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Song Jia's heart was beating so fast that she could hear it pounding in her chest. Her face flushed and a soft smile appeared on her lips. Deep within her was blossoming happiness like flowers of the spring. The expression on her face right now was an absolute eye candy for Wu Zhang. Feeling his gaze on her, she lowered her eyes and a faint blush appeared on her cheeks.

In a very soft voice, that only Wu Zhang could hear she spoke, "Don't spoil me so much."

Wu Zhang held her chin and lifted her face to make her look at him. "I will. I want to spoil you beyond rotten, beyond repair."

And before Song Jia could retaliate, he held her by her shoulders and turned her around in the direction of the chair she was sitting on. Giving her a gentle push he spoke, "Now stop arguing and get dressed. You don't want to run late, do you?"

Song Jia turned back again, "But Zhang-"

"No its and no buts darling." He pushed her down on the chair in front of the dressing table to make her sit. After that, he turned to a certain tube light in the room who has been standing near the door all this while with her mouth open. "Make sure she looks the prettiest tonight." Saying this he left the room to wait for her outside.

The tube light realized she has been a bone in the chicken all this while and felt quite embarrassed. She nodded her head furiously and immediately got to work. Even though she felt slightly bitter for seeing her crush being taken away, she knew it would eventually happen. The reason was clear, she was bent, Song Jia was not. She grabbed the blow dry and while plugging it, she exclaimed, "Out of all people I never expected you to date the elder young master of the Wu family."

Song Jia chuckled softly "Why? What is so strange to expect?"

"No, It's just... You see... " She was struggling to think of the right word, "kind of... dreamlike?"

Song Jia laughed softly and just nodded her head without saying anything. But her heart was filled with happiness because deep down she knew the answer.

Dreamlike? Was it?

No, it was not dreamlike to date Wu Zhang. The richest man in the country, who could change the course of the entire country's economy just by snapping his fingers. It was not at all dreamlike to be in the arms of the man who was so handsome that his appearance was like a treat to the eyes and very unrealistic. A man whose handsomeness was beyond humanity. There was nothing dreamlike to be called the woman of the country's most powerful man on whose one command, the entire government could be changed and the military could be mobilized. And if not for Song Jia someone else would have been at that place. Therefore it had nothing dreamy because Song Jia was no less. If not the biggest empire, she was still excellently leading one of the few biggest business empires in the country making it grow at an enormous speed. She was the kind of beauty who never went unnoticed by men and was envied by women. Her beauty was what every woman dreamed of possessing and for which many rich ones would be willing to throw millions if exchanging faces was possible. She had her own people hidden in the dark who could sweep the country by storm if need be. So there was nothing dreamy because it was more like a compatible match.

But yes, there sure was one thing very dreamlike, which she has never denied. It was to be treasured and loved so dearly by such a powerful man. He not only loved her but also took great care of everything about her. Be it her health, her state of mind, her people, her needs or her wants, everything. He doted on her and spoiled her to no end. He made every little effort he could to keep her happy. For him, her thoughts always came first then his own. He valued her and protected her like she was the most valuable thing in the entire world. She was both his weakness and her strength. Talk about the qualities of an ideal boyfriend, one had to name it and he had it. This was the real dreamlike feeling, to be loved by that man. A dream that she has craved for ever since she was little, that is to be loved and doted upon by someone. To have someone she could feel safe with. And Wu Zhang was that one person who gave her both love and security.
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Table of Contents
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