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--- At the same time in Song Jia's office chamber ---

As soon as Wu Zhang stepped out of the room, his previous annoyance from seeing Long Xiuping inside Song Jia's room re-emerged, annoying him more. Just thinking of the fact that she got to see Song Jia after her shower and that too in her bathing gown was enough to anger him. No one was allowed to even try hitting on his woman, even if it was another woman. And he didn't like seeing her inside Song Jia's room especially when she was in a bathing gown and Long Xiuping was with her alone. Totally Banned!!

He pulled out his phone and called Li Jing who picked it up in the first ring. "Bring me my laptop up here and cancel my meeting with Long Jinhai tomorrow."

Li Jing was expecting this call and such orders from Wu Zhang after what he saw in Song Jia's office. Of course, he didn't see what was happening in the room but he knew Long Xiuping was inside Song Jia's room alone. And "knowing" about Song Jia's "sexual orientations" he understood that Wu Zhang's temper was legit. However, this deal with the Longs was quite an important one. Not only because of the profit this collaboration would help the company make, but also because the quality of the ingredients that the Longs provided was very rare. As the lead secretary and Wu Zhang's assistant, it was his duty to make him not compromise work for personal grudges. Feeling his sense of responsibility, he decided to talk to his boss once more and convince him to change his mind because he thought his boss was planning to cancel the deal altogether.

"President, I don't think it is appropriate to cancel the meeting with Aroma's CEO, because of Miss Long. Her intention-"

"I don't need you to tell me what to do. Like I said, cancel the meeting." Wu Zhang had no intentions to cancel the deal, but he just wanted to delay it and let them suffer some losses. It was his way to warn Long Xiuping that the consequences for even trying to mess up with his private life could be dire and that she should stay away from his woman.

Li Jing sighed internally and tried once more, "But president, we have to- hello?" He pulled back his phone and as expected, the call was disconnected. Once Wu Zhang decided to do something, it was next to impossible to change his mind.

Left with no choice, Li Jing brought Wu Zhang's laptop upstairs and Wu Zhang immediately got to work while he waited for Song Jia to come.

It took some time before the door to the connected room was pulled ajar. The fingers that were so furiously typing just a moment ago paused wherever they were and Wu Zhang's head lifted from the laptop screen to turn into the direction of the room.

His eyes sparkled with adoration when Song Jia stepped out in the gown he had gifted her. She looked absolutely stunning in the dress. It felt like the dress was designed exclusively for her, hugging her at all the right places. When Wu Zhang's eyes fell on her neck, he found the emerald neck piece that he has brought along with the dress resting around her pearly neck. It was a very simple neck piece with no tacky or attention seeking design, just like Song Jia preferred her jewelry to be. Her naturally soft curls were swept to a side and were placed on her shoulder, secured carefully. Her makeup was delicately done and was not overbearing at all. All it did was enhanced her beauty.

In a nutshell, she looked like a beauty straight from heavens, making it difficult for him to look away from her. He could not help himself and immediately got down from the couch, covering the distance between them in just a few wide strides. He cupped her face and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead before whispering in her ear, so softly that only she could hear, "My poor heart, don't force it to come out of my chest for you."

Song Jia giggled softly at his words and then turned to Long Xiuping. "It's all thanks to Long Xiuping's efforts otherwise I would have been looking a mess. Thank you Long Xiuping."

The tube light smiled and then decided it was time for her to take leave and let the love birds have some space. "It's my pleasure, Song Jia. I should take my leave now."

Song Jia nodded before bidding her goodbye. She looked at Wu Zhang who was silent and nudged him to go.

As they entered the lift, Wu Zhang pulled out his phone and texted Li Jing, "Don't cancel the meeting with Longs."

He has changed his mind after seeing how beautifully she has done Song Jia's makeup and for her sake decided to let it go for this one time.

Li Jing who was in the parking lot, waiting for Wu Zhang has just pulled out his phone to call Long Jinhai after taking a long time to decide if he should try to convince his boss once more or not. He beamed with happiness when he saw Wu Zhang's message telling him to not to cancel the meeting. He immediately sent an okay to him as an answer.

Once inside the car, Song Jia finally decided to ask. "You seem to somewhat dislike Long Xiuping. Is it true?" Being the sensitive woman she was, Song Jia has noticed how rude Wu Zhang was to Long Xiuping when he has just come and was outside the room. She at first thought that it was normal as he was rarely warm to anyone, but when he used the same haughty tone again to order Long Xiuping to do her makeup nicely, she felt something was definitely off.

Wu Zhang looked at her, and unable to control his urge to touch her, his hand automatically reached for her face and caressed her jawline tenderly. He then shrugged his shoulder, "Of course, I don't like anyone except you."

Song Jia gently swatted his hand away and rolled her eyes. "You know what I mean to say. Don't play dumb."

"I am not. What I said is the truth." Wu Zhang took his hand back to her face but this time reached for a strand of her hair that was left out of her hairdo and started twisting it.

"I mean, do you have any sort of personal grudges with her?" Song Jia asked with a laugh combined with a hint of annoyance.

Li Jing who was driving "..." Miss Song, you are the reason my boss holds a grudge against Miss Long.

This time Wu Zhang didn't lie and admitted it. Nodding his head, he spoke. "Yes, I do."

"Why?" Song Jia looked at his face curiously.

"I don't like anyone who gets closer to you then I am." Wu Zhang answered like a spoiled wife, leaving Song Jia speechless.

This guy is too determined to break all records of his own jealousy. How can he drink so much vinegar?
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