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Yue Tianxiao froze for a moment after hearing Song Jia's words. Yue Ling held shares as... beneficiary? "You.. you are speaking the truth? When did this happen?" Yue Tianxiao asked with a suspicious gaze, obviously, the suspicion was channeled towards Yue Ling because what he has heard was a piece of big news. And looking at Song Jia's confident face he felt that the chances were high of he and his father being deceived by Yue Ling.

"Why would I lie? It happened the same year when my little brother died. Grandfather had given her those shares before I was sent to the U.S.A." Song Jia calmly explained whatever has happened.

Presently the shares were in the name of Song Chen in the books of the company. During the time of transfer, he had signed a separate contract with Yue Ling stating those five percent shares were hers and he holds them only as a trustee with no other right except for the voting power on those shares. This was the reason no one in the company knew about her shareholding. Every dime that was earned on those shares would be transferred to her immediately and she was not at all short on money.

Yue Ling's face was burning with embarrassment from being caught. She didn't know what to say since everything she will say will be considered merely as an excuse now.

After pondering for a short few seconds, her expression went back to a different form. She pulled off a confused face as she spoke trying to show anger. "Song Jia don't speak nonsense when you don't know anything. They had talked about giving me the shares but it never happened." She was still smart to not deny the entire incident completely since it would make her words appear less believable.

"Is that so?" She sipped her cappuccino leisurely. "Then I must have been hallucinating for all these years then, I guess."

Yue Ling immediately grabbed her nephew's hand again. "Yue Tianxiao don't listen to her, she was a child back then and doesn't know the entire truth. All she knew was what she was told and she might have been told so." She was panicking badly inside, even the finger with which she pointed at Song Jia was trembling slightly due to nervousness. She knew she was caught yet she was trying to deny everything.

Yue Tianxiao stayed silent for a few minutes, which seemed extremely long to Yue Ling. Every passing second made her more nervous. She didn't want to lose her moles in the company. If the truth got clear, her brother Yue Min and nephew Yue Tianxiao will stop supporting her and she will have no one left to keep an eye on the activities of the company, which she didn't want. She would also not be able to give an answer to that person. How will she face that person? Thinking about that person, made her panic even more.
After his long analysis, Yue Tianxiao asked with a serious look on his face, "Aunty please tell me how can the president of the company not know about the shareholding pattern of their own company?"

After hearing this question, Yue Ling opened her mouth a few times to speak and answer him back but words just refused to come out of her mouth.

Seeing that Yue Tianxiao was not getting convinced, she got even more panicked and rescued to her last option, "Yue Tuanxiao listen to me, she isn't speaking the truth. She just wants to brew trouble between me and your father so she is spinning all these lies. Don't believe her. She is nothing but a bunch of lies."

"Why did you lie to us?" Yue Tianxiao demanded angrily. He had always had his doubts regarding her shareholding which he even expressed to his father a few times. But Yue Min never believed him so he also ignored his suspicions.

"I- I..." Yue Ling's silence angered Tianxiao even more. He banged the table with his palm and then stood up, his chair making a screeching sound. "I will get it checked and if it is true then you will answer father." He then turned to Song Jia, "I know you won't show any liberty towards me for the fine, so I don't want to beg you anymore so I will see what I can do and will try to pay it somehow."
Then without even waiting for another second, he left. Yue Ling didn't know what she would say to convince him so she decided to not to go after him and spit her anger out at Song Jia instead.

"Why did you do this Song Jia?" Yue Ling asked from between her gritted teeth. She had her fists clenched and it was taking a great deal of effort for her to control her anger.

"I am going to do a lot more things of which you have no idea about, step-mother. And I sincerely hope that you like it." Song Jia spoke in her sweetest voice with sugar coating her words, making Yue Ling rile up in anger. Too bad she could not do anything to her. Not in everyone's presence at least. "I will make sure to return everything you have given to me with interest. And don't worry since you have no source of income and I happen to be so generous, I will pay you back with a very high interest rate." She stopped and tilted her head to a side as if trying to recall something. "Have you watched game of thrones?"
With a confused look Yue Ling answered, "Yes, why?"
"Perfect, so understand it in Lannisters' style. I will pay back my debts."

"Are you blackmailing me?" Was all that she could manage to ask while trembling in fury.

"Waiter," Song Jia lifted her right hand to call for a waiter ignoring the fuming Yue Ling. "Bring us two mocha pastries and one iced tea." She then pointed with her chin towards Yue Ling, "The lady here seems to be boiling from anger, help her cool down."

The waiter looked at Song Jia with a slightly awkward expression to speak but Yue Ling spoke before him with a mocking laugh. "You need to go to the counter to place the order."

"Is that so?" Song Jia then smiled and pulled out three, thousand yuan bills and passed it to the waiter, "If I let you keep the change, do I still need to go?"

The waiter smiled, seeing such an easy income of two thousand yuan. He immediately took the bills from Song Jia's hand. "No need miss. I will get it done for you right now."

"Thank You." Song Jia smiled and then turned back to Yue Ling, while the waiter nodded and left to bring her order. "You were saying something, weren't you?"

"Why did you do this Song Jia?" She was still quite pissed off and Song Jia's presence alone was making her even angrier.

"Shouldn't I be the one asking this? Why did you lie to your little brother? He must be so hurt. Won't he? Tut, such a bad sister you are."

"Shut up Song Jia!!" Yue Ling barked from anger this time. She could no longer tolerate her and her patience had worn off. Her voice was a little loud, attracting the attention of other customers and the staff. "Whatever I tell or speak to my family is not your concern. He is my brother and my nephew. You have no right to interfere in my personal matters.

"Waiter please get the ice tea quickly." Song Jia spoke loudly to let the waiter near the counter hear her. "This lady here might blast off soon. Save her."

Her comment made the people break in laughter, which pissed Yue Ling to the core. If she could, she would have slapped Song Jia to death. She gnashed her teeth so hard that her gums started to hurt and it felt like her teeth would fall off from the tension.

"I can't stand you for even a second more. I am leaving." Yue Ling bent down to grab her purse from the chair next to her, but what Song Jia said next, paused her for a moment.

"This is just the beginning step-mother. I will slowly reveal everything about you."
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