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While Mo Biyu could not contain her happiness seeing the two, Zhao Li Ming who was sitting in a corner had her nails dug in the flesh of her soft hands. She felt uncomfortable seeing Song Jia so happy. She didn't like the fact that this woman was already so close to stealing away her mother from her and now, she had gotten the most eligible bachelor of the country as well. Why should she get every best thing?

Due to the effect of alcohol, her emotions had intensified and her dislike towards Song Jia was stronger than ever. She looked at her with a look of hatred and disgust, like she was a pile of filth. Looking at her brought an insecure feeling in her heart that she couldn't let go of. She made her feel scared of losing everything that was hers, including her mother. For her, Song Jia was like a sleeping bomb to her that might get activated any moment and blow off her world leaving nothing but ashes behind.

At some distance away from all of them was the woman, Song Jia had been thinking about all night. The woman that had the power to mess with her emotions just by the mention of her name. Liu Anna was on a call with someone when she noticed the love-filled moment between her daughter and Wu Zhang. She had various sort of emotions developing inside her heart all at a time. There was an emptiness inside her for missing the entire childhood and youth of her daughter. There was this guilt of letting her grow on her own without any sort of familial love. There was also a sting of pain for not being able to see her fragile and delicate yet beautiful little girl grow into such a wonderful and strong woman despite so many hardships of life. Her childhood had been rough and very miserable, but her daughter had turned out to become a budding lotus that blossomed irrespective of so much dirt that surrounded her. No matter, how much she tried to comfort herself by reasoning with her heart that everything she did back then was for her daughter's good, but there was always a part of her deep inside that couldn't help blaming herself for letting her daughter be alone in this harsh world. The bitter feeling of realizing how awful a mother she had been to this firstborn child of hers had never left her heart for even once in the past twenty-two years. When she had left for Europe, no words had ever been sufficient to express her feelings of knowing that back in China her sick daughter was in need of the love and warmth that only a mother can provide and that mother was not by her side. She had always comforted herself by assuming that even if she was absent, Song Chen was with her daughter and he must have fulfilled his duties as a good father. That was the only way she had comforted herself all these years. But the last piece of her comfort had also shattered recently when she found out how pitiful her daughter's life had been all these years. If not for the agreement that she had, had with her current husband back then, she would have never left her daughter like this. But only she knew what circumstances they were in at that time and if she would have chosen otherwise, this daughter of hers might not even be alive today—not even to hate her. She felt it was far better to look like a culprit in the eyes of her living daughter for the rest of her lives, rather than seeing her little lifeless body being taken to the cemetery due to not being able to receive proper treatment. The memory of that night, where she had been forced to make a choice for the sake of her daughter was still as clear as day in her mind—like it had happened yesterday. Everything that had led her to marry that man after leaving Song Chen, and the entire conversation that had taken place still rung in her head every day. She knew what she did was wrong, but because it was for her daughter's life, she was willing to do it yet again without worrying about the consequences—without regrets.


It was a silent night, but for the Songs, it was nothing less than chaos. Song Chen was sitting in the general ward of an expensive hospital, caressing the forehead of his wailing two-year-old daughter in multiple unsuccessful attempts of soothing her. In his one hand was the reports of Song Jia's multiple tests that had been conducted on her and all of them concluded to only one result—she was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia and her condition was quite severe and critical.

Liu Anna entered the room to find out her husband looking defeated and tired. Her eyes paused at her daughter whose nose was bleeding and had multiple machines attached to her which looked scary. She was crying on top of her voice due to the unbearable pain in her belly and her delicate body now looked all bruised and pale. She even seemed to have lost half of her body weight in just a span of ten days due to various infections that had spread throughout her body. Her beautiful hazel eyes now looked hollow and her jade-like smooth and fur like tender skin was all red and petechiae.

The little girl cried even louder seeing her mother, in the hope that she might drive away all her pain from her and make her feel better because that is what her mother always did. She was her best comfort. Liu Anna looked at her with eyes full of tears before turning to her husband. "Have you thought of what to do next? The fees of this hospital has already burnt all our savings. We can't afford it anymore." Her voice that had become hoarse from crying all day was barely more than a whisper.

"Father and I have tried everything in our power to get our loan sanctioned but it had been denied every time." Song Chen answered. With every word he spoke, his eyes lost its glimmer of hope... To get the loan sanctioned for such a huge amount, they didn't have enough assets and because of which the loan was denied to them.

"But without a loan, we cannot afford the stem-cell transplant!!" She screamed which made little Song Jia cry even louder. Liu Anna snapped her head in her daughter's direction almost jumped over her daughter to hug her after seeing her in so much pain but was held back by Song Chen.

"You will disturb the working of the machines." He said pointing out to the multiple wires that were attached to her small body. The little girl increased the pitch of her cry even higher when she saw her mother was not being allowed to go near her. Liu Anna looked at her pitiful face and nodded before wiping her tears that she could not prevent any more from falling. Every inch of her heart was hurting to see her beautiful daughter suffer like this in agony every day for tge past ten days. She was like her sunshine in her dull life which was on the verge of getting lost. All she could think of at that time was to pick her up from the hospital bed and take her far-far away where she would not feel any more pain. If it could give the cure for her daughter, she was even ready to trade her own life for it. But maybe not even the Gods were willing to spare the life of her precious daughter as everything they attempted to save her was just going down the drain with no results.

Her level of leukemia was severe and the surgery was to be anyhow done within forty-eight hours otherwise there was no surety if her daughter would be able to make it or not. Seeing no hopes of getting any help, she was debating if she should give the idea in her mind a try. Her heart was palpitating very fast as she looked at Song Chen with an unsure look in her eyes and a risky thought in her mind.
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