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With this dangerous and the evilest thought that no mother could ever have in her mind for her child, Yue Ling went to the crib and pulled out the small cushion that was placed beneath the infant's little head. After taking a deep breath, she bent down to place it on his face with shaking hands when a maid who was hired to take care of Yue Ling during her pregnancy knocked on her door.

Yue Ling paused with the sudden interruption and looked at the door before looking at her hands. Her hands were still trembling and her heart thumped thinking of what she was about to do. She took a moment to calm herself down and went back to lay on the bed before asking her to come in.

"Madam, two women have come just now saying that they have been sent by your maiden home to take care of the child and you."

Yue Ling frowned, 'two women'? With the little salary that her brother earned, there was no way he could afford even a single house help, let alone two full-time maids.
But if her brother didn't send them then who did?

She was about to say that she has no idea of any such nannies but her phone that was placed on the corner of the table rang at the very moment. From the corner of her eyes, she saw it was Yang Deming and she immediately picked it up.

"Tell them that your brother sent the nannies and let them in." Before she could ask anything else, the call was disconnected.

Reluctantly she turned back, "Yes my brother has sent them. Bring them in."

She knew Yang Deming sent the nannies to take care of her and his boy, and she also knew they were here to keep an eye on her. Yang Deming was aware that she was not willing to keep the child, so all he wanted to make sure was that his boy was taken proper care of. Of course, he had no idea of the scary thought that has aroused in her filthy mind.

Reluctantly she placed the pillow back beneath his little soft head after the maid left to bring the nannies in. Just she stood back straight she noticed an angelic smile appeared on the child's sleeping face.

Even he was mocking her!!

Only she knew how many times did she wanted to strangle him with her own bare hands but she just could not bring herself to attempt it again after that day. Not because she was his mother, and her maternal love was awakened but because she was afraid of Yang Deming's wrath that will befall on her if he found out the truth. She knew the consequences would be dire if he learned that she has killed the boy. Hiss boy!!. So to prevent herself from his wrath she decided to let go of this idea.

After that day all she could do was pretend to love the child as every mother did. She sometimes even felt affectionate towards him genuinely, but then Yang Deming's face would appear in her thoughts and her hatred for the little apple pie would grow back. The boy's features were a lot like his father's. He resembled Yang Deming so much that sometimes he would look like a carbon copy of Yang Deming, making Yue Ling loathe him to the core of her heart. The face of the little boy, never allowed her to develop her maternal love for him.


After meeting Yue Ling, Song Jia's mood has actually turned sour. She was left in the cafe in a mood even worse then what she had before coming here. In front of the two, she sure acted like she didn't care but every time Yue Ling came in front of her, it would remind her of her broken family, making her mood miserable. Ever since Song Chen chose his wife over her, her hatred for her had intensified. She knew this woman was not as simple as she looked and a lot about her was a mystery. But it was only those complications that made her even more determined to solve this mystery named Yue Ling.

She sat there for a long time pondering over Yue Ling and trying to figure out her next move. When her head started aching from overthinking things she decided to let things be as it is for a time being and left the cafe.

She has just gotten on the road driving her car when her eyes fell on the burnt neighborhood. She saw the debris and now ashen colored buildings that were once a crowded commercial area for the middle-class people and it piqued her interest. She wanted to have a look at the neighborhood. So instead of driving on the road, she decided to take the alley and have a look at the burnt buildings on the way. Being the businesswoman she was, she wanted to look for business opportunities and growth prospect in everything she could.

She rolled down her window and drove slowly on the alley, observing the burnt down buildings carefully. Bidding by the government was to be held soon for this area and Song Jia was thinking to participate in it. But before that, she wanted to see if the area was worth buying or not.

As she reached the first turn on the alley, she saw a black Bugatti standing in the middle of the alley, blocking the way. Just as her hand reached for the horn she was about to honk, she saw the door getting open and Yue Ling stepping out of the car and her hand halted. She frowned and looked at the car again to confirm if she saw the logo right. She saw the initials E.B and knew she was right. It was a Bugatti.

Whose car was this?

She was sure that neither Song Chen nor Yue Tianxiao owned a Bugatti. She knew all the cars Song Chen had as he bought all of them through the finance department of the company and she had records of them. Yue Tianxiao was a cowardly person and had no interest in a sports car, therefore, he drove a Maybach. Before Song Jia could look at the car again to see its number plate, the car drove away startling Yue Ling. But because Song Jia was busy thinking about the neighborhood and bidding, she didn't notice Yue Ling's reaction or her cursing the driver. She brushed off thoughts about Yue Ling, thinking that it might be someone Yue Ling knew since she was a renowned socialite in the upper circle. She never gave much thought to people she didn't like and right now Yue Ling was the last person she wanted to think of because this woman had the talent to give her headaches anytime. She halted her car some distance away from where Yue Ling stood now and got down to inspect the area properly. She needed to know her requirements well if she intended to bid for the land and now that she was here, she must utilize her time.
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