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Song Jia was in her office in a very foul mood. A lot of departments have been working carelessly and the guidelines set by her were not being followed properly. She had scolded everyone in the morning meeting and had left very angrily. None of the employees except Wei Xin felt brave enough to come to her. Seeing that all the employees were being scolded, even Wei Xin kept her contact with Song Jia minimum. "Assistant Wei, can you get these bills signed by the President? It needs to be reimbursed." A middle-aged director requested Wei Xin with a sheepish smile. Wei Xin who got the sword hanging on her head, "..." Are you serious? We have our lives at stake and you are worried about bills? Just kill me like this, why use bills for it? I know you hate me. "Please get it done some other day. Bills won't run anywhere, but if you go inside now, your life surely will." Wei Xin answered helplessly. She didn't want to be the cannon fodder for the scolding either. "Assistant Wei, Can you please ask the President to take a look at these files?" Another employee who looked like lolita whispered in Wei Xin's ear outside the door of Song Jia's office. She didn't dare to even whisper loudly, afraid that Song Jia might hear her. "Have you gone through these files before bringing them here?" "Yes, I have." The lolita answered cheerfully. "How many times?" Wei Xin adjusted her black-rimmed as she rummaged through the pages of the files. "Once, why?" She got confused. Was there a rule to check files a particular number of times? "Then go through it two more times, because the mood president is in right now, she will deduct your salary if she found even a grammatical error." Wei Xin sent away the lolita. The lolita nodded her head like a rattle-drum in understanding and then walked away hurriedly with the files. Inside the office, Song Jia was working on framing new policies and guidelines for work. Unlike what everyone thought, she has actually calmed down by now and was not angry anymore. But for some reason, she just didn't feel quite right. She had an intuition that something was about to go wrong but she just could not pinpoint anything exactly. She tried focusing on work but her heart kept feeling at unease. She pressed a bell on her desk that was to call Wei Xin from outside. "Yes, President, do you need something?" Wei Xin asked carefully. "Get me a cup of tea." Song Jia answered and then turned to her laptop to work again. Wei Xin nodded and immediately left. Feeling uneasy, Song Jia walked towards the floor to ceiling window in her office and looked outside. The headquarters of Song International Corporations was located in the biggest industrial park in C City. The area was covered with well-maintained gardens and greenery to keep the working atmosphere fresh. The lush green carpet of grass looked soothing to the eyes. While it had so many buildings, Song Jia's office had one of the best views of the park. She stared at the big giant fountain in the center of the park to calm herself, like she usually did and it always helped. After a few deep breaths, her heart started calming down and she felt better. She was still looking outside when her phone rang on the desk. She went back to look at the caller. It was from Wu Mansion. Not quite sure for the reason of the call, she still picked it up and answered to find Jingli on the other end. "Miss Song, can you please come to the mansion now?" Jingli's voice sounded troubled, making the uneasy feeling in her heart grow back again. "What is it uncle Jingli? Is everything alright?" "Yes, yes it's fine. But can you please come back now if possible?" Jingli kept insisting for her to come back without telling the exact reason. She felt even more uneasy now than before, she worriedly answered, "Is it okay if I leave after an hour?" Before Jingli could answer, she heard a faint voice of a woman shouting from the other end. She could not make out the words she spoke, but it was clear that the person was creating commotion in the mansion. She frowned, who was this woman shouting like a shrew? It couldn't be any maid of the mansion because they were all trained personnel and they knew the consequences of creating such ruckus well. "What is happening?" Song Jia asked in a worried tone. "Miss it is a little chaotic here, please come and see for yourself." Sensing that it was troublesome on the other end, Song Jia decided to go and check herself. "Alright, I am coming." "I am waiting. Thank you miss." Mingli hung up immediately after that to check on the shrew shouting.
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