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Early in the morning, the Lin couple arrived at the Wu Mansion. It was weekend but Song Jia and Wu Zhang were both in formals, ready to go for their respective works. Seeing them, one would know weekends are meant for the employees of the company, not for the CEO of such big labels. And it didn't come as a surprise that not only Wu Zhang but even Song Jia was also a workaholic.

Song Jia came out of the dining room and saw the couple standing in the living room. "Ah, so you are finally here? You came back sooner than I expected."

"Yes, we didn't have much to move. So it didn't take much time." The woman Mrs. Lin spoke in her shrill voice, smiling awkwardly. And her husband nodded in agreement.

"Very well, I have arranged everything for the kids. Make sure to take good care of them." Song Jia smiled sweetly and then signaled a maid to bring them over. The sadness she had on her face last time was nowhere to be seen now. She looked calm and prepared.

Lin Mei and Lin Fang came in after some time with a sad expression. They didn't want to part with Song Jia and go with these new relatives of theirs. But Song Jia had convinced them to go, making a promise to visit them whenever she could.

She squatted down and hugged Lin Fang gently. She was about to kiss his forehead when Wu Zhang came and pulled him away from her, acting as if to pat his shoulder. But the reality was that he didn't want her to kiss another man and this kid has already gotten too much of her affection, making him drink vinegar so often.

Song Jia found his action weird. But it didn't occur in her mind that this man could be jealous of the kid again. She brushed off her idea and thought that Wu Zhang did not do this out of jealousy and he was just bidding the kid adieu. So she turned her attention to little Mei Mei who was standing with her cheeks puffed up and head bobbed down. She was very reluctant to go. Song Jia picked her up in her arms and rubbed her back gently. "Mei Mei, be a good girl and don't forget everything your grandma has taught you. Okay?"

Mei Mei heard her and clutched her neck tighter, just nodding slightly. The little girl was very upset. Even Lin Fang felt sad too. But he was taught by Wu Zihao that men don't cry. Following his teachings, he was trying very hard to prevent his tears from falling.

After some time, the kids were handed over to the Lin couple. To show her sincerity, Mrs. Lin picked up Mei Mei in her arms and patted her back gently, smiling and making vague attempts to be her friend. Everyone understood it was not genuine and just rolled their eyes. Even the kids didn't like her.

With her attempt failing, Mrs. Lin smiled awkwardly. She then turned to Song Jia, "Miss Song, we shall be.. leaving now?" What she actually wanted to ask was 'Where is the money you said you will give to bring up the kids well?' Of course, she didn't want to look so obvious and therefore could not say it out loud. Song Jia and Wu Zhang exchanged a look, with a slight smile on Song Jia's face. They understood well what she wanted to ask. But she decided to act dumb for a while and see her reaction.

"If everything is done, then I will not hold you back Mrs. Lin."

"Like this?" Mrs.Lin being the greedy woman she was, could not help asking. But her face immediately turned red when she realized her mistake.

"Like what? Is there anything else Mrs. Lin?" Song Jia asked with one eyebrow arched.

"No, no, nothing. Nothing. Haha." We shall be going now." Even though she was smiling, her eyes could not hide the disappointment she was feeling. Song Jia has said last time that she would hire a finance manager-advisor for them and also give money for the kids' upbringing. Then why was she not giving anything now? Seeing no hint of getting the money she turned to leave reluctantly. Such a bad deal this was!! Tut!!

Mr. Lin who could not understand as to why his wife was behaving so awkwardly, squatted to pick the luggage with one hand while with the other he held Lin Fang's hand with the other, nudging him to go.

"Oh, how forgetful of me!!" Song Jia exclaimed, bringing the spark that has disappeared, back in Mrs. Lin's eyes. "How could I forget such an important thing?"

"What happened Miss Song, what did you forget?" She asked, hoping so badly that she was talking about giving them money.

"I forgot to introduce you to the financial manager-advisor I hired for the expenses. Will you please wait for some time? He is on his way." Song Jia was trying hard to not to laugh.

"Yes yes, why not? It is important to meet him." And without anyone inviting them to sit, Mrs. Lin made Mei Mei stand on her feet and rushed to sit on the couch to wait. The maid dusting nearby gave her an angry look, which given to how thick-skinned Mrs. Lin was, she ignored it. Her husband looked confused and stood in his place.

Soon after a middle-aged man came in, wearing a crisp formal suit. Wu Zhang introduced him to Lin Couple as Wang Jin. He was the financial advisor Song Jia was talking about.

"Miss Song, I have a question." Mrs. Lin could no longer hold back her curiosity and ended up asking the thing that bothered her the most. "What use is he of to us? We have no money for him to manage so... "

"Don't worry about that Mrs. Lin." Song Jia waved her hand and smiled. "I have already given him a million yuan to use for the expenses of the kids. He will take care of everything. You don't have to worry."


Mrs. Lin heard the sound of her dreams shattering. She was expecting that Song Jia will give them the money to use for kids and this whatever advisor will just oversee their expenses. That way she would have easily sneaked some for themselves. But this woman crashed all her dreams. "You... What do you mean you have given him all that money?" It was hard to suppress the fury that was building inside her.

"I mean that he will keep the money and make sure it is used properly. You have any problem with that?" She smiled, already expecting this to happen.

"But we could have also utilized it properly. What was the need to give him the money?" Mrs. Lin could not act anymore and spouted out her mind. Mr. Lin looked very embarrassed and rubbed his head awkwardly. He tried signaling with his eyes for her to shut up. But his dense wife didn't understand a thing.

She was just too preoccupied in her own thoughts after her dream shattered.
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