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"What is wrong in loving your wife?" This small question from Song Chen was enough to make Song Jia feel disheartened even more.

She donned a sarcastic smile and then chuckled. Before she could speak she noticed that a silver sedan had been behind her car for a very long time. Feeling suspicious she took another turn randomly to check if the car behind would also do so. However, to her relief, the car didn't turn in the same direction and she turned her attention back to Song Chen who had been waiting for her answer. "I will answer this to you after you see the true colors of your wife."

No one spoke anything for the rest of the journey and the drive was completely silent. Song Jia drove back to the previous route to see the silver sedan was nowhere in sight and felt relaxed. When her mind drifted off from the sedan, her thoughts floated back to Song Chen's words. After thinking about it for a long time came a moment when Song Jia wanted to turn the car around and drive back to C City. She had started questioning herself as to why did she have to expose Yue Ling when Song Chen was not even willing to believe her. She felt she had lost her purpose and thought that it was pointless to expose his wife and expect him to love her after Yue Ling would be gone from his life for good. But then a feeling of revenge and hatred crept inside her. The hatred that she had carried for Yue Ling all these years and the strong desire to make Song Chen realize where he went wrong all these years, gave her the boost to continue driving ahead. She stepped on the gas pedal and the car sped faster than before.

Not after a long time, the car paused in front of the vast Golden Village. The gates were opened with a guard coming forward to greet her and then stepped aside to let the car drive in. Seeing that it was a customized Ferrari, he knew the customer was rich enough to not to be interrupted at the gates. She drove straight to the first building which was the reception and after a valet opened the doors for them, both the people climbed out and Song Jia handed the keys for the car to be taken to get parked.

"Do you have a booking here Miss?" asked the receptionist politely to see Song Jia look a little lost. Only now did Song Jia realize that she had been in such a hurry to drive over here with Song Chen and expose Yue Ling that she had forgotten as to how she would gain entry to the house Yue Ling was staying at. Golden Village was a very major resort and housing chain with privacy being their topmost concern. It was not an easy task to trespass their properties and Song Jia had not thought of any other way to gain access to Yue Ling's guest house. Even if she belonged to the Song family, Golden Village was owned by a businessman much more powerful than the Songs so there was no way she could use her means here to enter Yue Ling's guest house.

Just as she was about to open her mouth to answer, she saw that outside the doors, the same silver sedan that she had dodged previously showed up only to halt where her Ferrari had paused a few minutes back. From the car stepped out a man who was dressed formally in a black suit with aviator sunglasses hanging on the bridge of his nose to hide his eyes. With a stoic expression on his face, the man entered the reception area and walked straight to Song Jia. He bowed to her and Song Chen slightly before turning to the receptionist. He pulled out a card and showed it to the receptionist which Song Jia missed seeing but heard his words very clearly. "My name is Peng Hai and I have come from Wu Corporations on orders of Mr. Wu Zhang. The lady here is Miss Song Jia, his close acquaintance and this is Mr. Song Chen, her father."

Hearing the name of Wu Zhang, the expression on the receptionist's face changed immediately and her back straightened. The man with surname Peng paid no heed to it and turned to Song Jia. "Miss Song please take a seat," his hand pointed towards the leather couch while he continued. "Let me handle this for you. I have been sent by Mr. Wu with strict orders to make sure you ain't faced with any difficulty in meeting the purpose of your visit here." Seeing the unsure look on her face, he pushed his ID card forward which was the employee ID card of Wu Corporations. At the same time, Song Jia received a text from Wu Zhang, 'He is one of my men, let him do his work.'

It was only then Song Jia realized that Wu Corporations was a major shareholder in the shares of this resort chain and due to which words of Wu Zhang would never get ignored here. Feeling assured after receiving Wu Zhang's text, she nodded her head and went to sit at the couch, but Song Chen didn't follow her.
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