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When love beckons twice 18 He knows something he was not supposed to know

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Wu Zhang was surprised to see Song Jia sitting nearby with Wei Xin and sub conciously his lips curled upwards. He got up from his place and jogged to her. "Hey"

Song Jia was also surprised to see him their as she removed her sunglasses and smiled to him "Hello Wu Zhang"

"So is it now your turn to stalk me this time?" He asked joking.

Song Jia laughed softly before she played along "Yes, I was desperate to see you. So I stalked you here."

Wu Zhang could not help laughing before he joined them and they chatted about random stuff. They had lost track of time when Wei Xin reminded her, "Madam, its time, We should leave. Your stylists must have arrived."

Song Jia nodded her head and then turned to Wu Zhang, "Lets go." And the three of them walked back to the hotel.

Song Jia's room was next to Fei Yan's room. As they reached to her room, she was still talking to Wu Zhang at the door, while the door of Fei Yan's room opened. They were so engrossed in chatting that they did not notice any one staring at them ferociously. Every time they would giggle while talking, Fei Yan's heart would burn with jealousy. It did not took her long to guess that Song Jia was the girl, Wu Zhang had planned to go to the party with. She was so angry, her whole body was trembling. As she was about to approach them, she was pulled back into the room by her assistant.

Fei yan shouted in anger "how dare you pull me?"

Her assistant loosened her grip immediately and said, "Madam please calm down and don't act impulsively. You are very angry right now, and if you do something to displease Mr. Wu, he will never spare another look at you."

Fei Yan's anger subsided as she heard her assistant.

"What am I supposed to do then, sit back and watch her enjoying with Wu Zhang?" she was on the brink of crying.

"No madam. What I intend to say is that we should first find out, if he also likes you back or not." Her assistant was a little fed up, she knew Wu Zhang did not like Fei Yan, but her madam was not ready to give up on him. Last night she coaxed her with her words to save herself, but she did not know she would bring trouble upon herself like this.

Hearing her assistant Fei Yan rolled her eyes arrogantly and with a 'it-is-so-obvious" look she spoke, "What is their to find out? I know he loves me and I love him too. Did you not say last night that I am the only woman consistent in his life, it is because he likes me."

The assistant had nothing more to say, she knew Fei Yan was foolishly in love with Wu Zhang, and telling her anything contrary would be equivalent to digging her own grave, so she chose to remain quiet. But Fei Yan was not going to sit back quietly and she came up with another idea. "Help me arrange an invite to the celebration, I am also going tonight."

"But madam.." her assistant wanted to bang her head in the wall. It was too difficult to deal with people in love.

"What? You can't even arrange an invite?" Fei Yan scoffed.

"I can madam. But the problem is, you can't go alone. You need someone as a partner."

"For that, you have three hours to find one." saying this Fei Yan turned to the closet, to prepare her dress for the party.

---Song Jia's room---

Song Jia was sitting calmly in front of the mirror in her room, while the styslists were working on her, when Wei Xin entered the room, with a hurried expression on her face, "Madam, I neet to speak to you in private."

Song Jia looked at her through the mirror and signalled the stylists to step out. The moment, they were alone, Wei Xin spoke again, "Madam your assumption was right, I sent someone to look for director Jiang's family, but the house was locked "

Song Jia placed back the lipstick she has just applied, while Wei Xin kept talking, "After the person investigated, he found out that the director's wife and his 2 children have been taken hostage in their own house. And I think they have blackmailed the director to not tell you anything, I guess he got into this trouble bcause he knows something, he was not supposed to know."
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