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When Li Jing saw Wu Zhang busy with the possible future lady boss, he heaved a sigh of relief thinking that he had been saved. But what the poor guy didn't realize was that he had lost his focus on driving due to his short distraction.

He turned his head to the front after looking at Wu Zhang and Song Jia from the rearview mirror and cheering silently in his heart. But when he did, he noticed a car coming in their direction with great speed. He panicked and rotated the wheel as fast as he could to avoid bumping into the approaching car.

The car turned to the left with a screeching sound before it stopped. If the car would have stopped even a moment late, they would have crashed right into a tree next to the road. Li Jing's forehead got covered in cold sweat as he realized that they had very narrowly escaped death.

At the back seat, when the car had lost its balance for the brief moment, Song Jia got awakened due to the sudden movement and swaying. Before she could have even understood the situation, the car had stopped abruptly with a rough halt. Everyone took a few minutes to come back to their senses. It was only at that time when she noticed that her body was tightly wrapped in Wu Zhang's arms. He had pressed her against the backrest of the seat and was himself leaning forward in order to shield her and make sure that she gets injured as minimum as possible.

The first thing Wu Zhang did when he calmed down was to pull back and check if Song Jia was fine. He looked at her terror struck face and then pulled her closer to only crash her head against his firm chest and hug her in his iron grip. "Are you okay?" His voice was barely louder than a whisper and his hands were shaking, which Song Jia could easily feel at her back.

"I am fine. What about you?" She asked in a muffled voice as her mouth was pressed against his chest, which made it hard for her to speak. She struggled to pull back as his grip was almost crushing her and also because she wanted to check on him. But her gesture only made Wu Zhang tighten his grip even more. She understood his action and stopped struggling.

Instead of answering her, Wu Zhang remained quiet for a long time. "This brief moment made me realize how scary it would be if I lost you one day."

This time Song Jia finally pulled back. "Don't think too much Zhang. I am right here, in front of you and I am fine." She cupped her face to look in his eyes and assure him that she was okay.

Wu Zhang once again hugged her and remained in the same position for a long time, not letting her go. His shaking hands had calmed down but his heart was still in turmoil. Only after a good ten minutes had passed and he could finally believe that Song Jia was safe, did he loosen his grip on her.

While Wu Zhang was trying to assure himself that she was safe and fine, Song Jia had a different emotion in her heart.

All she could think right now was about the moment where he had tried to shield her first instead of covering himself. If the car would have crashed into the tree in front of them, Wu Zhang would have gotten severely injured due to the way he was protecting her.

It was at that moment she realized how sincere his love was for her. Not that she thought it wasn't, but she had never expected it to be so deep that he was willing to risk his own life to protect her. She understood it well that if they would have crashed, his shielding her won't have made much of a difference but that moment of consideration and care for her had tugged her heart.

She felt really emotional when she thought about it and her heart ached. She started questioning herself, thinking that what kind of a person she was. This man here was willing to put his life at stake to protect her and here she was, she had not yet even told him what she felt for him. She thought she was a fool to have made such a man wait for her for so long. He deserved to know her feelings for him and he deserved to know it as soon as possible, without delay. A small smile appeared on her lips as she thought about how she would confess her love to him and just the thought of it, made her feel ecstatic.
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