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Ever since the day of the party where Yang Deming convinced Yue Ling to share his bed with him, he spared no chance to make her sleep with him. Yue Ling obligated to him out of the fear of her secret being revealed in front of Song Chen and came to him every time Yang Deming asked her to come.

Song Chen, on the other hand, had also started developing feelings for her and took their relationship a step further in a few months. But being a man of few words and lacking skills in expressing his emotions, he could not express his feelings for her verbally. It made Yue Ling think that he wanted her only to get in bed with her and nothing more. The development of this feeling in her heart, made her mentally grow apart from Song Chen. And as the feelings got deeper, her hatred for Song Jia increased as well because she was Song Chen's daughter making her Yue Ling's punching bag. Every time she would feel angry due to Song Chen or Yang Deming, she would treat Song Jia badly. Even though she could not do much due to the fear of Song Guang, whatever little she did to Song Jia, was enough to get imprinted on her young heart.

One day, Song Guang and Song Chen were gone to some other city for business purpose. Song Guang knew Yue Ling didn't like Song Jia so he took her with him as well, leaving Yue Ling all alone behind.

Yang Deming found it out and called her over to his place. He was in a good mood to have a steaming hot session with her, but Yue Ling started throwing up and did it at least.four times in two hours. Feeling concerned for her health he took her to a doctor where they found out that she was pregnant.

Since both of them knew well that this child was Yang Deming's, therefore Yue Ling decided to get aborted and told Yang Deming about it. But to her surprise, Yang Deming was against this idea of abortion and blackmailed her not to. Hearing the news of her pregnancy reignited the burnt down old flames in his heart for her and he made her keep this child.

Yang Deming's behavior towards her changed drastically ever since that day and he showered all his love to her. From taking care of her health to her appetite, trying to keep her happy he did everything he could. He even stopped making out with her to not affect the baby's or her health. At the same time, he also signed two very big deals with the Song International Corporations that he has been holding back for a long time, giving a huge boost to the company. From that day, Song International Corporations never looked back, flourishing with every passing day. However, none of this helped to decrease the hatred Yue Ling had developed for him. She loathed the child on the way as much as she loathed its father. She would have long back aborted the child, but due to the threats of Yang Deming, she decided to give birth, bringing the little boy into this world.

The entire Song family celebrated to welcome the new life in the world. After so many days and a long time, they finally got one good news and a reason to celebrate. The marriage of Song Chen and Yue Ling was also very modest with no pomp and show because her grandfather has passed away recently.

So this was the first big celebration the Song family had after so long. And because they were prospering, the celebration for the birth was also grand. Everyone including the little Song Jia was very thrilled and happy after seeing the little boy. All but Yue Ling!!

She felt like the boy was an eyesore to her. Every time she looked at his innocent face, she found it loathsome and it reminded her of Yang Deming, making her hate the child even more. She had hoped every day, every single day for Yang Deming to lose his interest in her, but it never happened. To add to her misery, she even got pregnant with his child, which made her stuck in his clutches forever. If not for the child, he might have lost interest in her one day after playing with her enough and left her like a child who discards his toys once he has played enough with them.

This child reminded her of her dreams that she has seen during her marriage to Song Chen. The dreams which have gotten shattered now. The dreams to get wed into a nice family and leave behind her life as a prostitute. The dream to have a loving husband and to start a small family of her own with him. She was so happy to finally get rid off of her filthy life and start a new one that she didn't even mind having a stepchild and even treated Song Jia kindly, if not lovingly.

She was so dejected by her life now, that she couldn't even think rationally anymore and blamed the child for her misfortunes. She even forgot the fact that the child was not only Yang Deming's but also hers. He also had her blood in his system and most importantly the child was innocent. All that she could think right now while laying on her bed was that this child was the result of the filth and perversion of Yang Deming's mind.

Two days have passed since the celebration ended and she was laying alone in her room with the child in a crib next to her, crying his lungs out, giving her a headache. Feeling extremely annoyed she suddenly had a monstrous thought occur in her mind. What if...

What if she suffocated him with the pillow? Or the duvets?

He will die and no one will find out, right?
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