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After Wu Zhang nudged her to leave, Song Jia nodded her head and pulled back from him. She quickly pecked him on the corner of his lips and then turned around and left without looking back. She was in a hurry to go and tell Song Chen everything about Yue Ling. In her hurry to leave she had missed noticing the small change of expression on Wu Zhang's face.

After she left Wu Zhang made a call to Li Jing and the call was answered immediately after the first ring. "We are ready to leave. Bring over the car."

"Right away." Li Jing nodded even when Wu Zhang wasn't present to see him and then Wu Zhang hung up.

Song Jia drove to the company as fast as she could to meet Song Chen. On her way, she called Wei Xin and asked her to cancel all her meetings for the day and postpone everything on her itinerary for tomorrow. She didn't want to waste any second in taking Song Chen to M City. When she reached the company, she climbed out of the car and rushed to the private elevator and within a few minutes, she was inside Song Chen's cabin.

Song Chen was a little surprised to see his daughter who had barged in, in such a hurry. He subconsciously closed the file that he was going through. "Is everything okay? You look baffled." Even though he asked the question, he had very little hopes that Song Jia would answer it. Every time she came to his cabin was only when she meant business and nothing else.

"I..." She was about to tell him everything regarding Yue Ling's past but then stopped and immediately changed the topic. "Where is Yue Ling? I have something to ask her."

Song Chen had not expected her to come here to ask about Yue Ling. She could have easily found it out by just calling the housekeeper of the mansion. and had no need to cove over to him. Feeling a bit excited, he answered, "She has gone to live with an aunt of hers in M City for a few days. Why do you ask?"

"Can you come with me to M City? I have something very important to ask her about."

Song Chen felt an inexplicable gush of happiness inside him when Song Jia asked him to go with her. This was the first time 'his daughter' asked him to go with her. Previously whenever she did was in her position as the CEO of the company and not as his daughter. He was too afraid to ask what she wanted to ask his wife, in case she got upset. In his joyous state, he was unable to point out the sense of urgency on her face and immediately agreed. "Of course I can come. When do we have to leave?"

"Right now, the matter is urgent," Song Jia answered immediately.

"Alright. Give me a minute to wrap this up." Song Chen immediately pushed the bell on his table to call Xia Liqin, his assistant inside and in the next minute Xia Liqin was standing inside his office.

"Push all my pending work for tomorrow and I don't want anyone to disturb me for the day." Song Chen spoke standing up from his chair and adjusting his lapel.

Xia Liqin threw a quick glance at Song Jia and then at Song Chen. He didn't really understand the reason as to why Song Chen pushed his work for later but he could tell that it had got something to do with Song Jia. He knew of the strained relationship between the father and daughter therefore understood it would only be wise to nod his head and keep his mouth shut at the moment.

Only after he started wrapping up his work, Song Chen realized how impatient Song Jia was at that moment. She went to sit on the couch in his office, but after every few seconds, she kept glancing at her watch. Not only that she didn't stop tapping the tip of her stilettos on the floor for even a moment, which clearly indicated the lack of her patience.

After Song Chen took care of everything in a few minutes, he and Song Jia went downstairs to her car and drove off to M City.
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