily being Yue Ling.

"The look on your face tells that you have already guessed the answer." Her voice had somehow become very quiet and calm now. The anxiety she was having previously had somehow calmed now. Very calmly she turned to the receptionist again. "Give us a key to the villa."

The receptionist bent down to pull the key card from the drawer and extended her hand. Peng Hai stepped forward and took the key card.

"Let me show you the way." The manager offered and everyone followed him.

However, Song Jia stopped after she had taken just one step. She turned back and looked at the receptionist. "I don't want anyone to know about our presence. The people in the room must also not be made aware of us going there. Do you understand?"

The receptionist nodded immediately. "I do Miss."

"Miss Song, don't worry. My subordinate will keep a watch here." Peng Hai said pointing to a man who had just entered the reception.

"Let's go then." Song Jia said cocking her neck in Song Chen's direction.
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