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Song Jia was panting from the kiss as she tried to catch her breath. Even after they were done, Wu Zhang was still hovering over her, making her lean her back against the desk behind her. Her hand was wrapped around his neck and he was supporting her back with his muscled arms.

"Do you not plan to leave me, Miss Song? Your intentions don't seem quite ladylike tonight." Wu Zhang winked at her.

Song Jia heard him, and immediately straightened her back like a ram road and pushed him back abruptly "Screw you, Zhang, who was the one who started it? And where did you get the guts to point me out?" She could feel the blood rushing to her neck, making way to her cheeks turning them hot.

"Cursing is also not ladylike. Do you know that?" He leaned against the nearby wall, crossing his arms against his chest, he smiled.

"And do you know, you have no shame?" Song Jia was feeling bashful. Her pale skin color was turning a shade an of light pink.

Wu Zhang pulled her towards him again and tucked a stray strand of her hair behind her ear. He took his mouth next to her ear and whispered, "If I start feeling ashamed, how will I make love to you Miss Song?"

Song Jia didn't need to touch to know, she could feel her pale cheeks burning. Knowing she would not be able to win verbally against him in shamelessness, she decided to divert the topic. "I am famished. Let's go."

Before Wu Zhang could speak, she pulled him by his arm and took him to her private elevator.

The couple drove to a Cantonese restaurant and for some reason, Song Jia looked in quite a good mood. Wu Zhang saw her smiling brilliantly and he also smiled. "I thought I would find you sulking. Why are you so happy?"

"Can't I be?" Song Jia asked as she swallowed down her Winter melon soup.

"Of course you can be. But I want to know the reason behind it." Wu Zhang asked putting his soup spoon aside.

After a short pause Song Jia smiled again, "I was actually wondering how it feels to be duped off for one hundred and fifty million yuan."

Wu Zhang frowned, "You would smile after being duped off of so much money?" Shouldn't she feel upset if she thought about losing all that money?

"Let me rephrase. I was wondering how must my darling step-mother be feeling after being duped off of one hundred and fifty million yuan. Makes more sense?"

"You duped her?" Wu Zhang asked chuckling.

"Of course I did." After admitting to her little step towards revenge, Song Jia narrated the entire incident of Yue Ling's shareholding to Wu Zhang. "And Yue Min has paid the money today. Which means Yue Ling helped him because her brother cannot afford to arrange so much money at such short notice.

"So you were never targeting your uncle and your cousin, were you?"

"Of course not. They are both just pawns in the game. The true player is Yue Ling." Wu Zhang smiled hearing her words. She was a unique woman. Kind and loving to her loved ones, unforgiving to her enemies. She was not only very gentle but equally cunning and smart if got crossed over.

"I had just shot an arrow in the dark, to be honest. My assumptions said that she must have saved the money and it turned out to be right." Song Jia laughed.

Wu Zhang smiled and then pinched her nose lovingly. "Now focus on your meal."


Wei Xin was driving back home from work. To not to meet with traffic and be stuck in it for hours, she often took a shorter route which had slightly uneven roads and was kind of deserted. The path was said to be haunted so only a very few people would take the route, resulting in it being mostly empty. Wei Xin didn't believe in ghosts so she also didn't care about the rumors so she never felt afraid to take that path.

After taking her first turn and driving for a good few hundred meters, her car rumbled and then stopped. She tried restarting it a few more times, but it didn't. She sighed and got out to check her bonnet. When she opened it she saw white smoke coming out from inside. Having no knowledge of car repairing, she had no idea of what had happened to her car and she didn't know what to do. It was already quite late and if she even called a mechanic it would take her at least an hour.

Left with no choice she went back and pulled out her phone to call a mechanic. But just then she saw a black Volkswagen driving in her direction which stopped a few meters away from her.

A familiar lanky figure stepped out of the car and she frowned. How come this guy appeared everywhere she needed help?

"What are you doing here?" She asked with her eyebrow arched when she saw Fredrick approaching her. "Are you stalking me?"

Fredrick stopped in front of the bonnet of her car and took a glance at the smoke oozing out from the cylinder head gasket. He knew her engine was overheated and with the looks of her face, he understood she had no idea of what was wrong with her car.

"Do you need help?" He looked in her eyes that have narrowed due to the frown on her forehead.

"No, I will manage on my own." Wei Xin turned her back on him and started tapping her screen.

"Even if you call a mechanic, this will take more than an hour to get repaired. Let alone the time for him to reach here as this is a deserted area. Are you sure you will manage?" He pressed his lips together to hide the smile that was threatening to break out on his face and looked as serious as he could.

"Why do you care? I don't need the help of a liar to take care of my own matters." She shouted, feeling annoyed. Wei Xin sure was a stubborn girl. She never liked people who lied to her and unfortunately, Fredrick turned out to be one such person.

Fredrick, as usual, chose to ignore her question, went closer to her and tucked her on her sleeve to turn her around. "Listen to me. It's late in the night and it's cold. Come with me, I will drop you."

Wei Xin stared at her sleeve where he held her and then brushed his hand away. Fredrick understood her signal and felt slightly uncomfortable in his heart. Even he didn't understand why.

"Why are you always so cold to me?"

"Really? Fredrick, you lied to me about the girl I asked you to investigate and now you expect me to be friends with you. What do you take me for? A fool?" The last thread of patience Wei Xin was holding on to, snapped hearing his question and she shouted so loud that her voice echoed in the chilling winter night.
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