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For a moment Yue Ling froze from fear, but that flash of fear was soon gone. If Song Jia would have even blinked at that moment, she might have missed that quick change of expression. But luckily she was staring at her face while speaking so she noticed it clearly.

"To reveal something, you need to know something relevant enough, step-daughter. And unfortunately, there is nothing you can know about me because there is nothing to know." Yue Ling then decided to leave. She gracefully picked up her purse and walked a few steps when Song Jia stopped her. "What about your Iced tea? Have some before you go or you might burn black from anger."

"Don't bother about me but yourself. Because I will surely get back to you for trying to turn my brother against me." Yue Ling threatened her openly.

"Bite me." Song Jia winked and then turned around to finish her dessert before leaving. Yue Ling, on the other hand, stomped her foot angrily and came back to the table.
She slapped her hands on the table and leaned forward to look in Song Jia's eyes. "Listen to me, no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to drive a wedge between me and my brother. He is MY brother and I will convince him to forgive me. All your efforts will go to waste. Trust me when I say this, you will payback manifolds for this mistake because I hate people who go against me."
She was barking because she was scared, and more then Song Jia, she was convincing herself that things would not go crumbling down south. After threatening Song Jia unsuccessfully she headed out.

There was no way she would forget what happened today. Song Jia spoiled all her hard work. All the efforts she has put to bring her plans in action with him would get spoiled if Yue Min decided to stop supporting her. She kept pondering over today's incident and cursing Song Jia when her phone rang suddenly.

Her heart palpitated when she saw the caller ID, it was him. She wanted to ignore the call, but she knew he will know everything now or later. There was no point in hiding anything now.

After drawing in a long breath, she answered the call as she went to the road to flag down a cab for herself. It had been a bad day for her. While she was coming to meet Song Jia, her car broke down on the way, forcing her to come here in a cab. Then Song Jia exposed her lie in front of her brother. And now this man was calling her. She loved his company when he was in a jolly mood, but hated, rather feared his anger when things didn't go his way.

"Turn left and start walking straight in the alley. I am waiting." Before Yue Ling could speak, the call was disconnected. She nervously looked around and spotted a shining black Bugatti parked on the far end of the empty alley. She didn't want to go because this man was scary when he got angry.

With heavy steps, she went in the direction she was told. The alley was empty because the buildings nearby had caught fire recently, making the place deserted. She reached the car parked in the silent alley and climbed inside to sit on the shotgun seat.

*Cough* The car was filled with the smell of tobacco and smoke emitting from the man's cigarette he has just put off, making her cough.

He was a middle-aged man with sharp features and smooth wrinkle-free skin. He had golden brown hair, which didn't quite match his age.

When Yue Ling climbed in, he didn't even turn his head to look at her and remained leaning against his seat with his eyes closed.

Yue Ling waited for some time for him to open his eyes or say something, which he didn't do. After about fifteen minutes, when he showed no signs of talking or speaking, she removed her overcoat and threw it on the rear seat because the blower in the car made her feel hot. She then pulled out her phone to browse her we chat, and started texting her girlfriends.

"Crap!" She didn't even realize when she was suddenly pulled towards her side by a strong palm and yelped out of surprise.

"What are yo- mmph" A pair of cold lips crashed on her tender ones and her hands were locked behind her back with a big single palm of the man.

He kissed her roughly and very hungrily on her lips, biting and pulling them with his teeth, making her moan in pain. He was in no way gentle and his action brought her immense pain along with pleasure. He entered his tongue in her mouth, filling her senses with the taste of tobacco.

His hand that had pulled her towards him, reached for her neck, pulling her closer to him and then slid down to unzip her dress from the back. He let go of her mouth and his hands reached for her shoulder, to pull the dress down. He pulled the burgundy dress down to her waist, exposing her matching bralette.

"We are in public. Don't do.. ah." Before she could finish she was bitten on her shoulder blade hard. This man was sure rough, but this is what she loved about him. She loved being dominated in bed and this guy did exactly what she liked.

He roughly unhooked her bra, almost tearing it if Yue Ling wouldn't have helped him. He took it off her and threw it somewhere in the car. Then he hungrily bit down her brown nipple, earning another moan from her, while his hand kneaded the other breast hard.

He sucked both her nipples hard and rough, making them turn red. He let them go after she whimpered from pain and found his way to her neck. Every inch of her body that his mouth explored got covered with bright red hickeys and saliva. He bit her between her neck and shoulder blade, leaving another fling red hickey. His one hand grabbed her by her hair, while the other scratched her on her bare back, making her flinch in pain. He caressed, pinched, licked her almost everywhere on her upper body before leaning back and unbuckling his belt. He undid his buttons and moved to his zip before Yue Ling caught his hand and spoke like a seductress, "Let me do it."

He let her take the lead and unzip his jeans to free his rock hard shaft from the clothes. She wrapped her hands around it and caressed it lovingly, looking him in his deep cold eyes. She yelped when he suddenly grabbed her by hair hard, and pulled her face towards his little brother, indicating her to suck it. Yue Ling has gotten used to his ways now and even liked it. She sucked him and licked him to seduce him and make him grunt from pleasure. She sucked him gently yet seductively until he discharged his load in her mouth. Looking quite satisfied with her work, he pushed her back and kissed her on her lips again. He made another round on her upper body, seducing her and a pleasing smile found it's way on her lips. She tangled her fingers in his hair, letting him please both of them. To her surprise, he didn't stop there and reached for her panty beneath her dress. With his long and experienced finger, he slid the crotch of her panty aside and pushed two fingers inside her wet womanhood.

The fire of lust and passion ignited inside Yue Ling as she started moaning loudly, forgetting the fact that they were beneath the open sky and not at home. She leaned against the glass of the window frame and reflexively even spread her legs to give him better access inside her.

He ruthlessly fingered her, making her scream and moan. "Moan for me bitch, moan louder."

Yue Ling followed his command and moaned harder, her toes curled inside from the speed of his fingers. She dug her nails in his shoulder blade, floating in the pleasure of lust.

The man suddenly added another finger, making her eyes go wide open. The thrill of making out in the public was taking a toll on her, bringing her climax closer.

She felt a ball of heat form in her lower belly which was about to explode any moment as her thighs got wet with her pre pleasure juices, that smeared everywhere on her pale skin. She threw her head back and called out the man's name amidst her moans. "Deming!! Yang Deming!! do it harder!! Yes!! mmphh.."

Yang Deming moved his fingers faster and harder, taking her at the pinnacle of ecstasy. "I- I am about to, about to come."
Just as she spoke those words, Yang Deming pulled his fingers out, leaving her confused and irritated. "Why did you stop now, finish it quickly, please. I was about to be done."

Yang Deming ignored her request and reached for the box of tissue and pulled out one to wipe his fingers after he licked them.

"What are you doing?!" Yue Ling demanded an answer angrily. She was about to get her orgasm and her mind was occupied with lust and desire at the moment, making her incompetent to think clearly.

"How did it go?" The man asked casually as if nothing has happened and zipped up his jeans.
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