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After Wu Zhang got dressed, he hurriedly went to Song Jia's room. He was both excited and nervous to take her for the party tonight. It was not like he was taking a woman along with him for the first time, but it was for the first time he met a woman that made him skip heart beats and forget blinking. It was for the first time, he wanted to take care of a woman and protect her. Actually to put it simply, this feeling itself was all together a novelty for him.

When he knocked, Wei Xin opened the door for him. As he entered her room, he saw Song Jia dressed in a long silver ball gown embellished with swarovski crystals, and paired with high heeled shoes. Her hairs were tied in a bun and she was sitting on the edge of the bed and sipping red wine leisurly. The moment he saw her, his heart skipped a beat, and he could not help but stare at her. Song Jia smiled as she saw Wu Zhang, "Wu Zhang, how do I look?"

"Beautiful" Wu Zhang was so mesmerised by her that he had no words to describe her.

And Song Jia smiled, which woman did not like to be praised for her beauty and Song Jia was no exception.

"Shall we go?"

"Whenver you are prepared."

"I am ready." Saying this Song Jia placed her wine glass on the table and they left together.

--- Imperial University---

It was a grand celebration, and the venue was filled with students and alumni of the university. A lot of influential people from N City were also invited to the grand celebration and Wu Zhang was one of the chief guests whose arrival was the most awaited. As soon as he entered with Song Jia, it created a commotion among the students. Everyone knew his grandfather was the founding member of the university and because elder Wu was no more, Wu Zhang was representing the Wu family on his behalf. The commotion was louder because everyone thought that the girl accompanying him was perfectly compatible to him. As soon as the commotion stirred it also reached to the ears of Fei Yan, who was drinking champagne, waiting for him anxiously.

"Hey did you see Mr. Wu, he looked so handsome. It's sad that he brought an equally beautiful partner with him, I feel jealous." Someone near her was praising Song Jia and Wu Zhang, and it made Fei Yan tremble with fury. As soon as she heard this, she grabbed Feng Ying who was busy gobbling down one dish after the another, and went to look for Wu Zhang.

Meanwhile Song Jia and Wu Zhang were being greeted by the principal of the university.

The time they have arrived was just the time to start the ball, so the dean of arts faculty, grabbed the mic and announced its start.

Wu Zhang who was standing with Song Jia, looked at her and asked, "Are you nervous?"

"Song Jia chuckled as she spoke, "Why would I be?"

"Because I am an amazing dancer." Wu Zhang boasted shamelessly.

Song Jia laughed as she responded, "You think so because you haven't seen me dancing."

Hearing her words, Wu Zhang bent in front of her like a true gentleman and extended his arm, "May I have this dance with you Miss Song?"

Song Jia smiled gently and placed her hand in his, as Wu Zhang lead her to the dance floor.

While they were enjoying their dance Fei Yan spotted Wu Zhang and Song Jia on the dance floor, looking adoringly in each others' eyes as their feet moved in rhythm.

"You dare touch my man b*tch, I will chop off your hands." she murmered angrily under her breath, and then pulled Feng Ying along with her to the dance floor. Feng Ying followed her quietly because he had no idea, to whom he was being taken to. He had not spotted Song Jia yet.

"So Mr. Wu, what were you saying about being an amazing dancer?" Song Jia asked on the dance floor. They were moving in perfect co-ordination and complimented each others' moves perfectly. No one could out shine the other.

Wu Zhang was in no mood to refute, because he was enjoying his dance with her too much. So he just smiled and spinned her elegantly.
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