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"Do you think I am a fool to be warm to someone who deceived me so easily?!! I don't like people who work for me, to lie to me!! Hope you got your answer, Fredrick or I should say, Fei Rong." With her last sentence, Wei Xin looked carefully at him, observing his reaction.

Fredrick who had his head slightly bobbed raised it and looked at her with an arched eyebrow. " So, you have my wallet? I thought I dropped it somewhere."

Wei Xin sneered and went to her car. She extended her hand and from the window of the passenger seat, picked up her handbag. From the handbag, she pulled out a brown wallet and tossed it towards Fredrick which he caught easily. "It had your Resident Id."

"You stole my wallet?" He asked amused with a laugh.

"I was drunk, I don't remember!! When I woke up, it was on my bed" She shouted. This guy in front of her not only lied to her about the task she assigned to him, but he also lied about his identity. And here he was, accusing her of theft. He sure had some guts. "You are Fei Yan's brother. The brother of the culprit. Only natural for you to save her. Isn't it?" She sneered angrily. "And I thought you will help me catch her. How foolish of me. Wasn't I? Did you laugh with your sister, thinking that I am a fool, asking the culprit to find the culprit?"

Fredrick stood silently all this while when Wei Xin shouted at him. He just heard her silently letting her vent out his anger, not speaking a word.

"I guess you don't care to explain either. Not like I even expect you to. Who knows you might just weave another web of lies." After pouring out all her frustration, she felt quite relaxed. Even she didn't know why she felt so angry about being deceived by him.

She gave him a last look and then turned around to call for a mechanic again while Fredrick stood behind her silently.

It turned out she was truly bad on luck because the person she was trying to call didn't answer even after multiple attempts.

"Come with me, I will drop you," Fredrick spoke with a solemn expression on his face. He had one of his hands in the pocket of his jeans and with the other he was smoking a cigarette as the wind blew in his hair, tousling it.

"Not interested in taking help of a liar. Not to forget a stalker too." Wei Xin spoke in a low voice taunting him, without even caring to face him and kept her focus on the screen of her phone.

"I was not stalking you." He blew rings of smoke before answering.

"Oh really? Then please enlighten me how come you appear every time I am in some problem." This time she turned around and walked towards him to face him. When she stood in front of him, she crossed her arms in front of her chest and raised an eyebrow, waiting for her answer.

"That night I was also in the same club and I saw you going out with the Second young master Wu, drunk and looking like a mess. So I followed you to make sure you two drunkards reach safely. It was a coincidence."

"What about tonight? You were taking the same route and ended up here coincidentally too?" Her words clearly indicated that she didn't believe him. Not anymore.

"No, I know you are heartbroken, just wanted to make sure you are fine. I could not talk to you so all I wanted was to see you reach back home safely." Had it been some other girl, she might have feel touched with the concern, but it was Wei Xin, a hard nut to crack.

"Like you care, huh." She was not quite satisfied with his answers so she turned around to leave but Fredrick pulled her back by her sleeve.

"I will offer a ride for the last time. Come with me and I will drop you. It's getting cold and you won't get any help at this hour."

Wei Xin being Wei Xin, stomped her foot on his angrily, making him flinch in pain, before going back to her car. "Get lost!!"

"Do you want to cripple me, woman?" Fredrick looked at her in disbelief. Every time they talked, she would stomp him without a miss.

Wei Xin halted, came back, and stomped him again, "I should have done it when you lied to me. Now don't show me your fake concern and leave!!"

But this time, before she could turn back again Fredrick pulled her back with intense force and pressed her against his car. Wei Xin was not prepared for this movement at all and yelped loudly. Fredrick's humor-filled eyes were now cold and he looked at her with a cold expression. The smile on his face, now gone. Wei Xin struggled to free herself, but the more she struggled, the stronger he pressed her not letting her move even a limb.

"What do you thi-" -nk you are doing? Her words got stuck in her mouth because he didn't let her speak.

"This is not fake, do you understand? I care for you and all I wanted was to make sure you are fine. I lied to you because I had my own reasons for that. Do you think I have so much free time to present my own sibling, my real sister before you to let you slap her and humiliate her in front of me? I did it because I had no other choice. But this does not mean that my concern for you is a lie. If it was, then I wouldn't be standing here right now offering you a ride when you are so hell-bent on crippling me."

Wei Xin could not believe that the girl, Shelby was his sister. She stopped struggling and spoke with a sarcastic smile, mocking him. "It is too amusing you know. Your one sister hires people to make the video and then you present the other one, to take the blame for her? Your story doesn't sound quite convincing you know."

Fredrick slammed the roof of his car and came closer to her, enunciating word for word. "This is not a story."

"Oh, what is it then? Please enlighten me."

He looked at her in the eye and smiled with disappointment reflecting in his, "If one day you ever think you can believe me then come to me, maybe I will tell you."

He then left her and walked to open the door of his car, paused and looked at her. "I wasn't stalking you. I was just worried for you."

Wei Xin just looked at him, feeling complicated. She didn't know if he was telling her the truth or not, but for a flash moment, when he looked her in the eye she wanted to believe that he was speaking the truth to her.

Fredrick turned his car on and just stayed in the place, without moving. He didn't even once look at Wei Xin, but his indication was clear. He was signaling her to get in.

Wei Xin was not sure if she should trust him or not, so she looked at him once more, sarcasm still in the place. Maybe she was expecting him, to tell the truth, and try to convince her. Even she didn't know why she felt so dejected with his behaviour. She went to her car, took her handbag, locked her car and walked to the main road. "I will take a cab, I don't need you. Bye."
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