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"Madam we should immediately fly back to C City, it is not safe for you here. We need to investigate the matter thoroughly." Wei Xin was worried that the attacker might initiate again, knowing that this time Song Jia is really in N City.

"No, we will stick to the original schedule." Song Jia said after a moment of thinking.

"Why madam?"

"Did you not notice how hesitant Mr. Jiang was? It means that he is under the watch of the instigator. So if we leave now, it will arise their suspicion. We can't risk his life again. And also keep a close watch on the nurse." Song Jia felt that something was wrong with the way the nurse shot the glance to the director. But that time she didn't mind it much but now, everyone was under her suspicion. "Also send someone to Mr. Jiang's house to check if his family is safe. It is possible that they have been taken hostage, because no one from director's family has come to visit him even after such a mishap." Song Jia was surprisingly calm as she analysed the situation. It was due to the reason that she always knew, with power came not only responsibilities, but also a lot of threats.

Wei Xin understood what Song Jia had on mind so she nodded her head and furiously punched numbers on her phone to make a few calls. After she was done, she looked at Song Jia through the rearview mirror and said, "Madam since we can't go back, I think it is best if we change the hotel we were planning to stay in." Wei Xin was worried for her safety, "because the booking was made by me at the very last moment, no one knows about it, and since we have not yet checked in, the instigator will not doubt anything.

"Fine" Song Jia nodded her head.

--- At hotel Regal Stay, N City---

When Wu Zhang arrived at the hotel, he still had a lot of time in his hand until the party, so he decided to stroll around the city. As he stepped out of his room, he heard a familiar voice of a woman calling him. He turned to look in the direction and saw a girl approaching him. He was a little surprised to see her. While the girl smiled shyly and tucked her hair behind her ear as she walked towards him. Wu Zhang asked her in a surprised tone, "Fei Yan, how come you are here?"

"What do you mean 'how'? I am here to be your partner for the party tonight." Fei Yan displayed her best smile as she spoke, where as Wu Zhang's face turned dark as he heard it. But the girl was too happy to notice it. "Since you forgot to ask me, I came by myself."

Wu Zhang asked immediately, "Who told you about the party?"

"Why are you asking so many questions? Ain't you happy that I am here to accompany you?" Fei Yan had come here with high spirits, but the way Wu Zhang interrogated her, it dampened her excitement. And of course she could not tell him that she has stalked him all the way to N City.

"No" Wu Zhang replied immediately. "Since I did not ask you, it means I did not want to go with you," he was very blunt with his response and after he was done talking, he walked away. This time it was Fei Yan's turn to change expression.

"Wu Zhang, Wu Zhang listen to me." she screamed at the top of her voice while running after him to stop him. The people around, all turned to look at her, giving her strange looks, but she did not care and immediately grabed Wu Zhang's arm. "Why are you going away? I came here all the way just to accompany you tonight."

Wu Zhang brushed away her hand that was holding his arm with his other hand, and asked in an irritated tone, "did i ask you to accompany me? Just go back." He then neatened his shirt and left immediately, while Fei Yan stomped her feet in anger and went back to her room.

After going out Wu Zhang decided to take a walk at the beach appurtenant to the hotel. He was enjoying his time on the beach, absorbing the breeze and sunlight when he noticed another familiar face.
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