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After confronting Jin Qingge, Wu Zihao's heart could not get at ease. He has suffered the pain of being away from her for too long. Three years away from the woman you love was a long time for a person who was madly in love.

He had always been a very cheerful and happy person upfront. But deep down only he knew how much pain he carried. All he wanted was to find Jin Qingling once. Find her and tell her that he has always loved her, only her. It had never been Jin Qingge or any other woman. He went to his car and drove back to Wu Mansion. He felt too heartbroken to think anything. He headed straight to the big bar in his room. His bar had the collection of longest preserved wines and bourbons. Not only those, but various other drinks in his collection were also fermented for a long time. His collection of drinks was like heaven to people fond of consuming alcohol.

He sat on the stool placed opposite the bar counter and grabbed a bottle of half-filled whiskey and a snifter. He poured some whiskey without ice in the snifter and gulped it down in one go. Repeating it two more times, he started feeling annoyed due to the small portion of the drink. He placed the glass aside and then grabbed the bottle by its neck. The next moment he was downing the neat whiskey all through his throat. His throat burned with the effect of the drink, but it didn't make him stop.

His heart felt like it was being clawed by a giant hand inside his chest, suffocating him. "Jin Qingling are you listening?" His agonized voice and clinking of the bottle against the bar counter was the only sound in the entire room.

"I didn't cheat on you Jin Qingling. I have always loved you, only you. Come back to me." His languid voice and the pitiful plea was capable enough to melt anyone's heart, but unfortunately, Jin Qingling was not here. It couldn't work on the girl he wanted to marry. "I am sorry for being so egoistic that day, just give me one chance to explain everything. I will tell you the truth."

Wu Zihao's biggest regret now was that if only he would have kept his ego aside that day and explained the truth to her, she wouldn't be gone now. Who knew if things might have been smooth, they would have been married by now.


"You, you played with my feelings Wu Zihao, you slept with my sister first and when you got tired of her, you fired her and now you are playing with me? Tell me, why did you play with my feelings? To get me in your bed? Mission accomplished, isn't it?" Jin Qingling howled between her cries as she barged into Wu Zihao's office. The hickeys on her neck and collarbone from last night were still visible. But she didn't care to hide them because her mind was too preoccupied.

Wu Zihao immediately shut down his laptop after apologizing to the people he was on a video conference with. "What are you talking about Qingling? What playing around?"

"Don't try to fool me Wu Zihao, what do you think that if we are poor you can fool us just however you want? Second young master Wu, we are poor not foolish. Did you really think that if you try to play with me and my sister, I wouldn't know?" Wu Zihao was very busy with his work and felt annoyed with the accusation. He couldn't understand why was this woman so angry? They just shared a bed together last night, and they were so happy till then. What happened afterward?

Wu Zihao, being the egoistic person he was, didn't really like being pointed out at for something he has not even done. No matter if the woman was the one he loved, being brought up in an environment where he was always doted upon, and where no one dared to raise even a finger at him, it was hard for him to take down these accusations so easily. He bobbed his head down, pinched his glabella, took a long breath and then looked back at Jin Qingling again, "Qingling, I haven't played with anyone. What is wrong with you? What are you saying?

"All I am saying is that you are a cheater Wu Zihao, a cheating b*****d. My elder sister told me everything. She told me how you slept with her first and when you got bored with her, you fired her from the post of your secretary and came after me. She told me everything!!" Jin Qingling was crying her lungs out. Being the younger sister, she has always followed her elder sister Jin Qingge everywhere and trusted her blindly. She loved her sister too much. So when she was told that Jin Qingge was cheated on by Wu Zihao, she felt heartbroken. Her relationship with Wu Zihao has just started last night. They both had a liking for each other and the last night they got terribly drunk. Under the effects of drink, Wu Zihao confessed his feelings to her at the party and they ended up sleeping together. When Jin Qingling woke up this morning and went home she found her sister crying, cuddled on the floor. When she asked her what happened Jin Qingge cried a lot.

"Wu Zihao and I were dating, he slept with me so many times and I thought he loved me. But all the rich people are just the same. He dumped me away as he did with every other girl he has shared his bed with after he got bored with them. I feel so heartbroken Lingling." This was what Jin Qingge told her sister. Jin Qingling being the naive one trusted her sister blindly and headed to Wu Corporations to confront Wu Zihao.

Wu Zihao got up from his chair, held Jin Qingling by her shoulders, looked in her eyes and asked: "Do you really think I have done such a thing?" He looked at Jin Qingling waiting for her answer. She was still crying with no signs of stopping down.

"Yes, my sister would never lie to me!!" Jin Qingling screamed and pushed him back.

"If you really think so, then fine. I have nothing more to say." Wu Zihao left her and got back to his chair to work. He wasn't happy with being blamed like this and given no chance to explain himself. So he decided to not explain anything to her for now. He wanted both of them to calm down a little before he explained anything.

Jin Qingling stood in her place, dazed. She saw how unfazed Wu Zihao looked and her heart broke. After standing in her place for some time she left.

When in the evening, Wu Zihao went to look for Jin Qingling and her sister after calming down, he found out that the sisters have left the country. Feeling shattered he tried to find her everywhere but all he could find out was that she was in Washington state.
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