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The drive to M City was quite an awkward one for Song Chen. Song Jia was fully focused on driving because the only thing on her mind at that moment was to reach M City as fast as she could and show Song Chen the true colors of Yue Ling. It was hard for her to wait to expose the devilish woman.

She doubted if Song Chen knew she was an escort before in N City before marrying her. However, she knew one thing clearly that it won't matter to Song Chen now.

But everything wasn't as important as the last part. It was hard for her to believe that Yue Ling was cheating on her father, that had never left any stone unturned to pamper her. She always knew Yue Ling was evil but she also turned out to be very ungrateful and unfaithful too. A total b***h!!

Song Chen on the other hand who was sitting on the shotgun seat, was in a very uncomfortable position. When he had agreed to come with Song Jia, he was expecting that she had something to discuss with him and that is why she had asked him to join her. But contrary to his expectations, she spoke nothing. He wanted to talk to her but he didn't know what to talk to her about. 'How pathetic! I have nothing to say to my own daughter.' He thought to himself.

Very soon the car entered the outskirts of M City and Song Jia continued driving. Song Chen was a bit surprised to see she didn't ask for directions. "Do you know the address already?"

"Yes. We will be there soon." Song Jia answered without tearing her gaze from the road ahead.

"I think we have taken the wrong route," Song Chen spoke when he saw that they were driving in the wrong direction. That direction was not supposed to take them to Yue Ling's aunt's place.

"No, this is the right route." Song Jia answered plainly. Even though her face was expressionless, her palms were sweating as she held the steering wheel. She was internally happy that she would finally be able to expose Yue Ling but she felt anxious by imagining Song Chen's reaction. She had no idea how he would react when he would see what Yue Ling truly is when her mask would be peeled off. After thinking about it some more she finally spoke, "Would you help me go through the file kept at the back seat?"

"Yes, why not." Song Chen readily pushed his seat backward to grab the file and then adjusted his seat back to the place. 'What file is it by the way?"

"It's a business proposal from Xu enterprise. I want to know your opinion on it."

"En." Song Chen nodded and then flipped the file open. His hands paused and his eyes went wide when he saw what it contained.

Song Chen could not help staring at the file. He had forgotten to flip the pages and his body had become still. With a stammering voice, he asked, "What... what is this?"

Song Jia glanced at the page that was open and saw it had a picture of Yue Ling and Yang Deming together. With an expressionless face she answered, "Behind your back, Yue Ling had been seeing this man for more than a decade now."

"This is preposterous!! Do you even know what you are speaking?" Song Chen roared. It was probably the first time Song Chen had lost his cool before Song Jia after she had returned from the USA. "You are not lying, are you?"

Song Jia scoffed sarcastically. "I am taking you to show you her true colors. Then you will know who is lying." Even though she understood the ground Song Chen stood on, she could not help feeling upset about the fact that Song Chen still valued Yue Ling more than he valued her. "I had nothing to ask her or talk to. I just wanted you to see from your own eyes that what kind of a woman she is. I knew you wouldn't come if I told it to you beforehand so I had to lie to you."

"Xiao Jia, is this out of the hatred that you have pent up against me for all these years that you are slandering Ling?" Song Chen was clearly in the denial and every word he spoke was like a sharp thorn pricking in Song Jia's heart.

Song Jia was silent for a very long time. Her eyes were brimming with tears and she blinked her eyelids multiple times to prevent them from flowing down. No matter how much she pretended to not care about Song Chen on the surface, but that was not the truth. Deep down she still loved him and cared for him as every daughter did for her father. With a quavering voice, she finally managed to ask, "Is she so important to you?"

Song Chen looked at Song Jia and his heart ached too. Even though she was looking in the front, a tiny drop of tear that had slipped from the corner of her eyes didn't go amiss. He saw the disappointment on her face and felt suffocated. He took a long breath and then answered, "What is wrong in loving your wife?"
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