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Once inside the room, Song Jia went to her study table and picked up a novel. She flipped it open and from between came out a neatly folded small paper with a blood stain on it. It probably came from Nanny Lin's blood.

She passed the paper to Wu Zhang who has just entered. "Here it is."

Wu Zhang took the paper from her and read the words on it 'Investigate little young master's' which were written in blue ink. The paper had impressions of a pen being run over on it multiple times and at some places, the ink's flow was broken too. It seemed like the pen did not have enough ink and it stopped working after the word 'master's', forcing Lin Dong to place a half-written note in his late wife's pocket due to lack of time.

"What do you think he wanted to say?" Song Jia asked Wu Zhang's opinion.

Wu Zhang leaned against the closet and after a deep thought replied, "I can't really say. It can be anything. His birth, death, life, anything."

"But after seeing this, one thing I am sure of. Whatever they argued about was related to your brother."

"How can you say so?" Song Jia frowned.

"Human psychology darling." He smiled at her lovingly. "Let's say, his wife died because of her argument with him over something related to your brother. So I don't think he would have mentioned it in the note if it was not related to her death. Think about it. If they didn't argue over your brother, why would he mention something that was so irrelevant and not at all related to her death at that time?"

Song Jia still didn't look quite convinced or maybe she was still confused to understand. Seeing her confusion he explained further. "Take it like this. Would you be able to think of something so off the track at the time when someone so close to you has died just moments before?"

Song Jia shook her head as an answer to his question.

And Wu Zhang continued, "So if it was on his mind at that time, it must have had some relation to her death. He would not have otherwise cared to mention something that happened so long back at a time when his wife has just died and he was about to take his own life."

Song Jia seemed to have now understood his point and nodded her head in understanding. "So what should I do now?"

"First of all, we need to find out what Housekeeper Lin Dong meant with this note. After this, we need to gather evidence, solid enough to prove Yue Ling is guilty of fidelity and whatever other misdeeds she has done."

Song Jia had been trying to gather evidence against Yue Ling from a long time, but every time she thought she has gotten a lead she would reach a dead end. It was as if someone was keeping an eye on her every move and blocking it just when she was about to get a clue. It was very frustrating.

"I will di-"

"Not you darling, I will." Song Jia looked at him with her mouth slightly ajar.

"Why would you?" Even though she asked this question with a slight frown on her forehead, her gaze was filled with warmth. It felt good to be with someone who will have your back anytime you need it. It felt warm.

"You have been through enough trouble all your life. Now leave it for me. I will handle everything for you from now on. You focus on being healthy."

"I am totally fine. What is wrong with me?" She asked amused.

Wu Zhang pulled her close with one hand and wrapped his arm around her waist. He then ran his thumb pad over her under-eyes and then made her stand in front of the mirror next to him. "Do you see this? You look tired. I don't like seeing you so worked up. So be good and leave the rest to me. I will handle everything for you."

He then planted a gentle kiss behind her ear and left the closet.

---- At Oriental Gardens ----

Li Jing was sitting in the cabin of the manager of the Oriental Gardens. His face looked stern and devoid of any expression. An untouched teacup filled to the brim was placed in front of him, which he had no intention of drinking.

The newly appointed, manager Zhuang Bingwen who was sitting opposite him was sweating profusely in the fully air-conditioned room. "Mr. Li please try to understand. Disclosing personal details of our members, and that too platinum card holding members is against our policy."

"Do you know what is against Mr. Wu's policy?" Li Jing asked as he leisurely leaned back against his chair.

Zhuang Bingwen was quiet. He knew nothing good was coming next. But he still shook his head.

"Hearing 'no'." Li Jing was as expressionless as before. "Getting a negative answer is against my Boss' policy. So you have two choices. First is that you cooperate and give us all the details required."

Zhuang Bingwen gulped nervously, "And the second?"

"Second is quite simple. Reject us and by tomorrow morning this Resort will be shut down forever. Oh, by the way, I have heard that you are a smart man. So make your choices wisely Manager Zhuang." Li Jing explained everything very calmly.

Zhuang Bingwen was silent for a very long time. He was quietly weighing his options in his head. During this time, in his head ran only one thought, 'Wu Zhang was not the person to mess with'. F*ck policy!! He didn't want to get in the bad books of the legendary Wu Zhang.

"So what have you chosen?" Feeling impatient Li Jing probed him again. His gaze was very pressurizing. It made Zhuang Bingwen feel even more nervous. Well, it was nothing extraordinary for the person who was Wu Zhang's assistant.
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