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Very soon, the car pulled over outside the huge gates of the Wu Mansion. Wu Zhang stepped out of the car and then helped Song Jia to climb out too.
"You go ahead, I will just quickly wrap up some of my work," Wu Zhang told her when they climbed out. It had been a long day for her and she was quite tired therefore she nodded and went directly to her room to change and relax.

As soon as she was out of site, Wu Zhang turned to Li Jing. "Come to my study."

Li Jing nodded his head and silently followed Wu Zhang to his study at the ground floor of the big mansion. Housekeeper Mingli greeted his master near the entrance with a sincere bow in response to which Wu Zhang just nodded his head and went in.

Inside the study, in a few long strides, Wu Zhang reached the leather couch that was placed at one end of the study and sat on it, his body emanating the majestic aura of a king. "What is going on in that head of yours?"

Li Jing gulped. Damn it!! He knew he won't be able to escape it even after the future lady boss stepped in to help him.

"I am sorry, I got distracted for a while on the road." Li Jing bowed his head to apologize.

"Not that. Did something happen during the banquet?" Li Jing was a very punctual man who never ran late and to have made him wait for more than fifteen minutes, Wu Zhang knew something was amiss.

"I have gotten a few leads over who Miss Song's mother might be seeing." Li Jing decided it was time to speak and told Wu Zhang everything. He didn't want to speak in front of Song Jia because it was a sensitive topic and it was not his place to disclose it to her.

Wu Zhang didn't utter a word, and just slightly tilted his head to look at Li Jing, indicating him to continue.

"We have been keeping a check of her trails and I think it is Yang Deming. My men reported it to me during the banquet and I had gone to confirm our doubts, hence I got late."

"Is the news confirmed?"

"Indeed it is." Wu Zhang slightly nodded his head at Li Jing's answer.

"What else?" Wu Zhang asked when he saw Li Jing standing there and not budging to move. He even had some doubts because in his opinion just this much of information wasn't something that could not have been discussed in front of Song Jia. She already knew about Yue Ling's fidelity so knowing the name was not a big deal.

"Actually..." Li Jing scratched the back of his neck, feeling unsure how to break the news to his boss. "...Miss Song's deceased brother... he was the child of this man Yang Deming and not Mr. Song Chen..." He trailed off.

A very brief flash of surprise passed through Wu Zhang's eyes but it was gone as soon as it came, his expression returning back to being blank. Li Jing had his head down so he missed the small change in his expression and when he lifted his head, he found Wu Zhang looking at him with more attention to listen to his words this time than earlier. He felt his gaze bearing a hole in his forehead.

To divert his direction of gaze, he immediately passed him a leather document holder, that he had brought along with him inside the mansion, knowing full well that he will need it. "These are all the details about Miss Yue Ling, her deceased son and that Yang Deming."

Wu Zhang unzipped the folder before flipping it open. It had a bunch of papers that contained every detail about Yue Ling and Yang Deming. It had details that even the two people might not have known about themselves.

Wu Zhang went through the papers very quickly, but scanning everything in detail with his hawk-like eyes before putting the file on the coffee table in front of him. "I will double your month-end bonus for this quarter."

Li Jing felt happiness surging inside him, hearing the news. He couldn't believe his luck. Just a few hours earlier he was on the verge of losing his job and now he was getting a double month-end bonus?!

Too Good!! He mentally patted himself on his shoulders and after he got the signal from Wu Zhang that he is dismissed for the day, he took his leave.
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