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Liu Anna was equally shocked to see the pistol on Jin Liang's waist. Her eyes had popped out of shock and she looked dumbstruck. Not knowing how to react she kept staring at the pistol before she looked at Song Chen and then finally at Jin Liang. She would have freaked out if Jin Liang would not have signaled her with his eyes to not to lose her calm.

Getting no response from her, Song Chen repeated his question again. "Anna, tell me. Were you so eager to leave me that you got your lawyer to bring a pistol over?"

The poor man was still in shock and he looked utterly baffled. His forehead was covered in cold sweat and his eyes reflected disappointment and unfathomable pain.

"Yes. I can't tolerate that sick daughter anymore nor can I bear to live such a measly life anymore. Sign the papers and free me."

After looking at her face for a long time, Song Chen asked in a voice as low as it could be. "Who is it?"


"Who is the man you are leaving me for?"

Liu Anna pressed her lips in a thin line before answering. "You don't have to know his identity. All you must know is that he is very rich. Just sign the papers now." Saying this she pushed the papers in Jin Liang's hands towards him after taking them from the lawyer's hand.

Song Chen couldn't understand her behavior and was reluctant to sign. When Jin Liang saw him this way he took his hand to the pistol and murmured in a low voice, "If you treasure your life, sign the papers."

Song Chen stood in his spot. He could see his world crumbling down in front of his eyes. His daughter was dying and his wife was asking him to get divorced. He didn't know what to do and kept standing like a statue with no life in it.

Liu Anna glanced at the wall clock hung nearby and realized that they were running out of time. Seeing that they needed to hurry, she reached for the pistol on Jin Liang's waist and placed its mouth against her temple. Her action startled both Song Chen and Jin Liang.

"Miss Liu—"

"If you want to see me alive, then sign the papers right now!" Liu Anna threatened Song Chen pressing the gun closer to her temple.

"Put the gun away, I will sign." He tried talking her out of it. He was too scared to even think of the consequences if she accidentally pressed the trigger.

"Sign now." Liu Anna threatened again.
Without wasting another second, Song Chen flipped the file open and then grabbed the pen from Jin Liang's hand to sign the papers.

Both of them waited till he signed and as soon as he did, Jin Liang snatched the gun from Liu Anna, tucking it securely so that she couldn't reach for it again. He then took the papers from Song Chen.

"Mr. Jin, you go ahead. I will flag down a taxi for myself." Jin Liang bowed and left the two to have some privacy.

"Why did you do this to me? Do you find me so loathsome?" His voice cracked at the last word and he could not speak further. He didn't want to cry, but his eyes were tearing up.

"It's not you that I hate. But it's the measly and poor life that I have to live because of you. And not to forget the sick daughter inside that filthy ward. I can't bear the burden of her sickness throughout my life. I also have my life to live which I don't intend on sacrificing for her or anyone else."

"For God's sake Anna, she is our daughter. Don't talk about her this way."

"Yes she is, and she is also a black hole to our wealth. Have you forgotten what the doctor said?" It was very difficult for her to speak like this for her precious daughter, but she had no other choice. If she went easy, Song Chen wouldn't let her go. "He said that even if she gets cured for now, there is no saying that her disease won't relapse. It will be too taxing to bring up such a daughter and I can't nurse her all my life."

Liu Anna waited for Song Chen to speak but he didn't. He was too shocked to say anything and needed time to digest everything that happened.

She placed her hand on his shoulder, rubbed it gently before patting it. "I wish you a good life, Chen. Hope you do well. If possible Forgive me for leaving you like this but I can't stay back anymore."

And without waiting for him to speak, Liu Anna left.
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