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While on the backseat, Wu Zhang and Song Jia were making sure that the other person was fine, Li Jing in the front was sweating buckets in the driver's seat. He had just saved himself and the two people sitting behind from crashing into a tree, but he was having a hard time to figure out how to save himself from the terror of the man sitting behind now. He could have been pardoned for even colliding into the tree if Wu Zhang was sitting alone, but unluckily for him, Song Jia was also present in the car. He wasn't sure how would Wu Zhang react considering Song Jia could have gotten hurt due to his carelessness. But he was expecting the worst.

It was like he saved himself from one big calamity only to run into another big misfortune that was equally scary. He was cautiously looking at the Lord Yama who was sitting behind, from the rearview mirror. Even though Yama was worried about the woman sitting with him right now, he knew that once he got back to normal, then there was no escape for himself from his wrath. He wiped the beads of sweat that had formed on his face with a handkerchief and patiently waited for his doomsday.

After sometime when Lord Yama and his beloved had recovered from the shock, the deathly gaze of Lord Yama fell on Li Jing. Even though he saw it from the rearview mirror he could still feel the chills of such glare coming from behind him. He gulped out of nervousness and lowered his head to avoid any eye contact. He couldn't believe that this ruthless glare had come from the same person who had so much on his plate.

Just a moment later the verdict of Yama was passed and it befell on Li Jing. "You are fired. Get your dues settled with the finance department tomorrow and then no need to come back."

"Boss but—"

"If you don't want any reduction in your payment then stay quiet and get out of the car.

Li Jing was even though expecting it to happen, he wanted to cry when it happened in reality. He was getting fired!!

He didn't know if he should remain seated or should get off the car and let the boss drive. He was put in a tough spot.

Song Jia who had been quiet all this while looked at Li Jing whose only side profile was visible from her place and then looked at Wu Zhang. She knew Li Jing was not only Wu Zhang's right-hand man but also one of his most trusted people. He was angry at the moment and out of his concern for her had made this decision, which she knew was not wise. She placed her hand on his thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze. " Don't fire him. It was a mistake and could have happened by anyone."

Wu Zhang looked at Song Jia and then kissed her forehead. He then turned to Li Jing. "No month end bonus for you!!"

"Zhang..." Song Jia gave him a glare.

Wu Zhang pressed his lips in a thin line and sighed. "Fine, just drive home."

Li Jing heard those words and felt like he had met his savior and goddess. She actually saved him from getting fired!! No wait, she not only saved him from getting fired, she even got him his month end bonus!!

Li Jing felt like giving Song Jia a big hug... but... alright I should punish myself for even thinking so.

At that moment Li Jing accepted Song Jia as his future lady boss wholeheartedly. Even if she was a bisexual, she was still amazing. She actually saved him from getting fired and even saved his month end bonus.

[Author's words ]

I am really sorry people. I had set the time for the mass release to accidentally be 14th July instead of 14th June. Really sorry for the wait. Here are the three chapters. Hope you can vote for the book.
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