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Yue Ling who had no idea that she has just narrowly escaped from being caught by Song Jia, stood in the alley, thinking about her past, cursing her bad luck.

She was in such deep thought that she almost jumped back from surprise with the ring of her phone. She saw the caller and then answered it with a sigh. She was already expecting her brother to call after Yue Tianxiao found out about her lie. Just that it came a bit too soon.

"I heard something about you from my son, sister. You must be knowing what it is. Is it true?" Yue Min was in no mood to talk sweet or suck up to his sister so he cut the chase and came straight to the point.

How about I come to your place and we talk there. I can explain. It's not like what you think it is." Yue Ling spoke in a rushed manner. She was desperate to mend things with her brother and get him to work for her.

"So it means, it is all true. Isn't it?" Yue Min scoffed on the other end.

"Let me explain-"

"No need to explain anything or come here." Yue Min yelled angrily and before Yue Ling could speak another word, the call was disconnected.

"Damn it." Yue Ling cursed, as she clutched her hands into a fist so hard that her knuckles turned white. She was already frustrated enough from what Yang Deming did to her in the car and now she was forced to face her brother's anger. Even after knowing that his anger was genuine, she felt frustrated to be the one to do the sucking up because it has always been the other way around.

Muttering curses under her breath, she walked back to the main road and flagged down a cab. After giving the address, she closed her eyes and threw her head back. She was trying to suppress her anger so that she would not blast off while pacifying her brother's anger. 'If not for that b**tard Deming, I wouldn't have had to do this.' She thought to herself.

"Where is Min? Not home yet?" She asked after seeing Yue Min's wife, Zhi Ruo sitting in the attic munching melon seeds.

"He must be coming. Take a seat till then." Zhi Ruo who had no idea of the fight between the siblings offered Yue Ling tea as the latter waited.

"I thought I told you not to come." Yue Ling was sipping Oolong tea when she heard her brother's displeased voice from behind her. She turned around and Yue Min walked inside.

"Let me explain Min. It is not what you think it is. Trust me." Yue Ling placed the cup down and started explaining.

"Trust you? Wasn't because we trusted you, you deceived us for so long?" Yue Min sneered. He was hurt because he trusted his sister too much and he felt betrayed knowing the truth that she hid from them for so long. No, she lied to them!!

"It is not that I lied to you intentionally. Your brother-in-law asked me not to tell anyone." Yue Lin lied plainly, putting her husband under the bus because he was not present and no one would go and ask him even if he was. This was something she has decided to tell while she was on her way.

Yue Min raised his brow, not quite convinced. "What reason did he have to do so?"

"You see, his shares in the company are already less than that jinx daughter of his by six percent. He didn't want anyone to know that they were even less. He felt it would lower his value in the eyes of the employees. Because the father and jinx daughter don't have a good bond, he didn't want them to rush to Song Jia for everything."

When Song International Corporations was formed, Song Guang held a total of fifty-six percent shares in the company. When Song Chen entered as the President-CEO, he transferred twenty percent to his son keeping the remaining thirty-six percent with himself.

When 'his grandson' died, to prevent Yue Ling from going to the cops to lodge complain against his granddaughter, he transferred five percent of his shares to Yue Ling apart from agreeing to send Song Jia abroad.

Later on, he relieved himself from all the responsibilities of the company when Song Jia stepped in, giving the entire remaining thirty-one percent to her. Song Chen would have also transferred everything to her by now, but due to Yue Ling's influence, he held back. He loved his daughter a lot too, but deep down in his heart somewhere, Yue Ling had successfully imprinted that she lost her son due to Song Jia's carelessness, in a way making him repent for his daughter's deeds. His guilt for the loss of 'his' son due his daughter had grown so deep that it was difficult to overcome.

Every day she would weep in front of him for her son for more than three years, making him sympathetic towards her. Not only she cried, but she also got a psychiatrist to declare her depressed due to the loss of her son. She paid the psychiatrist so much that he told Song Chen, Yue Ling might develop suicidal tendencies if not taken proper care of. Song Chen who has already lost one wife didn't want to lose the second one so he gave in to all her requests and demands.

When Song Guang transferred his shares to Song Jia, Yue Ling knew Song Chen would follow soon. She didn't want him to do it so, so she brainwashed him every night during their pillow-talks saying: "Xiao Jia is very angry with us because we sent her abroad. She has not yet forgiven us. Don't transfer our shares to her, if you do she might kick us out of the company and house, taking everything for herself."

Song Chen was quite surprised hearing what Yue Ling said. He protested saying that he knew his daughter. She would never do anything like that. And that was when Yue Ling started crying and threatening to commit suicide, saying she didn't want to spend her last days on the streets and she would rather die than live that life of misery.

To calm her down, Song Chen agreed to hold the shares for her sake. What he didn't know was that Yue Ling was planning to get the entire company to herself. Even her brother, who followed her blindly was also just a pawn. She knew that getting the thirty-one percent shares from Song Jia would be difficult, so she didn't want her to end up with another twenty-five, leaving her with nothing in the end.

"Look, sister. I can accept your reasons." Yue Ling smiled internally. She knew her brother was a fool, to begin with, and it would not be a tough job to manipulate him. But his next words took the smile away from her face.

"But I still cannot accept the fact that you lied to us. Since when did my family become 'others'? In order to get the Corporation for us, we have worked together always and you treated us like 'others'."

Yue Ling clenched her fists under the coffee table. She didn't like being lectured by anyone. Not even her own brother.

"You are thinking too much Min." She spoke suppressing her anger.

"I am sorry sister, but when you work together, you share everything otherwise you are working only for yourself. So I request you to not seek mine or my son's help anymore and take care of your own matters." Yue Min sure followed his sister but he was not dumb to believe everything. He had his own plans to get his work done. After all no matter what, they shared the same blood and apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Does it?
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