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After the humiliated woman left, all the people had gotten busy with themselves again, the poor socialite being the hot topic of gossip everywhere. But soon their attention drifted to Wu Zhang who had filled a plate with food and was himself carrying it to a certain table. His aura was like that of a king, very hard to ignore. As he walked, the people subconsciously cleared the way for him, not daring to stand in his way. If not just taking the plate himself was not enough, he was also carrying it. Usually, for people like Wu Zhang, the waiters would on their own, serve food to them on their place but today it was all very different. And if that also didn't end the splash of surprise people had witnessed in today's event, the thing Wu Zhang did was even more than shocking. Wu Zhang carried the plate to the table Song Jia was sitting on. And after pushing her plate of pastry aside, he placed the plate he had carried in front of her. He then sat on a chair across her on the table. It was only then that everyone realized that the king had brought food not for himself, but for his queen. A look of envy and adoration could be seen in every woman's eyes. Who wouldn't want to be pampered this way by the most powerful and the most eligible bachelor of the country?
Not paying any heed to anyone's looks, Wu Zhang frowned when Song Jia pulled the quarter plate of pastry back to her. With a displeased look, he gazed her beaming face and then pulled the plate to his side—away from her. "You should not so many desserts. It's bad for health." He then pushed the plate of food closer to her and said with care and warmth filled in his voice, "Eat this. You need to eat something nutritious too."

To this, Song Jia pouted with an unhappy look in her eyes as she stared at him for a brief second. Wu Zhang chuckled seeing her beautiful face scrunched up but then spoke with a voice that had nothing but warmth for her. "I don't want you to fall sick by in taking too much sugar."

Looking at his face that was full of affection for her, Song Jia finally compromised and then picked up a pair of chopsticks neatly wrapped on the table to eat. "Have you eaten yet?"

"Not yet."

"Eat with me." Saying this Song Jia turned to call a waiter and ask him to bring Wu Zhang a plate. However, she stopped when she noticed a movement on the table. She turned to find Wu Zhang had pulled the plate in the middle and with another pair of chopsticks, he was eating from the same plate as hers.

She looked at him feeling bewildered. It was not just Song Jia, but everyone at that place was shocked. Everyone knew how much Wu Zhang hated people eating from the same plate but here he was, happily eating from her plate. There had been an incident in the past when a woman had thought Wu Zhang was into her. And to show it off to others, she had taken a bite from his plate. Wu Zhang had gotten so angry over it that he had left the dinner without touching anything else. That incident was spread on social media like wildfire, adding so much more to the already embarrassed woman.

Wu Zhang noticed her shocked expression and smiled, "You didn't think I brought so much food for you to eat it all, did you?"

"Yes... No, I mean—" she was at a loss for words.

"Just eat sweetheart."

His smile and the words that came out of his mouth, clutched Song Jia's heart, with an intention to never let go. A gush of happiness spread through her entire body, making her smile even brighter. Her insides felt like the fresh dewy flowers of the spring morning—beautiful and soothing to the soul. Without another word, she picked up her chopsticks again and started eating.

While the two lovebirds were busy eating and stealing glances at each other every now and then with a shine in their eyes, everyone else in the room was being fed dog food. Although it wasn't considered very polite to eat from one plate at such parties, no one had the mind to think about it right now. All they could think right now was how envious they felt seeing the two so much in love with each other. But there were three people in the crowd who had very different thoughts seeing them. One was Mo Biyu, who had nothing but blessings in her heart for the two children. Her joy knew no bounds when she had seen the two from a corner in the hall.

She never had any particular demands for the women her sons would marry as the Wus had everything one could ask for from life. Therefore all she wanted was such women for her sons who could love them selflessly without caring about their riches or social status and stand by their side through all the thick and thins of life. Now when she looked at Song Jia, she felt like her elder son had found that woman. Others might not have seen it, but the way Song Jia looked at Wu Zhang, she knew it was the gaze of a lover. She smiled and pulled out her phone to secretly capture a picture of the two. The shot turned out to be a beautiful one and enlightened Mo Biyu's mood even more. In the picture, Song Jia's head was bobbed down as she was looking at the table, laughing gently over something that Wu Zhang had said, her one hand was holding the chopsticks and rested near the plate while the other was covered under Wu Zhang's hand. Wu Zhang was looking at her like a love-struck man whose entire world revolved just around the woman sitting in front of him. He had a wide grin on his face and his eyes beheld only her, blurring the rest of the world in the background. The two looked like lovers who have come out straight from a painting of some ancient Roman time.
Whatever little doubts Mo Biyu had for Song Jia was now also gone after seeing her son so happy with her. She had the feeling that this was the perfect woman for her elder son. She was not only beautiful and well-mannered, but she also belonged to a well to do family with nothing lacking in life so there was no way she would be after her son's money. And most importantly, she was one of the most successful businesswomen in the country, unlike the other rich heiresses who only knew how to spend money earned by their fathers on their lifestyle and were nothing more than a wallflower, this woman would be the perfect life partner for her son to share his sorrows and joy. Deep inside she felt so excited that she could already hear the wedding bells ringing in the near future.
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