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Yue Lin pointed out her problem with gritted teeth. The fact that Song Jia was pretending to not know anything deliberately was annoying her more.

"So this is the problem?" Song Jia asked taking another bite of the brownie.

Yue Ling nodded her head in response. She was hoping to get a favorable answer from her. But what Song Jia spoke next made her to almost spit her coffee. "You have been saving so much money all these years. Use it to help them."

Here she was trying to convince Song Jia to lessen the penalty but she has put her in a tight spot. But Yue Tianxiao came to her rescue immediately. "Xiao Jia, she has saved whatever little she could in these years and who doesn't? She doesn't earn like you or uncle, so her only income is the money she gets from the uncle and you want to rip her off of it too?"

Song Jia raised her eyebrows in amusement. "She doesn't have any source of income?"

Sensing that Song Jia was getting to a point she was not supposed to Yue Ling immediately tried to stop Yue Tianxiao from speaking further. "Tianxiao do not get to that, if she isn't willing to show any liberty then all we can do is reflect on our mistakes. I will try to help however I can. Let's not bother her anymore. Okay?"

Song Jia smiled slightly, sensing that something was amiss, however, she chose to stay silent and gave it a deep thought while aunt and nephew talked about something amongst themselves which she didn't pay any heed to.

Ding! It clicked.

Yue Ling had a very easy going and a good source of income and that was her five percent share in the Song International Corporations that would have actually transferred to her son if he had lived. The company was doing better every year, providing more and more dividends and profits to the shareholders every quarter. The money was enough to spend a lavish life without doing anything else. Does that mean she has lied to her brother about her shares in the company?

"Wait, Yue Tianxiao why did you say she doesn't have any source of income?" Song Jia pointed towards Yue Ling as she asked with a confused expression. Of course, that confused expression was a facade.

"Do you really need to ask me?" Yue Tianxiao's patience has snapped now. The fact that the Songs didn't give Yue Ling any shares in the company was annoying enough for them and now she was pretending as if she didn't know anything.

"Yes, obviously I need to. Don't you think I wouldn't have asked otherwise?" Song Jia provoked him with a cunning smile.

Regardless of Yue Ling's efforts of grasping Yue Tianxiao's wrist to stop him from talking, he ignored her and spat at Song Jia, "Well then if you are acting so innocent like you don't know anything, let me tell you. She doesn't work and lost her little son when he wasn't even ten all because of you. And after that, you people didn't even care for her. Don't you people think you should have given her the shares of her Little Apple Pie? Doesn't she deserve even that?"

"Really?" Song Jia asked in amusement as she looked in Yue Ling's direction, who had her head bobbed down and her forehead was supported by her palm. She didn't know how to face Song Jia or her nephew because she was going to be exposed soon. Judging from Yue Ling's expression Song Jia knew her assumption was right. She could not believe Yue Ling has lied to her own brother and sibling. Now when she thought about it, she realized that Yue Min and his son were just cannon fodder for Yue Lin. She was just using them for her own benefits and had no affection for them at all. This woman was not at all as simple as she thought her to be, she was a cunning sly fox.

"What do you mean by 'really' Xiao Jia? Don't you think you have been unfair to my aunt?" Song Jia almost spat her coffee hearing Yue Tianxiao's words. His words clearly showed Yue Ling as a victim of the losing end. But Yue Ling and victimized?

What a joke!!

Yue Ling was the last person to be the victim in anything. She would rather kill than be victimized. The truth was, Yue Ling was given five percent shares in the company in lieu of her son which was more than enough for her since she was not working in the company and the profits those shares brought to her were a lot. Not, to forget the other allowances that Song Chen gave to her. Yes, of course, if her son would have lived, he would have gotten much more since he would have undertaken the company in place of Song Jia as it's President and heir. However, Yue Ling had at that time transferred the shares back to Song Chen saying that he should keep them since she wouldn't know how to exercise her power on those shares and to just give her the income incurring from those shares. Song Chen had taken the shares, stating her as the beneficiary and all the income on those shares, even till the present time were getting transferred to her account.

"Why ain't you saying anything now Xiao Jia. Answer me, haven't you been unfair to my aunt all this while?." Yue Ling was truly regretting her decision of bringing this stupid nephew of hers along with now. Well, it was no use crying over spilled milk now, she was exposed.

"Because I am wondering what gave you this notion that she has not been given any shares in the company?" Song Jia had an expression of confusion on her face, pretending as if she was really too innocent to understand what was going on.

"This is not a notion you stupid woman, my aunt told this to my father from her own mouth. And trust me we have never been more disappointed in your family then the time when she told this to us." Yue Tianxiao slid off Yue Ling's hand that was holding his wrist before saying to her, "Let me speak aunty, they must know where they have been wrong all this while. I can't see you being wronged by this family all the time."

"Then ask her which woman, with the name Yue Ling holds five percent share as the beneficiary in the company?"
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