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Beep! Beep! Beep!

Song Jia woke up getting startled with the loud ring of her alarm clock that was placed on the bedside stand next to her. Feeling groggy she rubbed her eyes and then extended her hand to silence the stupid clock. After ten minutes with half-opened eyes, she glanced at the time and with a muzzy feeling in her head, dragged her feet to the washroom.

She came out in her bathrobe feeling fresh after a shower and stood in front of her dresser. While she bowed down her head to pick up her body lotion from the table attached to the dresser, her eyes fell on the leather folder placed on it.

With a confused look, she picked it up wondering where it came from and her eyes went wide open when she flipped the pages inside it. It was the same leather folder that Wu Zhang had brought to her room last night and because they had gotten into some 'other business', he had forgotten to show it to her.

The file consisted of a lot of information on Yue Ling. It had almost every detail regarding her past which she had been trying to find for so long. And to prove everything, it also had photos of Yue Ling with Yang Deming during that of their intimate moments. In rushed movements, Song Jia slipped out of her bathing gown and got dressed into an ivory colored shirt paired with a beige pencil skirt that was kept in the front in her wardrobe. She was in a hurry to rush to Wu Zhang and ask him about the file before taking it to Song Chen, so she hurriedly tied her long hair into a low bun after running her fingers through it a couple of times to detangle them from the ends.

She grabbed the file while running out of the room, and started climbing the stairs to Wu Zhang's room on the third floor. She didn't care to even knock on the door and barged straight in. Wu Zhang was sitting on a couch placed in his room and was going through some documents on his laptop. He lifted his head to look at Song Jia who had Yue Ling's file in her hand.

Before he could say anything, Song Jia spoke, "This... this file... is everything written in it true?"

Wu Zhang nodded his head. "En."

"Why didn't you tell me about it last night?" She had seen the file in his hand last night but had not given it much thought at that time.

Wu Zhang shrugged his shoulders. "I forgot. You looked too beautiful to focus on anything else."

Song Jia's face turned crimson from his words. She blushed and a small smile appeared on the corner of her lips. But she soon regained her composure and cleared her throat. "Ahem... I... I need to tell him about it. I need to go."

"Where will you go?" Wu Zhang asked putting his laptop aside.

"To Song Mansion... why?"

"Yue Ling isn't there. You will find her in M City at this address with Yang Deming." Saying this Wu Zhang passed Song Jia a piece of paper with an address written on it. M city was half an hour drive from C City and the address mentioned was the address of a resort chain that gave an entire villa as a guest house to their clients.

"I should go now." Song Jia turned around to leave. Just when she had reached the door, she came and pounced on Wu Zhang who was sitting on the couch. "Zhang... thank you so much. If not for you I might not have found out about it."

Wu Zhang smiled and tenderly locked his arms around her back before rubbing it gently. He then patted her and then nudging her. "You should go now."
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