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Looking at the hesitant look on Song Jia's face, Long Xiuping smiled and said, "I do all my make-up myself. And I can do it for you as well if you want. You won't be disappointed."

"I actually want a very natural and light make-up. You know the no-makeup kind of look. I am not very good with cosmetics so I don't do it myself." Song Jia told her honestly that she didn't know how to apply make-up instead of making excuses.

"It's no problem. I can do it."

Song Jia finally gave in to Long Xiuping's pressing offer. The confident look on her face convinced her enough to try it. And if by any chance she didn't like it she had another make-up artist coming. She could get it changed. "Alright, if you insist. But you will have to wait. I haven't showered yet."

"I have a lot of leisure time today President Song." Long Xiuping gave another charming smile of hers. She wouldn't mind even if she has been told to wait all night long. Song Jia was her crush and she didn't want to miss this chance to get close to her.

"Okay, then I will be quick." Song Jia went inside the bathroom to take shower while Long Xiuping went outside with Wei Xin.

"I will get you some tea." Wei Xin said after Long Xiuping settled in the office chamber. Long Xiuping smiled and Wei Xin left.

It took Song Jia somewhat twenty minutes to get done with her bath. She stepped out in a knee-length bathing gown tied around her waist, with her wet hair left open loosely on her shoulders. With one hand she opened the door of the room to call Long Xiuping inside while with the other she was holding a towel and rubbing her hair to dry it.

Long Xiuping who has just finished her tea, felt her throat run dry at the sight that was presented to her after the door opened. A tall girl with skin fairer than the whitest of jades stood in front of her in just a bathing gown. Her slightly curled waist long hair that was still wet looked like honey flowing down from a casket inviting her to touch it. A small strand that was stuck on her forehead from which a crystal-like droplet dripped down, traveling down from her forehead to her supple cheek and then to the mole at the lower corner of her lips before falling on her exposed collarbone made Long Xiuping drool.

Song Jia had no idea as to what was going on in Long Xiuping's head and she waited for her to get in. "Long Xiuping, are you okay?" She asked waving her hand in front of her in the air.

Long Xiuping didn't take long to snap out of her daze and school her composure back to normal. "Yes, I am okay. Let's get you ready then."

Song Jia opened the door wider to let her in and then closed it behind her. As she walked past Long Xiuping, her mild lavender like smell entered Long Xiuping's senses and it made her smile. It was the smell of the same body wash that she used. It made her excited to think that Song Jia had the same smell on her body like hers.

"Let's get done with your hair first President Song." Saying this Long Xiuping picked up the hair-dryer from the table and with the help of roller brush started drying her hair.

"Don't be so formal with me, you are older than I am. Call me Song Jia." Song Jia spoke with a smile looking at Long Xiuping's reflection in the mirror in front of her.

Long Xiuping smiled and nodded her head. "Alright, Song Jia."

Long Xiuping was feeling ecstatic as she could not ask for more than spending so much alone time with Song Jia. Even though she didn't show it on her face, the twinkle in her eyes never for once disappeared.

But alas!! Her happiness was short-lived. Very soon her alone time with Song Jia was disturbed by a knock on the door. Long Xiuping frowned slightly and went to see the door expecting it to be Wei Xin.

As she parted the door, her frown got deeper and so did on the forehead of the person standing on the other side. Long Xiuping's mouth opened and closed but no words came out of it.

Seeing that neither was Long Xiuping speaking nor the person outside was getting inside, Song Jia asked stretching her neck in the direction of the door, "Who is it?"

Long Xiuping finally managed to get words out of her mouth, "President Wu?" She wanted to ask what was he doing here, but it would seem disrespectful so she didn't.

Wu Zhang arched an eyebrow seeing Long Xiuping in Song Jia's room and the words of Li Jing immediately came back to his mind. "Miss Long has a crush on Miss Song."

Remembering those words, he grew annoyed and asked rudely, "Don't you think you should move aside and stop blocking the door?"

Li Jing who had been standing behind Wu Zhang all this while, finally took a step forward to see who the woman was to stop his President from entering and making him grow annoyed. The moment he saw Long Xiuping standing at the door his eyes went wide open. 'What is this woman doing in Miss Song's room ALONE?!'

'She must not be double-timing his boss.. would she?'

He didn't even have to look at his boss's face now to see his expression. He knew very well how he must be feeling seeing his girlfriend with his romantic love rival who supposedly happened to be a woman. He felt bad for his boss.

"President Wu... I don't think it would be appropriate to enter now." She had no idea of Wu Zhang dating Song Jia and therefore she thought it would not be right for him to enter inside with Song Jia in this state.

Song Jia heard his name and immediately turned her body towards the door, "Long Xiuping let him in."

Long Xiuping looked utterly confused as to why Song Jia would let a man enter into her room when she was in this state. But she had no right to object after Song Jia asked to call him in. Still feeling confused she opened the door for him. Wu Zhang extended his hand to his side and Li Jing immediately handed a bag in it. Wu Zhang took it and came inside whereas Li Jing went back downstairs. Wu Zhang gave a sharp glare to Long Xiuping before going to the dressing table where Song Jia sat.

When he looked at her sitting in a bathing gown in the same room as Long Xiuping, his frown that never really left his forehead, came back.

Song Jia saw him coming in and got up from the chair to turn around. With few small steps, she reached him, but before she could come any closer Wu Zhang pulled her towards him and placed a deep kiss on her lips. Song Jia felt heat traveling from her neck to her ears and she blushed red. She was not expecting a kiss. All she wanted was to give him a small hug and not at all to display their affection in front of others.

After the kiss ended, Song Jia punched him lightly in the chest for being so shameless and then gently pushed him back. "What are you doing?"

Wu Zhang just smiled at her lovingly and then held a strand of her hair to tuck it behind her ears. He then lifted his head to notice the dumbfounded expression of Long Xiuping in the reflection of the mirror and his lips curved into a small smirk. He was satisfied with seeing this reaction of hers because this is the result he wanted to see. He smiled because his kiss was intentional. He wanted to let Long Xiuping know that this was his woman and no one else was allowed to share her with him. Not even another woman.

Long Xiuping who had been standing at the door all this while looking confused finally understood what was going on. Her jaw dropped open on realization. Her crush Song Jia was dating Wu Zhang!!
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