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Wei Xin entered the room with a cup of steaming hot tea. "Here is you-" She quietened when she noticed Song Jia picking up her things. "You are going somewhere?" "Yeah, get my car prepared. Something has come up so I am going back home." Song Jia answered as she picked up her phone. Wei Xin smiled hearing the word 'home' from her. It was the first time she has called Wu mansion her home. She was happy that Song Jia was finally comfortable there. She knew how much trouble the latter has been through in her life and finally seeing her friend doing well made Wei Xin happy. Song Jia could not help feeling anxious on her way back so she asked the driver to drive faster. She wanted to reach as soon as possible and find out what was going on. The streets were busy and it took her more than an hour to reach the Mansion. When she went inside, she saw a man who looked in his late forties wearing a worn looking shirt. A woman was standing alongside him in clothes which looked equally worn like that of the man. Her frizzy dark brown hair was tied in a low ponytail and her appearance looked poor. Both the man and the woman were standing in the living room and judging from the fact that no one else was present, it seemed like this woman was the one shouting when housekeeper Jingli called. A few maids were also standing in the living room, their gaze not leaving the couple even for a second. "What is going on?" Song Jia asked as soon as she pointed Jingli. "I am here to take back my children from you, thief!!" The woman yelled like a shrew again. "What children?" Song Jia ignored the woman and asked Jingli. "Miss Song, this man here says, that he is the cousin of little miss Lin Mei and little master Lin Fang's father. They have come to take the children with them." Song Jia's eyes darkened as she looked carefully at the man and the woman. She scanned them from head-to-toe. Not quite believing their claim. "Why are you looking at us like this. We are not lying." The woman immediately cowered in Song Jia's gaze but she still managed to speak somehow. "Did I say you are?" Song asked rudely. She didn't want to send the children with these people. "In case you think, we are lying because we are poor." The man came to his wife's aid and answered for her. "Miss Song, I have also phoned the Young Master, he must be coming," Jingli spoke in a low voice. "Do children know you?" Song Jia went ahead to sit on the couch and gestured the couple to sit as well. But the Lin couple stood in the place choosing not to sit. "No, we live far away from C City, so we haven't met them for more than two years. They must not remember us I think." "When did you meet them last?" The man thought for sometime before answering, "I think on Little Mei Mei's birthday." Wu Zhang entered the living room in between the interrogation and sat next to Song Jia. He knew about the matter since Jingli told him everything while he was on his way. "Zhang these people-" Song Jia turned to him. She was unwilling to send the children with these people, but also knew that it was wrong to keep them here since they had a family. "I Know, Jingli told me everything." Zhang rubbed her back adoringly to comfort her. He understood her dilemma. "Miss we have come from very far, we even went to your old house to find out you have moved in here. Those children are of Lin family and they must stay with their family. Not You." The woman was harsh with her words. She was not here to talk. She just wanted to take them away. Song Jia turned to her rescue, Wu Zhang. She felt panicked and didn't want to give the children away. "I- I don't want to send them away. What if they are lying?" Wu Zhang glanced at the couple and the whispered in Song Jia's ear, "They are not lying. I asked someone to do a background check on them. They are indeed the children's uncle." She looked disappointed and the little glimmer of hope that was in her eyes just now got lost after the confirmation. "I don't want to." She then turned to the Lin couple, "where were you when your uncle and aunt-in-law died?" "I told you, we live far away and could not make it then. We were informed just a few days ago." "Let me be honest with you. I don't want to send them with you." Song Jia didn't want to bother with interrogation anymore and spoke her mind.
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