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"Will you say like this now Min? One mistake from your sister and you decide to abandon me?" When Yue Ling saw that Yue Min was not getting convinced from denial and persuasion, she switched to emotional blackmail. If not for Yang Deming, she would have let Yue Min rot. Ever since Yang Deming found out that Yue Ling has murdered his child, he had become very rude towards her. He wanted to snatch the entire Song International Corporation from the Song family since he believed that if his son would have been alive the company would have been of his son and not of Song Jia. But because he wanted to pick on Yue Ling, he made her use her brother as a pawn for his plans and forced her to get the company for him instead of taking the matters in his own hand. Because for a person with Yang Deming's power, acquiring Song International Corporation wasn't much difficult. Of course, he had made his mind to throw away Yue Ling after torturing her enough.

"I am very sorry sister, I can't change my mind. You will always be my sister to me but I won't work with you anymore now." Yue Min gave his final answer and got up from his chair, creating a loud screeching sound.

His tall figure was retreating from the attic when Yue Ling's voice fell in his ear. "I am ready to make amends. Tell me any one thing that you want me to do and I will do it to prove my honesty to you."

Yue Min stopped in his way and turned around. His eyebrow was arched and disbelief reflected in his small eyes, behind his spectacles. "You will do anything?"

"Yes, I will. You name it and if it is in my power, I will do it." Yue Min smiled seeing her desperation. He came back and sat on the place he sat previously. "Sit sister, let's talk."

Yue Ling also sat back and asked, "What do you want me to do?"

"You see sister, we are in the time of crisis. My son has done a terrible mistake and being his father I am concerned about his well being." Yue Ling felt disappointment rushing inside her. She knew it extremely well where the conversation was heading towards.

"So?" She asked as her face blackened.

Yue Min picked up a cup and poured some tea for himself. After sipping on it, he spoke. "Tianxiao has spent all the money he got from replacing the necklace. And you know I don't earn a lot. With my salary, I can arrange only ten million yuan to pay back to the company."

After a long pause, he spoke what Yue Ling feared, "help me with the remaining one hundred and fifty million yuan. I don't want to see my son spend his life behind bars. So help me with his matter and I will forget I discovered anything about you."


Yue Ling coughed, choking on her tea. She could not believe that her own brother, her sibling was trying to rip her off of her money.

"Min, are you crazy?" She placed the cup on the table and yelled after her breathing got back to normal.

"I don't think I said any such thing that would make me sound crazy. Did I?"

"This is of course crazy. From where do you think will I be able to arrange so much money?"

"Help me sister or else I can't change my decision." Yue Min knew his sister would need his help to acquire the company from Songs because she didn't have any knowledge of corporate matters. "And ain't you the wife of rich Chairman, Song Chen? Ask him."

Yue Ling was in a dilemma. She, of course, had the money that she has been saving up for a long time. She had a habit of spending a lot so what she had right now was a few million more than what Yue Min needed to prevent his son from getting arrested. She didn't want to give up her savings for a foolish mistake that her nephew did but she also didn't want to lose Yue Min. Yang Deming would kill her. All she could right now was curse Song Jia. If not for that jinxed b*tch she wouldn't have been put in this situation. Due to Song Jia, Yue Min and his son have become a bone, stuck in her throat, which she could neither swallow nor spit.

Seeing Yue Ling sitting quietly, her brother spoke again. "So are you helping me or not?"

"How much do you need." Only she knew how reluctant she was to give up on her money, the money that she saved for such a long time. Money was probably the only thing that she has loved honestly in her entire life.

"I only have ten million." Yue Min spoke with a cunning smile. He sure didn't have enough to pay the entire one hundred and fifty million but he didn't have only ten million either. When he found out about his sister's shares he had only then decided to try his luck with the fee. If he would be lucky, his sister would save his son from the predicament he was in and sure his luck was strong.

---- Song International Corporations ----

With her work almost done, Song Jia was about to leave after signing the last few documents when Wei Xin knocked on her door. "Madam, it's Mr. Wu Zhang. He is waiting for you."

Hearing his name brightened up her mood just like flowers blossomed in spring. She lifted up her head from the heap of documents she always sat amongst and smiled, "Send him in."

Wei Xin nodded her head and left. Soon after Wu Zhang came in looking as handsome and regal as always. Song Jia put her pen aside after she was done with the last bit of her work. "How come you are here?"

"Ain't you happy to see me?" He asked faking disappointment.

"Mr. Wu, are you always this childish?" Wu Zhang laughed lightly. Initially, he didn't like being addressed as 'Mr. Wu'. But now when Song Jia called him so, it gave a warm feeling. A feeling that a husband would get when his wife called him so he started liking it. Cough.. That is a long way of course.. Ahem!!

"Do you want me to be a man then?" He asked with a hidden meaning behind his words. His eyes had darkened but Song Jia didn't quite notice it as she was facing the other way around to wear her jacket.

"Of course I do. Who wants to date a child after all?" She spoke turning around after she was done buttoning her jacket.

"Then let me be a man to you." And the next second she was pulled in his arms and a fiery hot kiss landed on her lips, trying to suck her mouth.

Song Jia could not believe this man. He had this very rare talent of interpreting all her words to a whole new different meaning that she could never even think of.
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