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The realization struck on Song Jia and her hazel green eyes opened wide in shock. She got down from the bench and stood face to face with Wu Zhang. "She must have come back early to tell something to Lin Dong. And that is why they had a disagreement?"

Wu Zhang was silent and seeing his reaction Song Jia looked confused. "What? You think it is something else?"

Wu Zhang shook his head before answering. "I don't think it is something else. But I just think that she went back there to tell YOU something and not her husband.

" Me?" A deep frown appeared on her forehead as she asked, pointing towards herself.

"Yes, think about it. The way she was trying to walk away and Lin Dong was stopping her, I think he was stopping her from doing something."

Song Jia nodded, seeming to agree with his point of view. And then what she did next, surprised Wu Zhang completely. It actually made him fall down... almost.

"Wu Zhang thank yo-" She pounced on him to hug him. Wu Zhang was not at all prepared for this attack and was totally taken aback. As soon as her body landed on his, the sudden jump made him fall back as there was no back support in the bench he was sitting on. Good thing his reflexes were fast and he supported both of them with his palms by quickly placing one on the floor to prevent from falling behind and the other wrapped around Song Jia's waist to hold her securely.

Even Song Jia was not expecting him to fall behind and a yelp escaped her mouth before she could finish her 'thank you statement'. She has gotten just too happy because she felt that with Wu Zhang's help she might be able to unlock the mystery soon. She has hugged him to say thanks, but she just used too much force out of excitement, making both of them fall down almost. Good thing Wu Zhang was quick with his reflexes and they didn't fall.

So basically now, Wu Zhang's back was only on the bench, while all his limbs were touching the ground and Song Jia was on top of him, with her arms wrapped around his neck and legs in the air. She was clutching his collar hard in fear of falling down along with him and her hair, that was open loose, all fell on his face. Supporting himself with one hand and remaining in the same position, Wu Zhang brought back his other hand from her waist to her face, to part her hair and then tucked a section behind her ear to see her face. And as expected, she looked really embarrassed. Her cheeks and ears were red while her eyes were wide open. She still looked shocked. He couldn't help smiling seeing her so startled.

"I- I am sorry. I just wanted to give you a thank you hug." She left his collar and tried getting up, but Wu Zhang took his hand to her back and pressed it down, making her fall on him again.

"I like the hug this way." He smiled, making her turn red from embarrassment. "But I don't like your way of thanking me."

"I said I am sorry, I didn't mean for us to fall behind." She was trying hard to explain and didn't actually catch the real meaning behind his words. "Are you hurt?"

Wu Zhang just shook his head lightly, "But I wanted you to thank me in a better way."

Feeling extremely confused she asked in a pitch higher than her usual one, "Why don't you just tell me how you wanted it?"

"Like this." And before Song Jia could understand anything or react, a big palm pressed her head down and her lips were locked with a pair of another warm and soft lips. She lifted her hand out of reflex, but they paused mid-air as she felt her lips being sucked on by his. Wu Zhang's other arm wrapped Song Jia's waist delicately as he savored the taste of her mouth.

The sun, that was taking so much time earlier to set, was now quickly gone feeling too shy to see the couple so indulged in each other without any care in the world. The last remaining bit of natural light that was still scattered in the sky also disappeared along with the setting orange ball of fire to make sure no one spotted them while they expressed their love to each other with their actions. The only bit of light that remained was that from the little yellow bulbs that were hanging from the ceiling of the pergola, creating a warm yellowish atmosphere under the pergola, bathing the people under it with its light.

Mingli who was coming in their direction to bring them their evening tea, paused in his track when he saw this unusual style of kissing. From his ears to all the way to his neck, everything turned red seeing the two bodies, that were glistening golden under the warm lights of the pergola so close, having a taste of each other and lost in their own world. Having been working in the mansion for so long, this was the first time he saw his elder young master in this position with a woman. It felt very unusual and awkward to him. No matter how good they were trained before being hired to work here, he still lost his composure for a short moment. But very soon he schooled his expression back and before he could be spotted, he turned back and walked away as fast as he could. After all these years, he didn't want to lose his job for being accused of sneakily watching his elder young master and their possible future madam Wu making out.

Under the pergola, the kiss was gentle and warm, but it was long enough to make Song Jia fall short of breath. The usual Wu Zhang style! His kiss would end only after he would feel that Song Jia was lacking oxygen and needed to breathe. He explored every bit of her mouth and sucked her lips as slowly a he could as if trying to memorize the taste of her nectar-filled rosy lips. His hand traveled all the way from her back to her neck, caressing her spinal cord on the way and making her shiver slightly with his gentle touch. The gentle movement of his hand was making her melt in his arm. Feeling so sensual, Song Jia could not help wrapping her legs around his calf and clutching his neck again, giving herself to him. Wu Zhang was more then happy to kiss her and he made sure she liked it. He kept it slow and loving with no hurry to let her go until she started running out of breath. After when the kiss ended, Song Jia was panting and her face was crimson red.

Wu Zhang looked at her flushed face and chuckled. This girl was so shy and timid when it came to physical interactions. Stark opposite from all the other girls who tried to seduce him and were ready to strip naked just to earn a glance from him. But this is what made him love her even more. He quickly pecked her lips before speaking, "So don't you agree that my way was a much better way to say thanks than yours, wasn't it?"

Song Jia felt bashful to answer and immediately placed her hands on the bench to support her to stand. After her, Wu Zhang also stood up, his expression clearly showing how satisfied he was with the kiss.

Song Jia looked at him and to divert the topic, immediately asked. "Do you want to look at the note?"

"The one Lin Dong wrote? Do you still have it with you?" He didn't linger on teasing her anymore and diverted his minds readily.

"Yes, I have it with me. It is in my room." Before waiting for Wu Zhang to speak anything she turned around and ran away like a squirrel escaping her hunter. "I will get it for you."

Wu Zhang looked at he quickly retreating figure and followed after her. He was in no hurry to catch up with her and took his own time to reach her room.
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