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Liu Anna walked out of the hospital to flag down a cab and before she could have even waved her hand, a cab halted in front of her and she got inside it. As soon as she climbed in, she could not hold back her tears anymore and let them flow. It was already difficult enough to convince herself to leave her little girl in such state behind and to add on it, she felt she was an awful person to break Song Chen's heart so ruthlessly. Just by imagining what Song Chen would be going through, Her heart broke even further and she found it hard to stop her tears from flowing. The driver looked at her worriedly from the rearview mirror and slowly passed a tissue paper to her. She took it to wipe her tears that showed no signs of stopping.

In her plight, she didn't even realize the driver had not asked her for her destination and had started driving already. Not even eighty minutes had passed and she was outside the Bureau, but Liu Anna was lost in her own thoughts to realize it. To bring her out of her thoughts, the driver spoke loudly, "Ma'am we have reached."

Liu Anna snapped out of her thoughts and looked outside the window. From her seat, she saw Zhao Qiang was already present there and was now walking in her direction after spotting her. She immediately wiped her tears and sat straight to smoothen the non-existent crease on her dress.

He reached to her and paid the fare to the driver before he opened the rear door to help Liu Anna climb out of the car. He saw her lost expression and tear-smitten face which dampened his jovial feelings. He was disappointed to see that she was not really excited about their wedding. He felt a small pain grow in his heart when he realized that this marriage was taking place not because she wanted him back in her life, but because she wanted to save her daughter. He didn't like the taste of reality which was quite bitter. But no matter what the reason was, he was guilty of feeling thankful to Song Jia, because of whom he got to marry the love of his life.

But when he looked at the building of the bureau and then at Liu Anna who stood in front of him, the pain subsided slowly to only be replaced by the ecstatic feeling that was developing in his heart as the realization of getting married to his love settled in his heart. He felt much better knowing that it would just be a matter of time when his love for her would make her accept this marriage with an open heart and not due to the circumstances in which they had to get married. He was confident about reigniting the flames of her love for him, that she had buried deep down in her heart somewhere.

"What about my divorce?" Liu Anna asked anxiously. All she cared right now was for their marriage to get registered and the treatment of her daughter.

Zhao Qiang passed an envelope to her silently. She opened it to see that it was their divorce application which had been approved.

"How did you get it done so quickly?" She looked at her with wide eyes.

"I have my sources. Now don't worry about it anymore and let's get our marriage registered, shall we?" Saying that he extended his hand to her for her to hold.

Liu Anna looked at the extended hand and with an unsure feeling, held it and they both walked inside.

After getting done with the formalities, the newly married couple walked out of the bureau. One had a smile that reached his eyes, while the other had no expression on her face other than anxiety.

"Can—can you now transfer the money?" She asked feeling a little awkward. She didn't care how Zhao Qiang saw her behavior, but right now she couldn't care less.

"It has already been done?" Zhao Qiang smiled.

Liu Anna looked at him with confusion. It was hard for her to believe that everything was done so quickly.

"Let's go and meet our daughter. Once she recovers enough to travel, we will leave the country."

"You want to take Xiao Jia with us?" Her expression turned even more surprised.

Zhao Qiang cupped Liu Anna's face as he spoke, "Of course. She is your daughter and I know she means the world to you. I can't change her birth line, but I will surely try to be a good father to her. It was after all because of her that I got to marry you."

"I don't want to bring her along..."

Zhao Qiang looked at her with a confused expression as he couldn't really understand her reason behind such a decision. He arched his eyebrow and couldn't help asking, "Why?"

"Because even after I left Song Chen, I have you. He has no one except our daughter. And because daughters are special to their fathers, she will become his reason to live happily even without me. I don't want to take away everything from him."

Zhao Qiang had a serene expression on his face with a small smile tugging on his lips. He nodded and caressed her hair gently, "It's your call, no matter what you decide I will stand by you."

"Can we leave after Xiao Jia's surgery gets done?"
"Of course." Zhao Qiang smiled.

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