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The sky was filled with a blended hue of fiery red and orange. The setting sun was emitting its last rays for the day before hiding beyond the vision. Under the pergola at the back garden of the Wu Mansion, Song Jia was lying on Wu Zhang's thigh, substituting it for a cushion and was fast asleep. Wu Zhang quietly pulled the phone out of her hand, just before it was about to slip from her hand and fall down. The background music of the angry birds game was still playing. He chuckled seeing the game. It reminded him of their first date when they had gone to the arcade and Song Jia lost to him. She wanted to beat him in the game so badly that ever since their date she has been playing this game in all her free time to master it completely. He closed the game application and put her phone on the wooden table in front of the bench they were sitting on.

His gaze fell on her delicate little face and his eyes turned gentler. She looked lovely as she slept on his thigh, with the reading spectacles that she wore just because she liked to, still on. With an extremely slow and gentle touch, he removed the spectacles and his heart ached to see the dark circles under her eyes that has formed due to the extra workload she has been taking. She not only had a huge business to manage but also so much of familial chaos to settle. If things went his way, he would have taken her far far away from such tiring life and would have made sure that she lived the rest of her life comfortably and happily with him by his side. But he could not do so, because he knew she would never agree to it. She liked her work so there was no way she would agree to sit idle and do nothing. The reason she wanted to settle the matter with Yue Ling was that she knew her father had no one to hold him when Yue Ling would stab him, which she was sure she would do someday and Song Jia just wanted to prevent that from happening. It was not like Wu Zhang could not solve it for her, but he knew she wanted to do it herself. And for Wu Zhang, he was happy until his lifeline was happy and safe.

His palm gently caressed her forehead to make sure she slept well and with the other hand, he was scrolling the screen of his phone to go through his emails.

The garden was quiet with no maids or servant nearby because Wu Zhang had ordered Mingli to not let anyone come even in the sight of the pergola. He didn't want anyone to see the beautiful face or the sleeping figure of his woman while she slept so peacefully on his lap.

She almost jumped up from her sleep when her phone started ringing all of a sudden and Wu Zhang's expression turned dark. He didn't like her getting startled in her sleep and glanced at the caller id while he passed the phone to her. It was, of course, Wei Xin. Seemed like he needed to give her a piece of advice, to not to bother Song Jia for everything.

"Yes, Wei Xin?" Song Jia asked yawning, as she supported her upper body with her elbow on the cushioned bench.

"Song Jia, I-" Wei Xin's voice sounded a little confused.

Song Jia rested back her head on Wu Zhang's thigh and with half-closed eyelids asked, "What happened?"

"Song Jia I just saw your step-mother..." Her voice trailed off as if she was scared to speak any further.

Hearing of Yue Ling, Song Jia's eyes got wide open and with all her attention on the call, she prompted Wei Xin to speak. "What did you see?"

"I saw her walking out of Oriental Gardens with a man hand in hand. I did not get to see the man's face, but I am sure it was not your father." Oriental Gardens was a seven-star hotel and restaurant in C City that was quite popular among the richest of the rich circle of the city. Wei Xin had gone there to make arrangements for a meeting that Song Jia had to attend the other day. Being one of the youngest and most successful businesswomen in the city, Song Jia, of course, had its membership.

"What are you saying? Are you sure it was her?" Song Jia found it hard to believe what Wei Xin just said. She was now wide awake and even switched to a sitting position from her earlier sleeping one. Wu Zhang noticed her reactions and his interest was also drawn towards the phone call. He was curious to know what made Song Jia so wide awake.

"Yes, I am absolutely sure Song Jia. I saw her very clearly. Unfortunately, I could not see the man's face. But with his golden brown hair, I know he was not the chairman."

Song Jia was speechless. Of all the things Yue Ling could do, she never expected her to make Song Chen wear a green hat. She was cheating on him!!

The woman for which Song Chen was willing to forsake his daughter was cuckolding.. cough.. cheating on him?

"Tell me everything clearly." Song Jia demanded.

"I saw her so unexpectedly that it didn't strike me to capture her photo. It would have been a solid proof otherwise." Wei Xin sighed. "She was walking with the man too intimately. I still can't believe what I just saw."

"Neither can I." Even Song Jia found it hard to believe that Yue Ling was seeing some other man behind her father's back This woman sure was something. She should not undermine her so much. "Where did you spot her? Are they still there?"

"I saw them entering the platinum lounge and I tried following her, but I was not allowed in the private area. It was booked." The platinum lounge of the Oriental Gardens was meant exclusively for the platinum card holding members of the resort and the people the members permitted to enter. The platinum membership of that lounge was not something anyone could afford. Just it's quarterly subscription was worth a million yuan, so it was impossible for the man to be a random person. And she knew Yue Ling was not a member there because not anyone could become a platinum card-holder of the resort since platinum membership could only be gained through an invitation from the resort itself. And only the most successful people of their respective fields were invited to become a platinum member of the Resort to keep it separate from the general people. Hearing this Song Jia was now even more confident that Yue Ling had the support of someone else in her dirty game and was not doing it alone. And the person supporting her was not only cunning but very powerful too. He must not be a simple man.

With this thought in mind, Song Jia decided to bring everything she has planned, forward.
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