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After agreeing to send the kids away, Song Jia felt a little upset. She went to her room and sat there for some time alone. After a few good minutes passed, Wu Zhang knocked on her door and came inside. He was still in his formals and as usual, looked handsome. Song Jia who was standing next to the floor to ceiling window and looking outside, didn't turn around for even once to see who it was. She knew it was Wu Zhang.

"You did the right thing." He said hugging her from behind and inhaling the scent of her body.

"And that is why it was so hard to do it." She had a bitter smile hanging on her lips but her hand automatically reached for Wu Zhang's hands that were locked around her waist.

"Then why did you agree? You could have rejected them." He leaned his chin on her shoulder, without applying much weight on it.

"Because the man and his wife were right. I can't keep the children away from their family." She spoke with a sigh and then turned around after unlocking Wu Zhang's hands. "You must go back now. I am also leaving. I always keep troubling you." Her head bobbed down and she looked at the floor. Feeling a little bad. Ever since they have met, Wu Zhang has stood by her side during all the thick and thins without complaints. She felt a little bad for making him worry all the time.

Wu Zhang placed his hand beneath her chin and pinched it softly to lift her head up. He made her look at him in the eye, "Anything that is your concern is mine as well. And until and unless it is related to you, I will gladly let it come my way without regrets. So don't ever apologize for such trivial things, because if I ever get in trouble, I will look for your shoulder as well." He had a breathtaking smile on his handsome face, which made Song Jia smile as well.

"But there is one small problem." A frown appeared on his forehead and he looked like something bothered him.

Song Jia asked immediately, "What is it, tell me?"

Wu Zhang looked at her in her eyes very seriously and Song Jia looked back, eager to listen to his problems and solve them if she could. "I am worried if your shoulder will break."

She started laughing hearing such a lame joke. "It was a very poor joke, Mr. Wu."

"And yet here you are, laughing." Wu Zhang smiled and kissed her on the forehead.
"You have no idea how strong I am" Song Jia spoke with a deeper meaning behind her words.
"Just focus on being happy, leave the rest for me to worry. Okay?"

"Yeah" Song Jia nodded her head before turning him around by his arm. "Let's go now. You can't run away from work Mr. Wu, be sincere towards it." She scolded him with fake anger before tagging along with him to go.

"Yes, Ma'am." and before she could understand she was pulled gently and felt her face banging in Wu Zhang's chest.

"What are you doing?" She tried pulling back as she asked.

"Doing my work. This is also my work after all. Isn't it?" Wu Zhang winked and then pressed his lips gently against hers.

While the two were panting from the passionate kiss they shared, Song Jia's phone rang. She glanced at it and a cunning smile appeared on her face.

"Who is it?" Wu Zhang asked seeing her smile.

"My step-mother. I was expecting her call earlier." She chuckled dryly without humor and then answered the call.

"Song Jia, can we meet?" Yue Ling was feeling very impatient so she didn't care about playing nice or exchanging pleasantries and came to the point directly.

"Although I don't have so much leisure time like you, I can still spare some." Song Jia taunted her and then hung up after finalizing a coffee shop that would fall on her way to the company.

Yue Ling was so pissed off with her but she didn't get any chance to answer back because Song Jia was quick in hanging up.


Yue Ling arrived with Yue Tianxiao before time because she knew Song Jia was quite punctual and if she got late, her step-daughter won't wait for her. Yue Tianxiao looked quite worn out from all the scoldings he has received from his father. He had eye bags under his eyes and his stubble was grown.
"Don't talk unless I ask you to. Stay quiet okay?" Yue Ling warned Yue Tianxiao who agreed without even batting an eyelid.

As expected they saw Song Jia entering the cafe on the exact time she has given her. Song Jia located them and came to occupy the seat opposite hers.

"So Mrs. Song, what made you look for me?" Song Jia asked removing her sunglasses and placing them on the table. She glanced at Yue Tianxiao and then focused her attention back on Yue Ling.

"I have ordered some snacks and coffee for you. This place is quite famous for its brownies. You must try it." Since Song Jia had come, Yue Ling beat around the bush.

"Cut to the chase Mrs. Song. Why did you want to see me?" She knew the reason for the visit quite well, but she wanted to hear it from Yue Ling herself.

"Um well..." She laughed a little awkwardly at Song Jia's response before finally revealing her true intentions. "I wanted to talk about Tainxiao's incident."

"So you are bribing me with a brownie so that I let go of the one hundred fifty million yuan he has to pay?" She asked stuffing a bite of the brownie that the waiter has just served them.

"Of course not. Don't put it like that." Yue Ling smiled feeling even more awkward. Song Jia was sparing no means to expose her intentions, making it difficult for her to talk about it.

She sipped on her cappuccino before attempting to convince her once more, "Isn't there any leeway? He can pay ninety million yuan since he has the money, but the remaining sixty million is a huge sum and he doesn't have it. Can't you let it go?"

"Of course not, he will have to pay for the amount of damage the company has suffered in its goodwill because of him." She stirred her cappuccino leisurely to mix the sugar and then took a sip from her cup. Her eyes brightened up and she gave Yue Ling a thumbs up. "The cappuccino is really nice."

"The damage was worth sixty million yuan?" Yue Ling found it difficult to believe that such a small incident could affect the goodwill of the company to such an extent.

"What do you take Song International Corporations for? Do you think it is just any other company out there in the field? The bigger the company is the harsher the effects of damages are."

"But sixty million is a lot-"

Song Jia interrupted Yue Ming in between, "He should have thought about the consequences before stealing. It's no point discussing it now. And you should be thankful to me that I asked only for what the company has suffered. Nothing more, nothing g less."

"Xiao Jia you don't understand that the problem is still the same." Yue Ling's voice became very impatient and helpless. She was desperately trying to make Song Jia understand her point but it was in vain.

Song Jia had a look of humor in her eyes, seeing the desperation in Yue Ling's voice. She actually understood everything quite well but had no intention of comforting the woman in front of her because she was going to destroy her bit by bit.

"What is the problem? Tell me." She asked leaning back against the wooden chair.

Yue Ling gritted her teeth in anger. She knew Song Jia was poking fun at her deliberately. "The problem is he doesn't have any money to pay the remaining sixty million. It's a huge sum." She spoke feeling annoyed as she pointed at Yue Tianxiao who had just been silently sipping his coffee all this time and occasionally glancing at Song Jia in a pleading manner. But just like Yue Ling had asked him to, he didn't speak a word.
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