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Song Jia was surprisingly calm after hear everything from Wei Xin. It was because she understood that with power comes threat, and getting panicked at a time like this won't help. She also knew that running away was not the solution to the problem, so she wanted to face it and end it for once and for all. She took a glance at herself in the mirror before she aksed "What about the nurse?"

"Her name is Xu Yin. We checked her background, she has been in the hospital for almost 2 years for now, So it means she was paid by someone to keep the watch on director and is not a part of the attack." she passed on the information she has collected about Xu Yin.

"Her family?" Song Jia asked as she recieved the information.

"Our team has taken them hostage, after threatening her all she said that she recieved a call from a man to keep a watch on the director, and money was left on her doorstep. She has not seen anyone. And we have cross checked, she was speaking the truth."

"Keep her family under custody and ask her to go back to to the hospital." Song Jia did not want to let the attacker get aware.

"But madam I am worried about your safety. We should go back."


"Then let me inform the elders atleast." Hearing this Song Jia gave a sharp glance to Wei Xin, indicating her not to tell anything to the elders of the family. Wei Xin understood and shut her mouth immediately. She knew she did not want them to worry, or to be precise, she did not want her grandfather to worry. Rest no one cared for her in the family.

---Fei Yan's room---

Fei Yan was all ready to floor Wu Zhang with her charm tonight, while she was giving her makeup a final touch, her assistant arrived in the room, with an invitation card in her hand and a man alongside her. The man walked inside lethargically and swept his gaze across the room. He was dressed in not very expensive but clean clothes and looked from an ordinary family. Fei Yan took a glance at the man while her assistant gave her the invitaion card to the party.

"What is your name?" Fei Yan asked snobbishly.

"I am Feng Ying" he replied casually.

"Have you told him everything properly?" Fei Yan asked her assistant.

"Yes madam, Don't worry. He knows everything he has to do."

"Ok, wear this." Fei Yan picked out a burberry suit from the closet and passed it to Feng Ying. He took the suit and was about to leave, when Fei Yan stopped him, "do you know how important this party is to me?"

"Yes, your assistant told me." Feng Ying did not care much about the party. All he could think right now was a way to earn quick money and Fei Yan's assistant had offered him fifty thousand yuan to go to the party with her. So he had no reason to reject her. Moreover after Song Jia told him to leave C City, he had come to N City the other day. He has already spent the money Song Jia gave him, and now he was penniless. But he had no work to do, or to be more clear, he was too lazy to find work. So he thought this offer was a win-win situation for him. He will get to eat expensive food, wear clothes of a brand he would now never be able to afford again and above all, he will pe paid for having fun. So he had immediately agreed.

Fei Yan came closer to him and grabbed his chin as she sopke, "if you mess up..."

Before she could finish, Feng Ying cut her in between "Yes I know, you will make me disappear from the face of the earth. Your assistant has told this over 400 times." Feng Ying said with a chuckle and removed her hand from his chin.
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