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Song Jia didn't realize that a strand of her hair had got stuck in the zipper and she continued struggling with it trying to pull it up, but it was all in vain. It was even more difficult for her because with one hand she was holding the front of her dress firmly to secure it on her bosom and prevent it from sliding down, therefore she had to pull the zipper up with only one hand.

"Ow!" She flinched from pain when the strand got further stuck in the zipper to the extent where it was pulling it from the scalp. Wu Zhang saw her struggle and stepped forward to help her. He placed the leather folder on the dresser before facing her.

"Let me do it." He slightly pulled the zipper down so that the strand got released from it and then moved all her hair from her back to her front before securing the zipper up in its place so the dress won't slide down anymore.

He then turned Song Jia around to make her face him and his hand reached for the area of her crown where she had placed her hand when her hair was pulled. He gently rubbed it before placing a soft kiss on it. He wanted to kiss her more. In fact, he wanted to take her right then and there but he controlled himself. He knew if he did anything more, the thin thread of patience that he had been holding onto for so many days would snap. He didn't want to take the final step with her unless she admitted her feelings to him and therefore was willing to wait for her.

Wu Zhang was taken by surprise when he stepped away from Song Jia to pick up the leather file, but she stopped him by tugging his sleeve and slightly yanking it. He looked at her and with a smile that reached his brown eyes and came back to the place where he was standing a minute before. She looked a little hesitant and her face was flushed. Wu Zhang had a hint of what she wanted to do, but he was in no hurry to push her and instead waited for her to do what she had initiated.

Song Jia suddenly pounced on him and her plump lips crashed against his thin ones. Her one arm was wrapped around his neck, clutching his collar of the same shirt from the charity auction that he had not yet changed. Fingers of her other hand were tangled in his hair, pulling him closer. Wu Zhang was quite surprised by her action but he stood firmly in his place without stepping back from the sudden force.

Song Jia's lips moved against his, trying to open his and enter her tongue in his mouth. The thread of patience was tugged, loosening it even more. Wu Zhang tried his hardest to not lose his senses but could not help cooperating with her action and opened his mouth while his hands firmly got wrapped around her small waist before he lifted her up in his arms in the same position—her feet hanging in mid-air with her legs folded behind her, whereas Wu Zhang's back was arched slightly to hold her firmly in place.

Song Jia gasped against his lips with surprise when he lifted her but then she got back to kissing him again. She finally managed to open his mouth and entered her tongue in it to explore the warm cave that tasted sweet to her. Wu Zhang was, on the other hand, struggling hard to fight against his temptations which led him to dig his fingers in her waist. His mind was telling him to pull back but his body on which he had lost his control had already started acting on its own accord.

Their tongues twirled together in Wu Zhang's mouth, fighting to take control of the other when Song Jia's hands got locked behind his neck. When Song Jia noticed that she was getting overpowered by Wu Zhang she pulled back her tongue and bit his bottom lip mercilessly. She didn't realize but her small, wild cat-like action was enough to break the final thread of patience that Wu Zhang was holding on to and with that, all his rationality flew out of the window.

He lifted her further and taking the cue, Song Jia wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her feet behind him. Wu Zhang's one hand moved to her plump bottoms and pressed them. The pair of hazel green eyes were burning with passion for the man in whose arms she was in. She started peppering wet kisses on all over his face, starting from his forehead and moving to his eyes. She bit the tip of his tongue softly before kissing it and then moving to his cheeks.

After being seduced enough, Wu Zhang moved his hand from her waist to her hair and pulled it back to reveal her neck. Seeing her neck that was as beautiful as that of a swan's he could not help kissing it. He licked the column of her neck, before kissing it and started sucking everywhere on it, earning multiple moans from the woman in his arms. His mouth moved to her chin to suck it while his legs moved on their own to the bed. He roughly grabbed the zipper of her neck and after making sure no hair strand was near it, he unzipped it in a swift move and the dress slid down to reveal half of her breasts.

When they reached the edge of the bed, he bent forward and on halfway released Song Jia due to which she plopped on the bed, leading the mattress to bounce. He laid over her and found his way to her neck where it met her shoulders. He showered it with wet kisses and his hands roamed over her breasts, squeezing them gently. When he saw the spot was wet enough, he bit her roughly and she squealed in delight and the pleasurable pain. To leave his mark on her, he then sucked on the same spot for a good few minutes. Satisfied by his art on her neck, he moved to her collarbones and sucked it gently.

He was about to move to her neck, when he felt something was strange. He lifted his head and couldn't believe what his eyes saw. He chuckled, feeling helpless. The woman had fallen asleep after making him so erect.

He sighed before placing a soft kiss on her forehead. He then climbed off the bed and went to her wardrobe, to bring out a pair of comfortable pajamas for her. With movements as gentle and light as a feather, he gently removed her dress to wipe her body with a wet towel and then put on the pajamas that he had pulled out from her closet.

After making sure her clothes were comfortable enough, he lifted her in her arms and placed her on the bed properly so that her legs were not hanging anymore.

He was not surprised to see that she didn't wake up even once throughout even though she was such a light sleeper. He knew she had been working tirelessly these past few days and her body was tired. So he understood that she needed this sleep and decided not to disturb her. He planted another kiss on her forehead and wished her goodnight before turning the lights off and leaving the room.
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