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Mrs. Lin found it very hard to accept that all the money that she has been dreaming of was actually given to a financial manager-advisor to take care of. She had been so excited and happy all this while to think that all the money will be given to her and then she will get to use it however she wanted to.

"We might be poor but we know how to keep a check on expenses. Even we would have utilized the money well." Mrs. Lin asked not able to hold back her anger. Too bad, she could not lash out her fury very openly.

Song Jia felt quite amused to see her true colors so early. When this couple came the previous day she had already thought everything through. She was not a fool to hand over all the money to this greedy pair so that they would start mistreating the children.
This was her way of making sure that they were treated the right way. "Mrs. Lin it is my money. I decide whom to give it to. Why are you so worried? Is it possible that you came to take the kids because of money?"

"Preposterous!! Of course not." Her forehead broke in cold sweat sensing that her cover was about to be blown up. "I came to take them because they are a part of our Lin family. What has money got to do with it? All I am trying to say is that you didn't have to waste money on hiring this man. My husband would have taken care of the expenses. Isn't it?" She looked eagerly at her husband, anticipating him to agree with her.

Mr. Lin looked a little dazed but then bobbed his head like a rattle drum. "Yes, Yes. I would have. I would have." He was so embarrassed that he spoke everything twice to hide his embarrassment.

"Oh don't worry about it." Song Jia was kind enough to not to expose them and brushed her hand in the air and smiled. "I didn't want to bother you with monetary issues. I have enough money to spare some on a financial manager-advisor. All I want from you is to take good care of the children. Will you do that for me?" On the surface, her words seemed like she was requesting, but they were actually a warning for the old couple to not to mistreat the kids.

"Of course, we will. Don't worry." Mrs. Lin said smiling. Her smile at this moment was very stiff and she looked like she wanted to punch her husband in the face to get her stuck in this mess. She has never in her life seen a million yuan. She didn't even know how many zeroes a million had. And right now her condition was the same as that of a hungry beggar whose plate was snatched away from him after bringing a spoonful of delicacies to his mouth that he didn't even get to taste.

"But yes, Mr. Wang Jin will also give you some money, if he feels that you are treating the kids well." She smiled beautifully. This was important to do. This way the Lin lady will be forced to ensure the well-being of the children.

Mrs. Lin's eyes brightened up. She got up from the couch and shook her head happily, pretending as if she didn't want the money. "Oh, you didn't have to do this. I will take good care of them anyway. Don't worry Miss Song."

Song Jia then stepped forward towards Lin Fang and placed a mobile phone in his hand. "If you miss me, then give me a call." He was five but he was taught well and knew how to operate a cellular phone.

Lin Fang nodded and placed the phone in his pocket carefully. After everything was taken care of, Song Jia hugged the kids and then the Lin couple left the mansion with a happy face, especially Mrs. Lin. She looked as happy as she could, dreaming of the money flying in. Following behind them was the financial manager-advisor who also left to take care of his work.

Wu Zihao who had been standing against the door of the dining room all this while, came out munching an apple. "Why did you let them go? We could have filed a suit and applied for their custody."

He was trying hard to show that he was suggesting this for Song Jia, but Song Jia knew he didn't want to part with the kids and was actually saying this for himself.

She looked at him and then shifted her gaze to Wu Zhang, smiling. Wu Zhang also smiled in return, taking her breath away.

"They will be brought back here soon. Don't worry." With this, she explained to him everything that she and Wu Zhang have decided.

The reason Song Jia wasn't as upset as before now, was because Wu Zhang had made her understand that someone was deliberately brewing trouble for her for a long time. And this Lin couple has not come on their own to take the kids with them. He suspected that they were sent by someone to take the kids away from Song Jia. It wasn't hidden from anyone that how much she doted on the children. From the day of the accident of Director Jiang, things had been going wrong one after the other and they were yet to find the person behind it all.

Song Jia suspected Yue Ling, but Wu Zhang didn't believe that she was capable of managing everything on her own without any help. He was sure that someone was helping her and to find out the person who was pulling the strings in the dark, she had to take the bait. They had to be careful because they were out in the open and this person was in the dark. Their every move was under his scrutiny. To assure her not to worry about the children, Wu Zhang had taken care of everything for her to ensure that the kids live a good life by the time they could not be brought back. With Wu Zhang by her side, she had no reasons to worry.

"If that was the case, you could have at least told the children about it. Didn't you see how sad my Mei Mei looked while she was leaving? She would not have been so upset if she knew she will be brought back." Wu Zihao complained. He has taken a liking for the little girl and loved her a lot.

"Wu Zihao, this is only our suspicion and we are not sure if it is correct. Mei Mei and Lin Fang are only children. What if they told it to someone? We can't take that chance yet."

It would be risky if the person in the dark found out that his plans have been exposed. So it was important to keep their plan hidden until this person was exposed. It could also be dangerous for children. And to make sure they are safe, Wu Zhang had actually hired a manager who was also trained in Martial arts and shooting.
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