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When love beckons twice 193 Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Song Jia was a little absent-minded when she entered her room. With a lot going on in her mind, she sat on the edge of the bed to remove her shoes. While her hands worked to untie her ultra high heels from the ankle her mind wandered to different thoughts. the little incident in the car was still on her mind. She felt guilty and happy at the same time. Guilty for not yet confessing her feelings to him and happy to know how much he treasured her. He was the first person in her life till now that had shown so much care and love to her. He made her realize how good it felt to be loved and doted on by someone. Before she had met Wu Zhang, she always thought that love was what Feng Ying had for her, it was just that his ways of expressing it was different than hers. But it was only after she met Wu Zhang did she understand that it was not. Wu Zhang cared for her, protected her, stood by her side to hold her when she felt her knees going weak. It didn't just end on that, the trait that attracted her the most was that he deeply respected and cared for her feelings rather than just worrying about his own. He was the man who made her realize that when you are in the company of a person that loves you, your heart doesn't feel antsy or nervous but it feels at peace. He made her feel like home—comfortable and cozy, where she had full freedom to be herself. How could she not love a man like him? Her cheeks felt flushed at the realization that she had finally fallen in love with Wu Zhang despite of thinking that she won't ever be able to love someone else after Feng Ying broke her heart.

She smiled to herself and her mind started wandering on different ways she could possibly use to confess her love to him. Ever since they started dating, Wu Zhang had only once told her that he loved her and never after that. She knew he was waiting for her to take the second step at her own pace without pushing her. And that is why he made sure to never make it awkward for her by saying it again and again until she confessed her feelings to him first. All he did was to silently make her fall in love with him by his actions. True it was said, ''actions speak louder than words" because Wu Zhang's actions screamed of his feelings for her every day.

At this point, she didn't know how long she had been sitting on the bed, spaced out. And when she snapped out of her thought, she found, her hands had worked on their own accord to undo her shoes and had, later on, moved on to her hair to pull out the pins that were stuck in it to secure her hair in the same position.

After sticking the pins into the pincushion placed on her dresser, she stood tall in front of the mirror observing her reflection. One by one, she removed all the pieces of jewelry from her body and placed it on the dresser. She then gathered her long hair and tied it into a loose messy bun at the back of her head, before reaching for the zipper of her dress. Just as she pulled the zipper down to her lower back and was about to loosen it a bit, to let it fall, the door to her room was opened. Song Jia got startled with this sudden intrusion and hurriedly caught the dress to pull it back up before it could fall down.

Wu Zhang who had unlocked the door, stood there dumbstruck, not really knowing what to do. When he had entered with the file about Yue Ling, he had caught the glimpse of Song Jia's smooth and fair back that was bare before Song Jia had pulled the dress back up. Even that quick glimpse was enough for him to feel his little friend arising and his throat turning dry.

"You needed something?" Song Jia decided to speak first to break the awkward silence. In the meantime, she took her hand back to the zipper to pull it up, but just then her hair got loose and a strand got stuck in the zipper.
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