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After driving for almost forty minutes, the car finally pulled outside the hall where the charity auction had been organised. Song Jia turned to look at Wu Zhang, "are you sure you want to come?" She has asked the question because Wu Zhang has earlier said that he won't come as Mo Biyu was already attending the event.

Wu Zhang just smiled in response and gently pressed his lips on her forehead. If Song Jia was going, looking so drop dead gorgeous, he obviously had to go with her. It was not even needed to be asked.

Being quick, Li Jing climbed out and opened the door for the couple. With his long legs, Wu Zhang climbed out first before outstretching a hand for Song Jia to take.

All the media that was present outside the auction hall gasped as they saw Wu Zhang coming together with Song Jia, hand in hand. Cameras flashed furiously in all directions as Wu Zhang and Song Jia waited for their pictures to be clicked with Wu Zhang's hand around Song Jia's tiny waist and his eyes that never left her sight. The couple looked like a beautiful painting as they stood together, smiling every time they looked at each other. Everyone was excited too much because the person in question was Song Jia. The aloof President-CEO of the Song empire that was seldom seen at any such events has tonight come along with a date was already a big gossip. And to add the cherry to the cake, the date was none other than the almighty President-CEO, Wu Zhang, himself. Before Wu Zhang, Song Jia's private life had been too private. Firstly it was she who didn't like attending very flashy events and then it was Feng Ying. He tried avoiding to be seen with her because he felt inferior standing by her side and was afraid to be mocked as a gold-digger because of the huge gap in their social standing. Therefore they were never seen together at any such events and only a few insiders knew of her relationship with Feng Ying. But with Wu Zhang, things were different. He never thought twice to introduce her to people or bring her with him for social gatherings. He, in fact, made her feel like she was his prized possession that he loved too much to depart from it. He gave her the feeling that he wanted the entire world to know that she has been taken by him and he by her, leaving no space in between them for any other person.

All heads turned towards the door as the pair entered inside the lively hall filled with the elites of the upper circle. The auction has not yet started and most of the people present were clustered in multiple small groups, gossiping or discussing business. Those who were interested in none were randomly scattered either near the bar enjoying their drinks or on the seats assigned to them. Many of the ass-kissers came to greet Wu Zhang and Song Jia with the hopes of getting in their good books or to curry favour from them as they were both prominent figures in the corporate world and building connections with either of them could be very beneficial. Song Jia being the polite one would often smile and responded to everyone who came to talk to her. Whereas Wu Zhang, on the other hand, didn't really care to please anyone and talked only to people whom he considered to be important enough to talk to. And for the rest, their greetings were just answered with a small nod.

Very soon a middle-aged woman, dressed in an elegant qipao, holding a glass of white wine approached them. "I didn't think you would also come."

"Mom." Wu Zhang turned around to see Mo Biyu and gave a small nod with an even smaller smile. "Well, here I am." He said shrugging his broad shoulders.

"Aunty, how are you?" Song Jia asked with a smile.

"Oh I am doing good child, how are you?" Before even waiting for her response Mo Biyu gasped. "You look absolutely stunning today child. You are looking beautiful." She complimented her by taking Song Jia's hand in hers.

Song Jia smiled and murmured a small thank you. The three were still conversing when someone from the group behind Song Jia spoke jubilantly, "Oh Liu Anna, it has been so long since we last met."

Liu Anna?!!

The hand that was holding the wine glass stopped midway and Song Jia's back stiffened. She immediately turned around in the direction from where the voice came.
However, disappointment flashed in her eyes when she saw a group of five or six ladies standing in a circle. It was difficult to see the face of any and from the way they were all exchanging greetings with each other, it was difficult to say who greeted whom.

Did she hear it right or was it just déja vu?
Did someone really call out her mother's name?
Maybe that was some other woman with the same name?
How could it be her mother? Wasn't she supposed to be in another country?
But if it was really her, what was she doing here?

Multiple questions rose in her heart and her eyes were reflecting grave anxiety as she tried to figure out who her mother could be from the group. A sudden conflict of emotions rose in her heart which was hard for her to decipher. If her mother was here, there was a part of Song Jia that wanted to find the woman that gave birth to her and meet her. She wanted to hug her tightly and cry out in her arms so that all her sorrows could be washed away. She wanted to complain to her about all the difficulties that she has been through how unfair life has been to her. But there was also another part of her that didn't want to meet her because she was the same woman who left her to die after giving birth to her. It was the same woman because of whom she has had to go through all the hardships. The emotions were conflicted and she didn't know what she will do if it really was her mother. However, regardless of everything, her eyes didn't move away from the group.

Forgetting her conversation with Mo Biyu, she was anxiously looking at the group of women dressed in expensive clothes and jewelry. Lost in her own train of thought, another thought popped up in her mind, 'If her mother was really in the city, why didn't she try to meet her? Is it possible that she didn't want to meet her at all?'

A stinging pain crept up from deep in her heart as the realisation dawned on her. She had a gut feeling that there were high chances of it being true. No one knew for how long her mother, Liu Anna has been in the city, and if even after arriving in the city, she has made no efforts to meet her, her own daughter, it was possible she had no intentions of meeting her.
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