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Yue Ling froze from the question, her lust going out of the drain. Her mind was much more clear now and this time her heart palpitated from nervousness. She didn't want to answer it and that is why had been so patient with him throughout the rough make out session.

"Um, what is the hurry? We can talk about it later. Can't we?" She laughed as she looked around to find her bra.

Yang Deming took her by surprise as he grabbed both of her nipples and pinched them making her flinch, before pulling her forward by it.

"Answer me, baby." He spoke adoringly and cupped her face with his palms.

"That.. she didn't agree. She is one stubborn witch, I am telling you." She was trying to ignore the topic because she didn't want him to know that their informant, i.e her brother might not be on their sides anymore.

"And, what else?" He caressed her hair.

"What else? Nothing. This is it." She tried to look as calm as she could.

Yang Deming tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear lovingly, "Do you want to go for another round? I am still horny."

"What?" Yue Ling frowned from his behavior. He has just now pulled back when she was about to reach her climax, plummeting her mood and now that she has calmed down, he wanted to do it again?

"Yes, I will tease you and please you to bring you closer to your climax and then stop doing it before you could reach your orgasm. I can do it all day until you speak the truth." Yang Deming smiled cunningly and in a domineering manner. "Are we talking now?" Yand Deming kept smiled gently, making a chill run down her spine. The more this man smiled, the more trouble was on the way.

"No, I- I will tell you everything." She spoke hurriedly and then narrated the entire incident that took place inside the cafe, including the part where Song Jia exposed her lie in front of Yue Tianxiao.

After hearing everything, Hui Deming stayed silent, not speaking anything. He pulled out a stick of cigarette from the packet that was placed on the dashboard and lit it. After dragging in a long puff, he blew the smoke on Yue Ling's face, making her cough. After taking a few puffs and blowing the smoke on her face every time, he threw the butt out of the window.

Yang Deming then reached for her and kissed her on her lips roughly, making her whimper from pain while his hands scratched her breast mercilessly. He pinched her nipples, pulled them and teased her until she started feeling aroused again. She didn't want to but she was still getting wet down south again.

His hands reached for her vertical lips and with his fingers, he parted them. He then ran his finger on her clitoris, making her close her legs reflexively. But the man was quick and before she could close them, he stopped her by her thighs. He then left her mouth and bent down to sniff her womanhood after spreading her legs and placing one on his shoulder. He rolled his tongue on the wet organ making Yue Ling moan. Because she was already nearly her climax a few minutes back, it didn't take her long to reach closer to it again.

But this man was sure ruthless. Just as he realized she was close to her orgasm, he released her from his grip again.

"Wear your clothes." He ordered her silently without taking another glance at her and continued smoking.

Yue Ling knew not to protest now and hurriedly wore back her bra that was lying beneath her foot and then zipped back her dress clumsily.

After she was done she grabbed her purse and was about to leave when Yang Deming's coarse voice fell in her ears. "Did I ask you to leave?"

"No, I thought-"

"Don't think too much and listen to me. Go to your brother and make amends with him. I don't care how you do it, but make sure he stays on our side. And I want to hear a positive answer by tonight."

"But, he won't trust me anymore!!" Yue Ling screamed. She found it annoying that the man in front of her was in no mood to listen and went on giving orders.

"That is not my problem. But if you are unable to convince him and also fail to find another way to continue our plan, then that is my problem. And you know very well how I deal with my problems. Don't you?"

"Yes, I do."

"Very well, now get going, if you fail, the entire city will come to know about the bones you have been hiding in your closet. And you will no longer be Madam Song then."

After a long pause, she spoke again. "Can't you treat me a little better, knowing that I am the mother of your dead child?"

"That is the only reason, I can't treat you better because you are not only his mother but also his murderer. You should thank Gods, that you are his mother, or else you would have also been dead by now.

He then unlocked the door of the passenger seat from the control on his door and pushed her roughly towards her door as an indication for her to get out. Yue Ling prevented herself from almost stumbling down on the dirty alleyway and immediately grabbed her purse and climbed out.

Before she could even smoothen her dress, the Bugatti drove past her, making her jump back in fear of being driven over.

"B**tard!!" She cursed loudly after recovering from the shock, but the Bugatti was nowhere in sight now. Good for her!!

Her eyes were welled up with tears and her face was red with embarrassment as she remembered that day eighteen years back.


A young and a beautiful woman in a royal blue vintage qipao was walking hand in hand with the young man next to her. Her dark black hair was tied in a neat yet complicated bun at the back, while her simple makeup and lively face turned around the heads of many in the hall as she walked past them.

The man next to her would be lying if he said he felt nothing from the envious look people gave him for walking in with such a beautiful woman. A smug feeling developed in his heart and he casually glanced at her from the corner of his eyes every now and then. His heart was still with his first wife who left him for someone else during their hard times. His second marriage with this woman next to him was just an arrangement made by his father, which he has accepted without protests because apart from his first wife, Liu Anna, he didn't care with whomsoever he got hitched. But gradually after seeing her innocence and naivety, he had the urge to keep her close to him and protect her. What he had for her could be called care if not love.

As they reached inside the beautifully lit hall where the party was, the man met a few of his friends and acquaintances, greeting them as he held his wife close to him. He thought she was new to such gatherings and must be feeling a little uncomfortable as she didn't know the etiquettes of high society.

"Song Chen, you ba*tard, you got married and didn't even care to tell us, ha?" A man called Zhu Bohai punched Song Chen playfully on his biceps before laughing.

"It was a private affair with only the immediate families involved." Song Chen answered with a slight smile that lacked emotion. He then turned to the woman next to him, "Meet my wife, Yue Ling."

Yue Ling bowed slightly to the small group of men and women, circled around them as Song Chen introduced her to all his friends and business acquaintances. They had been married for more than a year now, but this was the first time her husband has brought her to a party like this along with him, otherwise, he would mostly either go alone or not go at all. So she was being extra careful to not make any mistakes that would embarrass her husband.

They exchanged greetings and pleasantries when a man in the group stopped a serving staff, "Serve everyone a glass, we shall raise a toast for our friend's marriage."

The waiter served a glass to everyone and then all of them clinked their flutes and downed their drinks. After some more chattering, men started talking business, while women moved aside to the tables and started gossiping. Since none of them in the circle were extremely rich they were all nice to Yue Ling and treated her politely. They drank wine together and gossiped about the filth of the high societies, most of them being about somebody's mistress or extramarital affairs of the people in the social circle.

Yue Ling strangely found nothing very surprising about it, maybe due to her secret that she has been hiding from everyone. The secret about the place where these things were very common and she was a part of it without anyone knowing.

After drinking a few good glasses of wine, she started feeling a little dizzy and excused herself to go to the washroom. On her way she froze when she saw a familiar figure and then ran away, afraid of being spotted.
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