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Mrs. Zhao's sharp eyes scanned the young woman from head to toe, making her feel very uncomfortable and small. Her hawk-like eyes made her feel like she was the prey of this woman and she would tear her up anytime soon to feed on her.

Mrs. Zhao went closer to her and in her serene voice she spoke, "Young lady I advise you to take your words back or else don't blame me later on."

The girl was truly annoyed due to the wine that had slid inside her dress and has spoiled her hair to care about taking her words back. The dress that had been spoilt by Zhao Li Ming's wine was one of the most expensive dress in her collection and it had taken a lot of begging and blackmailing from her to convince her father to buy her that dress. Even though Mrs. Zhao's gaze was unnerving her, she still managed to keep her composure and lashed out. "How shameless are you to still argue with me when it is clearly the fault of your drunk daughter. You should be the one to apologize to me and not threatening me instead!!"

Mrs. Zhao smiled and then turned to face the bar counter. It had a few drinks on top of it that had just been poured to be served. She picked up the first glass which was a champagne and poured it on the lady's head. "Now don't blame me for not warning you beforehand."
Poor woman's jaw dropped open but not a single word came out of it. Her face had turned crimson red from the humiliation and anger that was boiling inside her. Her entire body was shivering from shame. Before she could have retaliated, Mrs. Zhao grabbed another glass and emptied it too. Even after emptying five glasses on the girl, Mrs. Zhao didn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. Nobody from the onlookers as well stopped her from doing so because a few had recognized her while the rest were just not interested in stepping in between—they were just enjoying the show.

The girl, even though came from a rich family, was still quite young and seemed to be a fragile one at that. To be embarrassed in front of such a big crowd including all the big-shots of the entire city, she felt humiliated beyond what she could have handled. She had wanted to speak something when Mrs. Zhao had poured the first glass on her, but then her eyes had met her father. She was surprised to see him standing amongst the crowd and watching everything, but not stepping out to protect her. The last thing that she expected him to do was shake his head and with a pleading eye, ask her to endure it. It was at that time she realized that she had offended someone she should not have. To not to create trouble for her father, the poor girl just closed her eyes and clenched her fists, while Mrs. Zhao emptied glass after glass of whatever drinks she could get her hands on.

"Don't ever dare to badmouth my daughter again. Do you even know who she is? She is the sole heiress of the Zhao Industries!! How dare you call her blind? If you have had not been so haughty just now, I would have been nicer and gotten you a change and assistants that would have helped you to fix your make-up."

A lot of onlookers felt their jaws dropping when they heard who Zhao Li Ming was. A lot of people had no idea about the Zhaos' return because even though they were super rich, they had been out of the country for a time long enough to let people forget about them.

Being a perfect example of ass kissers—after knowing who Zhao Li Ming really was, a lot of people started lashing out on the poor girl who was drenched in various kinds of drinks. Her head was bobbed down and tears rolled down her small face after getting mixed up with multiple drinks.

"Mrs. Zhao I am truly sorry and I apologize to you on my daughter's behalf. Please pardon her." The mother of the young woman finally stepped forward after freeing her wrist from her husband's grip when she could no longer see her daughter being humiliated like this. But at this point, the young woman didn't even care if her mother had stepped in or not because the damage was already done.

Mrs. Zhao looked at the woman apologizing and then shouted again, "Get out of my site!!" After knowing who Mrs. Zhao really was, the girl knew that if she was being asked to go away at this point, it should be considered as mercy being done unto her, because in this ruthless world of rich, no one was kind enough to spare even the smallest opportunity to destroy someone. The Zhaos were just too powerful to be offended, and if they would not have left the country, their status by now would have long surpassed the Wus. Feeling helpless, she lifted her gown from the front and without looking back for even once, ran towards the door to leave this place, leaving her mother behind.

Song Jia who was sitting at her table and had seen the entire scene unfold felt quite surprised with this behavior of Mrs. Zhao. She had a very different image of Mrs. Zhao created in her mind. She always thought her to be a very calm, composed and a loving lady. Every time she had met her, Mrs. Zhao had always been very kind and polite towards her. If truth be told, to Song Jia she gave the vibe of how a mother should be to her child—loving and kind. But the way she behaved today, had completely changed her impression in Song Jia's mind.

She could not help but wonder if she was the same woman she had met outside the restroom just half an hour back. She had been so polite to her when her daughter came to create trouble for the seat. She had not said even a word when she almost bumped into Zhao Li Ming. But here the same woman had created such a big scene and that too when her own daughter was at fault. If this is how rude Mrs. Zhao was in real life, shouldn't she have behaved more ruthlessly with her? Why was there such obvious discrimination in her behavior towards her and that second-generation heiress? Maybe... she didn't like her?

Not being able to understand the reason behind such behavior, Song Jia stopped pondering on it. However, there were two things going on in her mind, she was quite certain about. The first one being that she didn't like the way Mrs. Zhao treated that young woman. Song Jia had never liked such behavior and hated people who treated others so ruthlessly. But this was the sad reality of the upper-class societies that was hard to ignore. The higher the position a person was at, the more they curbed the people beneath them to prevent them from growing. However, as Song Jia had grown-up, she had learned one thing very clearly—until it has not got anything to do with you, never meddle in rich people's business unnecessarily. After all, the position that she was at, the lesser the enemies she had, the better it was for her.

While the second one was that she considered herself very lucky to not to have gotten in trouble with this woman because she seemed to be quite an unforgiving woman. And even with Song Corporations name and power backing her, it would have been impossible for her to deal with this woman because she was no match to the power of the Zhaos. At that time, she made a mental note for herself quietly: 'stay as far away as possible from the Zhao ladies in the near future and whenever possible. Because the younger one seems to hate me a lot while the older one seems to be very impulsive. Who knows when she would start attacking me too.'
She made the mental note very sincerely because she didn't want to add any more enemies to her list as her step-mother was already giving her enough headache to prevent her from thinking about anything else.
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