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Even though she was not a gossipmonger but her curiosity still took over her when she heard her name and could not help eavesdropping. A frown had appeared on Song Jia's porcelain-like face as she hid behind the wall to hear what the people on the other side were talking about. She slightly tilted her head and craned her neck to peek, only to see Mrs. Zhao standing there with her daughter Zhao Li Ming.

Why was Mrs. Zhao talking about her to her daughter, she thought to herself.

"I did it because it was 'her'." Zhao Li Ming put an extra emphasis on 'her', making Song Jia frown even deeper. She couldn't quite make out any sense out of her words. She didn't even know Zhao Li Ming and was quite certain that they had never crossed paths in the past—so what was this hostility towards her for?

"But why did you have to go and create trouble there? You know it really well that the truth about my past will never change anything between you and me. Don't you?" Mrs. Zhao hissed with gritted teeth, anger evident on her face. From her looks, she seemed to be quite disappointed in her daughter.

"Really? She doesn't even know the truth yet and here you are—already scolding me because of her, and you say nothing would change?" Zhao Li Ming had a pitiful face on and her red eyes had welled with tears, a few seconds more and she would have started crying.

Song Jia who was still hiding nearby could not make out any sense from their words. She had no idea what they were talking about, and the red wine that she had drunk before coming to the restroom was also not helping.

For some reason, she wanted to stay there and eavesdrop on their conversation but just at that moment, she heard her phone ringing in her clutch. She hurriedly pulled it out and saw it was Wu Zhang. Knowing she won't be able to run back and will be caught by the mother and the daughter, she decided to answer the call as if she had just arrived there.

The two women had also gotten startled from the loud ring and immediately turned their heads in the direction of the sound to see no one. Feeling suspicious, Zhao Li Ming and Mrs. Zhao both walked a few steps in the direction of the sound to see if someone was eavesdropping and Zhao Li Ming, who was in front almost prevented herself from colliding into Song Jia.

"Yes I am coming back in just a minute— I am sorry." Song Jia apologized to Zhao Li Ming as she took a step back right before bumping into her and pulling her phone away from her ear.

"Can't you see while walking?" Zhao Li Ming asked with a voice full of hostility.

"I can say the same for you as well, Zhao Li Ming. This is a blind turn so don't blame me without any reason because such things can happen with anyone. And above all, not even a single strand of your hair has gotten disheveled so don't create a scene for no reason here." By far Song Jia had understood one thing very clearly, and that was—Zhao Li Ming disliked her too much. Seeing her hostility towards her for without any valid reason, Song Jia felt there was no need to be polite with this snob and rude heiress so she responded to her in a tone which was although not hostile like Zhao Li Ming, but was very cold and lacked any emotion. Not waiting for Zhao Li Ming's response, Song Jia walked past her on her way to the restroom. She saw Mrs. Zhao standing behind Zhao Li Ming with an anxious expression on her face but didn't care to ask anything.

"You—" before Zhao Li Ming could have stopped her, Mrs. Zhao placed a hand on her shoulder to stop her. She turned to look at her mother who then gave her a gentle tug at her wrist, signaling her to go back to the hall with her.

When Song Jia came back, she noticed Wu Zhang talking to Mr. and Mrs. Zhao. Song Jia sighed seeing her there. Wondering if Zhao Li Ming would also come there, she decided to not to go to them and instead headed towards the dessert counter. After placing a slice of coffee mousse in her plate, she sat on a nearby table to savor the taste of the sweet delicacy while her hazel eyes scanned the hall with a look of boredom in them.

As she took the first bite, she saw Zhao Li Ming in front of the bar at a distance. Due to her shimmery and eye-catching golden-colored gown, it was hard to ignore her. Her face looked flushed and her eyes a little drowsy from the two glasses of wine that she had gulped in one go. After her third glass, she took the fourth refill and then got down from her chair. She was a little tipsy and due to her languid step tripped on her own gown. The wine glass in her hand slipped and the entire content got splashed on the back of a second generation socialite who was standing nearby.
The white gown the young lady was wearing had turned red due to the wine. Not just her dress, even her hair was dripping wine.

With a dark expression on her face, the girl turned around and after pushing Zhao Li Ming away screamed in anger, "You blind woman, can't you see where you are going?!"

The loud yelling attracted the attention of a lot of people, including Mrs. Zhao who was just a few steps away. She saw her precious daughter was being yelled at and immediately came to her rescue.

"How dare you call my daughter blind?" Mrs. Zhao caught her daughter from falling on time and then made her sit on the closest bar chair.

"She has spoiled my dress because she wasn't watching her steps so what is wrong in calling her blind?" The young woman retorted.
Mrs. Zhao turned to the young heiress whose dress was spoiled due to Zhao Li Ming and scanned her from head to toe. Her gaze was piercing enough to make the young lady feel very small and self-conscious. She was wiping her neck with a paper towel that was placed at the corner of the bar counter and was trying her best to stand tall in front of Mrs. Zhao by avoiding her gaze.
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