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'She doesn't want to see you.'

'She doesn't want to see you.'

'She doesn't want to see you.'

These words repeated in Wu Zihao's ears on a loop. She doesn't want to see me!
She doesn't want to see me!
She doesn't WANT TO SEE ME!!

As the words seeped inside his mind, his heart sank simultaneously. His grip on Jin Qingge's neck tightened. "She doesn't want to see me? Or is it YOU who forced her to not see me?"

"So you know? Tut!! No use of pretending then I guess?" Jin Qingge smiled mockingly. Her smile provoked his anger more. He wanted to tighten his grip more, but if he did so, she might choke and die.

"Yes, I know everything." Wu Zihao barked angrily.

Feeling the pressure of his grip building around her throat Jin Qingge chuckled, "Do you think, strangling me will help you? It will just add to be another reason she will despise you for." She laughed, seeing the predicament Wu Zihao was in, she felt her heart at ease.

Her words took his fury to no bounds. He strengthened his grip, pulled her little forward by her neck and then slammed her head against the wall with a soft bang. "If you were not her sister, I would have strangled you to death without another thought."

Feeling unsure of his temperament, he decided to let her go. He pulled her by her neck and released it with such pressure that Jin Qingge almost stumbled down to the floor. If he would have held her neck any longer, he would lose control for sure. Killing the sister of the woman he loved was the last thing he wanted to do.

Jin Qingge took her hand to her neck where Wu Zihao held her, and then smiled feeling his touch. But what Wu Zihao did next, froze her smile. He went to a basin nearby and washed his hands thoroughly as if trying to wash off any remnants of her touch from his hands.

Jin Qingge took it as an insult to her and yelled, "Am I that despicable Wu Zihao? Do you loathe me so much?"

Wu Zihao who was wiping his hands dry with his handkerchief looked at her and raised his eyebrow. "So you now know, that you are loathsome?"

"Do you really want to find where she is?" She asked with clenched fists and gritted teeth.

Wu Zihao pressed his lips together in a thin line and didn't respond, but his eyes gave away. They were shouting of his desperation to find Jin Qingling back.

"Don't you want to find her Wu Zihao?" She asked again after getting seated on a couch nearby and crossing her legs on the seat. Deep in her heart, she felt satisfied seeing him so helpless. This man rejected her love and chose her sister instead. He deserved this consequence.

"Yes I do." Wu Zihao answered finally. His ego and self-respect were nothing if trading them could help him find Jin Qingling back, he was ready to give up on them.

"What do I get in return?" She asked leisurely, in no hurry to tell him anything. Her eyes fell on a pack of cigarettes placed on the coffee table in front of her. She leaned forward and pulled out one stick, lit it dragged in a puff and then blew out the smoke.

"If you give me her location, I will forget everything you did. I won't come back to you to seek revenge and let you live a peaceful life." Wu Zihao didn't want to do this, but he knew this woman in front of him was a tough nut to crack. And he had no other choice, but to pacify her. If she wasn't Jin Qingling's sister, he would have erased even her existence from this earth. Not just her, but her entire family and everyone who knew her. This is how much he hated this woman.

"I don't care if you forget me or not." She took another puff and blew the smoke. With the corner of her eyes she saw Wu Zihao still standing near the basin. He looked so vulnerable and helpless, just like she looked three years back. It pleased her heart and the agony she has had built up inside her for so long. It soothed her seeing him like this.

"What do you want then?"

"Say it." She said with a smile, that was obscured behind the smoke she blew out of her mouth every now and then. "Say that you love me and you are willing to let her go for me. Leave her and marry me. I will tell you everything about her."

Wu Zihao chuckled, "I will never do that. Listen to me Jin Qingge and listen to me very carefully. One day I will find Jin Qingling for sure. And the day when I do that, I will destroy you. It is my promise. I went easy on you all this while because you are the sister of the woman I love. But I will never let anything, not even her or her sister become a barrier between us. Hammer my words in your head."

After answering her he didn't want to stay back for even a second in the same space as this woman. He turned towards the door and started walking away.

Jin Qingge saw him leaving and got up from her couch. She ran towards him and grabbed his arm "Wu Zihao just wait!! Listen to me!! If you can't be mine, I will never let you be anyone else's. You are mine. Do you hear me?"

Wu Zihao looked at her and then grabbed the hand of Jin Qingge which held him. He grabbed it so hard that it made her flinch in pain. "If I can't be Jin Qingling's then I don't desire to be anyone else's. She is the only woman to ever be in my heart."
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