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Wu Zhang glanced at his brother and then turned around to go to his study. "Come with me."

Wu Zihao nodded and then after dumping away the remnant of the apple, he followed his brother to his study. Song Jia had seen the look in Wu Zhang's eyes and she knew it was something serious. She didn't want to bother them. So because she was running late for work she decided to leave.

Inside the study, Wu Zhang placed a photograph on the table, "Do you recognize her?"

Wu Zihao picked up the photograph and looked at it. When he saw the girl in the picture, his mouth gaped open. "This... this is Qingling's sister!! This is Jin Qingge."

He had been trying to look for Jin Qingling for more than three years now. He even went to The U.S.A just to look for her. But the lady luck showed him no mercy. The shocked expression on his face then turned to a frown. "How did you get her picture?"

Wu Zhang was expecting this question. "She works at Xiao Jia's company as one of her secretaries. I ran into her accidentally. "

"How is that possible? I searched the entire C City back then and she was not here." He could not believe that the team he hired to find any clues about Jin Qingling was so lacking that they could not find her sister who was living in the same city, right under their nose.

"She moved here just a year back." When Wu Zhang saw Jin Qingge in Song Jia's company, he had hired people to investigate more about her. And it was just last night he got the complete information about her. Before coming back to C City, she was living in Seattle.

Wu Zihao's hand that was holding the picture was slightly trembling. The usual 'laughing and joking around all day Wu Zihao was nowhere to be seen now. Right now he was anxious and his heartbeat was accelerating. He had been looking for her for three years. Three damn whole years and yet he could not find this woman. Just when he was about to give up after losing all hopes, he found some clue that could possibly lead him to her. He found her sister who could even tell him where Jin Qingling was.

"From my investigation, my people have never seen her going to any place where her sister could possibly be. Even her call records didn't show any sign of her sister. I am not sure if she knows."

"I- I need to talk to her." Wu Zihao rushed towards the door to leave but Wu Zhang stopped him.

"You can't go to the company. Xiao Jia doesn't know about her." Hearing Wu Zhang's words, Wu Zihao's feet stopped midway and his face fell.

"But I need to talk to-"

"Here is her residential address." Wu Zhang passed another envelope to him which contained Jin Qingge's contact details. "You can contact her, but not in the company. I don't want Xiao Jia to worry over anything for now. She already has enough on her plate."

Wu Zihao was Song Jia's friend. Her best friend from her childhood. She had no idea of his love life and the mess that was going on in it because Wu Zhang didn't want her to know. He made sure to hide it from her because he knew she would start worrying for his brother and that was the last thing he wanted for her at this moment. She was already going through a lot and he would in no way add more to her mental strain.

Wu Zihao nodded, he knew why Wu Zhang said what he said. After taking the paper from his hand he rushed out and called for Mingli. The Butler immediately appeared.

"Bring my car keys." Wu Zihao ordered and rushed to his room to change his clothes.

He drove to the address given by Wu Zhang. It was an average residential area with a lot of people in sight. Unlike the quiet posh localities of the rich, this place looked quite lively with the small shops and pedestrians on the street. After driving through the narrow roads and honking several times, he finally managed to reach the Rose Petal building that was supposedly the one Jin Qingge lived in. Good thing he drove an Aston Martin today, it would have been difficult to move in his Porsche Cayenne otherwise.

He took the escalator for the 10th floor in B-wing and knocked on the door. After a few minutes of no response, and multiple knockings, the door was finally opened.
A timid looking girl opened the door and her brown eyes widened seeing Wu Zihao. She reached for the door to lock it again, but Wu Zihao was quick to block it with his big palm. Thereafter no matter how much strength Jin Qingge applied to shut the door, she couldn't.

With one swift push, that took no strength of Wu Zihao, he opened the door wide creating a loud bang. Jin Qingge could not even stabilize her footing, when she felt a big palm grabbing her by her neck and she was pushed against the wall roughly, slamming her back. She was not prepared for this move and a yelp escaped her mouth. "What are you-" doing?

She could not complete her sentence when she realized Wu Zihao's grip getting harder on her neck. The ever so jovial Wu Zihao that Song Jia knew was nowhere to be seen. What stood in front of Jin Qingge right now was a man emanating a deathly dangerous aura with his cold eyes and stoic face. The way he looked in Jin Qingge's eyes made her shiver slightly.

"Where is she?" Wu Zihao was unfazed by what Jin Qingge thought of him. All he cared about was to find Jin Qingling, the girl he has loved so much for more than three years. The girl that has meant so much to him that he was ready to leave behind everyone just to find her.

It was hard to comprehend his desperation and anxiety in words.He looked unwavering upfront, but his entire being was trembling deep down. In his heart, he had an inkling that he has reached one step closer to find her. Who knew that he might see her soon. But the way Jin Qingge looked at him right now was slowly shattering his hopes.

"Tell Me!! Where is she?!" When Jin Qingge didn't reply, he slammed his other hand against the wall and applied a little more pressure to her neck. It wasn't strong enough to choke someone, but it was enough to hinder her oxygen supply and make her panic.

"She doesn't want to see you. So I will never tell you. Do all you can."

Wu Zihao's gaze, as well as his grip, tightened hearing her answer. He wanted to know about her. He had endured the separation for more than three years. He didn't want to bear it anymore. He wanted her back in his arms, close to his heart, where she was all for him.
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