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When love beckons twice 16 It was a deliberate attack

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--At a certain Villa in Green Residency, C City--

A woman in her early thirties entered the villa, wearing a formal suit and with a slightly panicked looked on her face, she was constantly fidgeting with her hands as she stood near the sofa in the living room, while another woman in her mid-twenties sat on the sofa, cross-legged in her pajamas, staring at the woman angrily.

"Madam... I have cross checked multiple times for President Wu's flight tomorrow. He is indeed going alone in his private plane."

The woman sitting on the sofa, slammed her hand against the centre table as she spoke "Since when did you become so useless, Wu Zhang is going to attend the ball tomorrow, so he CANNOT go alone. And he has not even asked me this time." The woman was red with anger as she yelled, "Will I have to tell you every little thing? Cant't you yourself go and find out who he is going with?"

"Madam we have been trying to look in to the matter, but we have not found anything. The president has indeed not asked anyone till now." the woman looked slightly helpless. "But madam trust me, it is for sure going to be you, attending the ball with him. Given to the fact that he is the president, he might have forgotten to notify you." The expression of the woman sitting on the sofa, eased a little as the other woman continued saying "Madam you are the only woman that has been consistent in President's life for all these years now, and because you are his childhood friend it is obvious for him to ask you to attend an event that represents Wu Corporations as well as Wu family." the woman was smart, so to save her ass, she immediately chose the easiest method, flattery. And it indeed worked. The woman sitting on the sofa now looked calm now as her lips curved upwards. "Prepare a dress for me to wear tomorrow and book my stay at the same place where Wu Zhang would be staying in N City" saying this she got up from the sofa and walked back to her room while the other woman heaved a sigh of relief.


After Song Jia's flight landed in N city, she headed straight to the hospital, to check on the director, that has gotten into the accident. Although the surgery was succesful, he was still bedridden for a month, since he had multiple fractures and a concussion in his head, so he needed to rest. When Song Jia entered the room with Wei Xin, she was feeling a little nauseated with the smell of hospital, but she calmed herself down and greeted the director, "hello Mr. Jiang Xuan, how are you?"

The director was a forty five year old man, at first he was baffled to see Song Jia, then he glanced at the nurse who has come to check on his drip, but then he nodded his head as a sign of gratitude to Song Jia before speaking in a gruff voice, "President Song, you did not have to fly over here to check on me. I am doing fine." He looked somewhat uncomfortable as he tried his best to smile and speak, but the little gesture did not go unnoticed by Song Jia, so she looked at the nurse and asked her to leave. The nurse glared sharply at the director, before turning to leave.

As she left, Wei Xin immediately locked the door before returning back to her place as Song Jis spoke, "Mr. Jiang, is their something you want to talk about?"

The director looked at Song Jia in shock, he did not expect her to understand everything so quickly.

He opened his mouth a few times to speak something but then he closed it, as if he was restraining himself from speaking something, while Song Jia patiently waited for him to speak. "Director Jiang, if their is something, please feel free to speak" she comforted him.

The director finally managed to say , "No, No madam their is nothing. I was just wondering how lucky our president is, originally it was you who was supposed to be coming but I came at last... haha.." the director's words had a deeper meaning, which he was hoping badly for Song Jia to understand.

After hearing him, Song Jia nodded her head in understanding, but she changed the topic immediately, "Well Mr. Jiang I hope you recover well, I have already taken care of your hospital fees, and till you don't recuperate back completely all your household expenses will be taken care of by the company."

"Thank you President Song, you are very kind-hearted."

"Well I should be taking my leave then" Song Jia stood up from her place and left, followed by Wei Xin.

Only after they exited the hospital, Wei Xin spoke, "madam, don't you think something was odd about the director's behaviour?"

Song Jia got into the car as she spoke, "he was attacked deliberately, it was not an accident. Keep an eye on him and his sorrounding."

"Deliberate? Do you mean to say.." Wei Xin could not complete her sentence as Song Jia cut her in between. "Yes, the director was trying to hint us that attack was originally planned on me."
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