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Song Jia felt utterly baffled after her call with Wei Xin ended. It was hard for her to believe that Yue Ling was double-timing her father behind his back. And not just that, he turned out to not be an ordinary man on top of that. Now that she thought about her suspicions regarding Yue Ling, it didn't turn out to be a very surprising one if she had such a rich man holding her back. Now she suddenly remembered seeing her climbing out of a Bugatti the day she met her. Song Jia sighed and pinched her glabella. Maybe that was the man Wei Xin saw Yue Ling with, the other day. If only she would have paid a little more attention to her that day, she might have found out who the man was.

Wu Zhang who was sitting by her side has somewhat heard Wei Xin's voice from the other end, as it was quite loud. But feeling unsure, he looked at her perplexed facial expression and could not help asking, "What is it?"

Song Jia looked at him and then shook her head. She felt embarrassed telling him that her step-mother was cheating on her father. She gave an awkward laugh before saying, "Nothing, just some family drama."

"Are you embarrassed to tell me?" With just one look at her face, he could tell it. This girl was like an open book for him. Her eyes gave away everything.

She went quiet and her head bobbed down. She had no answer to his question. Wu Zhang smiled and held her chin between his thumb and index finger. He lifted her face and made her look at him.

"I will never judge you and you know that. You don't have to feel embarrassed with me Jia. What is it?"

"Actually... Wei Xin just saw Yue Ling with some other man..." With the last two words, her voice was so low that even she didn't hear what she said. Wu Zhang although didn't hear it very clearly but he has already guessed it from the phone call and the way she was behaving. He knew he heard it right.

"What do you want to do now?" Song Jia was again not looking at him and this time he didn't force her either.

"I need to tell him." The 'him' was obviously her father. "He needs to know the truth."

"No, we need to gather evidence first. Your step-mother is too smart to admit to anything just because you are accusing her. Chances her high, even your father might not believe you without proof."

"There is one more thing that I want to tell you." Song Jia looked at him and Wu Zhang nodded. "Do you remember the note, the maids found from Nanny Lin's dress pocket?"

Wu Zhang thought for a second and then nodded again in an affirmative. Song Jia continued, "It was I think written by Housekeeper Lin before he bit his tongue. It said 'Investigate little young master's' It was not complete so I could not figure out anything in particular. Maybe due to lack of time, he could not write completely. So, I cross-checked with the CCTV footage too. It was he who placed it in her pocket. I guess this was the reason for which he asked to not send Nanny Lin's body for post mortem."

"What do you think he wanted you to investigate?"

"I don't really know. I think it has got to do with something during the time he was in the hospital. Just an intuition."

"So what did you find out?"

"I tried finding out the doctor that was in charge of my brother's treatment. My informant told me that he was in B City. But I could not find him. His house was empty, no one knows where did he go. His sudden disappearance has made my intuition stronger." Song Jia sighed. "That was my 'business trip' I went to."

Wu Zhang pulled her closer and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "Don't feel so dejected. No need to lose hope. I will help you find out everything. Don't worry."

"This woman is too cunning. It won't be easy to find dirt on her." Even though Song Jia never talked to her father and Yue Ling was the reason, she still felt bad for him. Out of all the reasons this was not at all the reason she wanted to give him to forsake Yue Ling. She had also once been through heartbreak so she knew how it felt and for Song Chen, this will be the second time he will have to go through it. She didn't want to even think of what he will feel.

"Sweetheart, have you forgotten who your boyfriend is?" He smiled looking at the woman in front of him. He couldn't believe himself that how irrevocably he was in love with her that he was ready to invest so much time and resources on her.

Song Jia laughed hearing his response. This man would leave no chance to flaunt. "Alright my boyfriend Mr. Great Wu, you better get to work then."

"Why do you think Nanny Lin was arguing with her husband the other day?" Wu Zhang asked all of a sudden, his expression looked serious and he was thinking something.

"I don't know. I have never seen them fight like that ever before. It was quite strange." Thinking about the fight, made her frown. They had always been a very loving couple who handled things very maturely. And even if they would have ever fought, it was never in the Master's wing of the manor.

"You said she had come back from the Song Mansion, didn't you?"

"Yes, I did." Song Jia was quiet and then her face brightened as she had realized something. "Maybe, maybe she has found out something at that mansion and that is why she came back earlier than she was supposed to, to tell Lin Dong."
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