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When love beckons twice 162 A Liability So Big, That Even Her Mother Could Not Pay It.

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Song Jia was trying hard to concentrate on the road while driving, wiping the drop of tears that would slip out of her eyes every now and then. She felt a turmoil of emotions developing inside her. This was the first time in twenty-two years that she saw a picture of her biological mother and her feeling this way was very obvious. Her insides felt like it has been turned upside down, creating havoc in her system.

Her mind was so conflicted with her thoughts that she missed two red signals and very narrowly saved herself from bumping into other vehicles thrice. She didn't want to cry for someone who left her while she was dying, but she could not help it. The person in question was her mother, the person she has longed for during her entire childhood. She didn't really know how it felt to have a mother who would love you and protect you, nurse you and feed you. Scold you for your wrongdoings and praise you for your good work. Those feelings were foreign to her. But she definitely knew how it felt to NOT have one. She never got along with Yue Ling so ever since she was little, she did everything by herself or with the help of Nanny Lin. For her the closest she understood the term mother was only Nanny Lin. She would do everything for her that she could, but Nanny Lin was still bound by their status and time as she was hired only for the day. She was a maid at the mansion, while Song Jia was the daughter of Song Chen. Many times Yue Ling would out of pure enjoyment engage Nanny Lin in other works instead of taking care of Song Jia just to pick on her. Left with no choice Nanny Lin would have to do as she was asked to because Yue Ling was Madam Song. She would sneakily come to her sometimes but it would often be difficult.

Submerged in her own whirlpool of thoughts, Song Jia finally reached the airport where Song Chen and Xia Liqin were already waiting for her. Song Chen stepped out of the car and went to her while Song Jia remained seated.

She rolled down the window glass and passed the file to him. Song Chen looked at her face and felt something was off. She was wearing sunglasses and avoiding eye contact with him. She didn't even look at him. He sighed internally thinking that she was angry with him for their last meeting.

He wanted to ask her if she was okay but he has lost the right to ask anything. Not once but twice. Once when she was young and the second time when he met her in the restaurant and could not forsake Yue Ling for her.

He stood there for a moment feeling helpless after taking the file. Even Xia Liqin who watched from the car pitied their relationship. he felt bad that even after so many years, this father and daughter could not reconcile.

Song Jia turned and saw he was still standing there. She saw his face and then immediately bowed her head and blinked multiple times to prevent him from seeing her tears that were threatening to roll down any moment.

With a heavy heart, Song Chen turned and left to his car. Xia Liqin who was still in the car, saw his young miss wiping her face twice and he knew she was crying. She then rolled the window glass back and left.

"Young Miss seems to be upset." Xia Liqin commented as Song Chen climbed in.

"Maybe she doesn't even want to see me." Song Chen shook his head feeling upset. Ever since Song Jia told him he will have to choose between her and Yue Ling, he seemed to have aged a lot since then.


Song Jia was at Wu Mansion, staring at the photo of her mother on her phone, standing in the balcony of her room.

Wu Zhang entered the room and found her standing in the balcony staring at something. He silently went to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, leaning his chin on her shoulder.

Song Jia smiled softly with his touch and just remained standing in her place, not giving any prominent reaction.

"What are you looking at so keenly?" Wu Zhang asked feeling a little jealous because she didn't speak even a word to him and focused on the damn phone of her instead.

"I went to Song Mansion today." She spoke softly. "Had some work. I found my mother's photo there. My biological mother's." She had no happiness or excitement in her voice when she told him. In fact, it had no expression at all. She spoke so plainly that her voice felt completely emotionless.

Wu Zhang's arm tightened around her waist when he heard her. With his action, he was trying to comfort her and show he was there for her. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I am. Why should I grieve over someone who left me so vulnerable?" She chuckled softly and then turned around, locking her phone and putting it on a table nearby.

She wrapped her arm around his neck and smiled to show she was fine, before placing a peck on his cheeks.

Wu Zhang pecked her lips softly, just touching them with hers and pulling back. "Do you want me to find her for you?"

"You can?" She looked a little surprised because no one knew where her mother was now. After Liu Anna ran away from the Song family, it was heard that even her maiden family broke ties with her. Basically, she was in touch with no one that could lead Song Jia to her.

"If you want then, of course, I can. I can search the entire world to find her for you." He smiled very sweetly pecking her lips once more.

Song Jia tilted her head to one side as if thinking something. After some time she finally spoke. "Let it be. I don't want to find her. She left me that means she didn't want to see me again so neither do I."

She had gone through a lot in her childhood and faced many hardships. Even after being the only heiress of such a rich family, there were times when she would have to take care of herself all alone when she would fall ill. She had no one to share her joys or happiness with. She had no one to complain to if things didn't go her way. She even had no one to cry and ask for toys that she wanted to have like every other child of that age. She basically had no one ever since she grew up and she blamed only one person for this. Her Mother!!
While growing up, she had often heard maids saying that her mother left her because she had become a liability on the family. A liability so big, that even her mother could not pay it. Hearing such nasty things made her believe that her mother left because she bothered her too much due to her Leukemia and she grew tired of taking care of her. So whenever she would have any problem, she didn't even share anything with her grandfather or Nanny Lin because she felt that if she bothered them too much, they would also leave her, just like her mother did. She didn't want it to become a liability on them too.

So there was no reason for her to look for her now when she didn't stand with her when she needed her the most.
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