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With the effect of alcohol kicking in, Yue Ling felt much better. She leaned back to rest her head against the back of the swing and gazed at the starry night sky. It was filled with multiple stars that twinkled like little flickering light bulbs, bringing her heart to ease and making her smile. She reached for the hairpins tangled in her hair to secure her bun, that made her scalp ache and pulled them all out one by one. The soothing breeze waved her now loosely open hair sideways which sometimes covered her eyes. She gently tucked the strand behind her ear again and again.

She was so immersed in her own thoughts that she didn't notice the faint footsteps coming from behind her until she heard the familiar masculine voice calling her name, "Lily, my love here you are."

Her back stiffened like a ramrod hearing the name. Lily was a name and an identity she has already left far behind. But it seemed like the identity was not intending to leave her.

Soon after a flute filled with wine was placed next to her. She then felt a pair of big masculine arms wrap around her shoulders and collarbone. It was followed by a string of hot breath landing on the back of her neck and her hair was swept to one side in the front. Yang Deming's long finger caressed her back before he placed a wet kiss on her fair neck.

Her body stiffened even more, just like a statue and she didn't know how to move. In a stuttering voice, she protested, "What- what are you doing?"

"Exactly what you do to a prostitute. Oh come on, I will pay you well. Stop playing hard to get." Yang Deming smiled as he moved his hands further down to unbutton her dress.

Yue Ling snapped out of her trance and immediately got down the swing to step back, creating at least a meter long distance between them.

"I am married now, you can't do this. This is wrong!!" She hissed in a low voice, afraid that someone might hear.

"Oh stop with your act now, I know you long for me to get inside that skirt of yours, so stop pretending, alright." Yang Deming spoke calmly, in no rush to reach to her.

"You" Yue Ling was trembling deep down but was giving her best to keep a calm facade. "Don't talk rubbish, I am married now."

"Your marriage doesn't change the fact that you were a slut before your marriage. Does it?" Yang Deming laughed dryly as he sipped his wine and came around to sit on the swing leisurely.
"Rot in hell b**tard!!" She cursed and then turned around to leave and find her husband, but the words Yang Deming spoke next froze her in the spot.

"If you dare take another step away from me, trust me the entire city will come to know about your little secret. And then I will see if your husband still keeps the marriage intact."
After staying frozen in her spot for a long time and weighing the pros and cons of the situation in her head she hesitantly turned around and asked carefully, "What do you want?"

"Me? The exact same thing I wanted from you back then." He smiled at her. If someone else saw his smile right now, they would think he was in love with her, which was also partially true. But only Yue Ling knew that a feeling of revenge was hidden behind that devilish smile. The anger of getting his male ego hurt, the frustration of rejection and annoyance of seeing her standing in front of him as someone else's wife. To sum it up, it was everything but love.

"I- I am married now. My husband is inside. I can't do it." Tears rolled down her doe-like eyes which looked like drops of pearl in the night sky.

"The one who got dead drunk and is sleeping soundly right now?" Yang Deming arched an eyebrow. He was very much enjoying this feeling of playing with her.

"What did you to do him? Tell me!!" Yue Ling shouted and came rushing forward to slap him. But Yang Deming was quick with his reflexes, he got up from the swing and easily caught her hand. Without leaving her hand he turned her around, twisted her hand behind her back and wrapped his other arm around her neck.

"Still so wild ha?" He then bent down and licked her behind her ear, before biting it softly.

"Leave me!!" She struggled to escape but her strength was nothing compared to his.

"Yes, why not. I will leave you and then go inside. Tell everyone about your glorious past, destroy all the hard work your husband has put into his business throughout these years bringing you and your beloved husband on the streets. Sounds good, doesn't it?"

"Don't do it please." Yue Ling begged in whispers. Her struggles had become just mere movements now with no strength in it.

"Well then, you have another choice. I have gotten your husband tranquilized and he is currently sleeping soundly in a luxurious suite above. All you have got to do is come with me to my suite, please me and scream my name for me all night. Then you are good to go. Simple it is."

Yue Ling gave no response and stood there motionlessly, uttering no words and tears falling down from her eyes silently. Sensing that she has stopped struggling, Yang Deming released her neck and slid down her dress from a side to her arm to reveal her shoulder and licked her pearly white skin, with a pleased smile.

"Why are you doing this?" Her voice was now nothing more than a whisper. After getting married to Song Chen she had hopes that her life will get better now, but this man appeared and ruined everything.

"Because you are the first woman I fell in love with and you are also the first who rejected me. So now, you see my little heart didn't take it quite well seeing you standing in front of me as the wife of that trash man. So I want you for myself now." He answered her patiently, placing hot kisses all over her neck and shoulders. "Now stop talking nonsense and come with me to my suite. The night is still young Lily darling."


Before getting married to Song Chen, Yue Ling lived in B City and came from a family that had money, only enough to live peacefully. However, the income stopped when her grandfather passed away due to his old age suddenly, leaving her and her brother Yue Min alone in this world to fend for themselves. He was their only relative after her parents who died long back.

She didn't know about the debt Song Chen's father was in for her grandfather's gratitude who has saved his life once. In return for saving Song Guang's life, her grandfather has asked Song Guang to convince his son to marry his granddaughter because he knew Liu Anna has by then left Song Chen and fled the country. He was smart enough to understand that Song International Corporations had a lot of potentials and would turn out to be a great company in the future. Like every grandparent, he also wanted to see his granddaughter live a life of peace and wealth, therefore he kept his hesitation aside and asked to get them married.

It took Song Chen some time to agree to the wedding because he was not able to get over his first wife. By the time he agreed to marry her, Yue Ling's grandfather has passed away. But being a man of his words Song Guang kept his promise and came knocking at her door, to ask for her hand in marriage to his son.

Yue Ling who was unbeknownst to all this arrangement has secretly taken a job of an escort to earn money because she had no skills in particular to get a decent job and this job was a source of easy money.

She has changed her name to Lily and during that period, working as an escort she met Yang Deming who has come to B City for business purpose. He came to her twice before leaving the city to fulfill his desires and took a liking for her.

When he came back to B City after a month he went to look for her again. But there he was told that she has quit the job. Using all his sources Yang Deming found out her real identity and went to her home to meet her. But there she told him that she has gotten engaged to someone else and will soon be getting married. He tried to convince her to break the engagement and marry him instead but she rejected him because she has developed feelings for Song Chen. With a heavy heart, he came back thinking that her fiance must be someone better than him to make a prostitute reject his offer for that man.

Even after coming back he didn't marry anyone because he could not forget her, but when he saw her in the party three years later with Song Chen, a man who had been trying to suck up to him to expand his business, he felt his ego getting hurt. All his love for her was gone by now and he had only one thought in mind after seeing her here: 'ravish her.'
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